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Righteous Dopefiend (California Series in Public Anthropology)
Philippe Bourgois, Jeffrey Schonberg

University of California Press, 2009

This powerful study immerses the reader in the world of homelessness and drug addiction in the contemporary United States. For over a decade Philippe Bourgois and Jeff Schonberg followed a social network of two dozen heroin injectors and crack smokers on the streets of San Francisco, accompanying them as they scrambled to generate income through burglary, panhandling, recycling, and day labor. Righteous Dopefiend interweaves stunning ...


By Philippe Bourgois - In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio (2nd Edition) (11/23/02)
Philippe Bourgois

Cambridge University Press, 2002


Unhealthy Health Policy: A Critical Anthropological Examination

AltaMira Press, 2004

This new collection turns a critical anthropological eye on the nature of health policy internationally. The authors reveal the prevailing social inequalities that often represent significant threats to the health and well being of the poor, ethnic minorities, and women. The authors define an _anthropology of policy_ concerned with decisionmaking and the impact of health policy on human lives. It will be a critical resource for researchers and ...


In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences)
Philippe Bourgois

Cambridge University Press, 1996

In this compelling study of the crack business in East Harlem, Philippe Bourgois argues that a cultural struggle for respect has led some residents of 'El Barrio' away from the legal job market, and into a downward spiral of crime and poverty. During his many years living in the neighborhood, Bourgois eventually gained the confianza of enough Barrio residents to present their hopes, plans, and disappointments in their own words. The result is an ...


Exotic No More: Anthropology on the Front Lines (2002)
Philippe Bourgois, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, ...

The University of Chicago Press, 2002

Since its founding in the nineteenth century, social anthropology has been seen as the study of exotic peoples in faraway places. But today more and more anthropologists are dedicating themselves not just to observing but to understanding and helping solve social problems wherever they occur—in international aid organizations, British TV studios, American hospitals, or racist enclaves in Eastern Europe, for example. In Exotic No More , an ...


Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States (California Series in Public ...
Seth Holmes

University of California Press, 2013

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies provides an intimate examination of the everyday lives and suffering of Mexican migrants in our contemporary food system. An anthropologist and MD in the mold of Paul Farmer and Didier Fassin, Holmes shows how market forces, anti-immigrant sentiment, and racism undermine health and health care. Holmes’s material is visceral and powerful. He trekked with his companions illegally through the desert into Arizona and ...


In Search of Respect Selling Crack in El Barrio Second edition
Philippe Bourgois

Cambridge University Press, 2001


Drugs, Alcohol, and Social Problems (Understanding Social Problems: An SSSP Presidential Series)

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003

Drugs, Alcohol, and Social Problems, a collection edited James D. Orcutt and David R. Rudy, includes 14 clearly written articles that exemplify the best of sociological scholarship on drug and alcohol problems. The readings strike a balance between constructionist, epidemiological, and ethnographic approaches to the study of drinking, drug use, and related problems such as domestic violence, crime, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. A general ...


Violence in War and Peace: An Anthology
Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Philippe I. Bourgois

Blackwell Publishing, 2003

From Hannah Arendt's 'banality of evil' to Joseph Conrad's 'fascination of the abomination', humankind has struggled to make sense of human-upon-human violence. Edited by two of anthropology's most passionate voices on this subject, "Violence in War and Peace: An Anthology" is the only book of its kind available: a single volume exploration of social, literary, and philosophical theories of violence. It brings together a sweeping collection of ...


In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences)
Philippe Bourgois

Cambridge University Press, 2003

Philippe Bourgois's ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America, won critical acclaim when it was first published in 1995. For the first time, an anthropologist had managed to gain the trust and long-term friendship of street-level drug dealers in one of the roughest ghetto neighborhoods--East Harlem. This new edition adds a prologue describing the major dynamics that have altered life on the streets of East Harlem in the ...


In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Bourgois, Philippe [Cambridge University Press, 2002] ( ...
Philippe Bourgois

Cambridge University Press, 2002, 0002

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Bourgois, Philippe [Cambridge University Press, 2002] ( Paperback ) 2nd edition [Paperback]


En busca de respeto: La venta de crack en Harlem
Philippe Bourgois

Ediciones Huracan, 2010

Por primera vez un antropólogo logra ganarse la confianza y la genuina amistad d e vendedores de droga de la calle en East Harlem, uno de los vecindarios más violentos de los Estados Unidos. A lo largo de cinco años, Philippe Bourgois tuvo libre acceso


Banano, Etnia Y Lucha Social En Centro America
Philippe Bourgois

Departamento Ecumenico de Investigaciones


By Philippe Bourgois Righteous Dopefiend (California Series in Public Anthropology)
Philippe Bourgois

University of California Press, 2009


Violence at the Urban Margins (Global and Comparative Ethnography)

Oxford University Press, 2015

In the Americas, debates around issues of citizen's public safety--from debates that erupt after highly publicized events, such as the shootings of Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin, to those that recurrently dominate the airwaves in Latin America--are dominated by members of the middle and upper-middle classes. However, a cursory count of the victims of urban violence in the Americas reveals that the people suffering the most from violence live, ...


By Philippe Bourgois Exotic No More: Anthropology on the Front Lines (2002) (1st First Edition) [Paperback]
Philippe Bourgois

The University of Chicago Press, 2002


Actes de la recherche... no 120 (French Edition)
Philippe Bourgois, Victor Karady, Jack Katz, Michael Rogin Pierre Bourdieu

Seuil, 1998


Philippe-(Author) ; Schonberg, Jeffrey(Author) Bourgois

University of California Press., 2009


In Search of Respect
Philippe Bourgois

Cambridge University Press, 1999

Great condition for 1999 book - tiny curl on upper right corner. Quick ship - help me afford the spring semester of grad school!


Ethnicity at Work (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture)
Professor Philippe Bourgois

The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989



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