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One Rainy Night
Richard Laymon

47North, 2014

The strange black rain falls like a shroud on the small town of Bixby. It comes down in torrents, warm and unnatural. And as it falls, the town changes. One by one, the inhabitants fall prey to its horrifying effect. One by one, they become filled with hate and rage...and the need to kill. Formerly friendly neighbors turn to crazed maniacs. A stranger at a gas station shoves a nozzle down a customer's throat and pulls the trigger. A soaking-wet ...


Richard Laymon

Headline Book Publishing, 1995

For Stanley, the earthquake is a heaven-sent opportunity. Just before it struck, he was ogling Sheila, a female jogger, and that's not all he'd like to do to her. Now the city lies in ruins, and Sheila lies trapped and naked in her bathtub. Can her husband make it to her before Stanley does?


Richard Laymon

47North, 2013

The Funland Amusement Park provides more fear than fun these days. A vicious pack known as the Trolls are preying on anyone foolish enough to be alone at night. Folks in the area blame them for the recent mysterious disappearances, and a gang of local teenagers has decided to fight back. But nothing is ever what it seems in an amusement park. Behind the garish paint and bright lights waits a horror far worse than anything found in the freak ...


Into the Fire
Richard Laymon

47North, 2014

Pretty, young Pamela was a very happy newlywed, with a loving husband and a beautiful home. But all that changed the night Rodney broke in. He's been obsessed with Pamela since high school and now he intends to make her his slave for life. They'll be alone when he drives her out to the blazing desert. But someone else is out there too...someone with a gun. Pamela hoped her nightmare was over when Rodney was shot, but something about her rescuer ...


Your Secret Admirer

Laymusings, 2014

Originally published by Scholastic in 1980, Laymon's young adult novel visits Janice, a sophomore in high school who has received a letter in the mail from an unknown secret admirer. Is it her secret crush, Mike? The creepy guy from marching band, Glen? A hobo from the park? In any case, her best friend Susan thinks the guy is nuts. Or, is Susan playing a prank? Even before the internet, perverts always found a way...


The Cellar
Richard Laymon

47North, 2013

Tourists flock to Beast House, but few ever return. Behind the cellar door lurks a creature of pure evil.


The Beast House
Richard Laymon

47North, 2013

Author Gorman Hardy is hot on the trail of another bestseller and if half what's said about Malcasa Point is true, he's bound to make a killing. Petite and pretty Tyler and sexy Nora visit Malcasa full of expectation. But Malcasa Point is a place of pain, bestiality and death in The Beast House.


The Woods Are Dark
Richard Laymon

Leisure Books, 2008

Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little backpacking through the woods. Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree, waiting for Them to arrive. The Dills family thought the small motor lodge in the quiet town of Barlow seemed quaint and harmless enough. Until they, too, found themselves shackled to trees in the middle of the night, while They approached, hungry for human flesh... When this classic novel was ...


Endless Night
Richard Laymon

47North, 2014

Jody is sleeping over at a friend's when the killers break in. They slaughter the family but Jody escapes, killing a man on the way out. All rapist and murderer Simon Quist has to do now is dispose of the one eyewitness to the massacre. And he can't wait to get his hands on Jody...but does he know her father is a cop?



47North, 1997

It's almost midnight. Cat's on the bed, facedown and naked. She's Sam's former girlfriend, the only woman he's ever loved. Sam's in the closet, with a hammer in one hand and a wooden stake in the other. Together they wait as the clock ticks down because...the vampire is coming. When Cat first appeared at Sam's door he couldn't believe his eyes. He hadn't seen her in ten years, but he'd never forgotten her. Not for a second. But before this ...


Among the Missing
Richard Laymon

Leisure Books, 2000

A Californian wife has left her academic husband. As she drives through the mountains in the early hours of the morning, she picks up a hitch-hiker - rugged, adventurous - who suggests a romantic stop. But no love takes place at The Bend that night. And, in the morning, a body is found.


Night in the Lonesome October
Richard Laymon

Leisure Books, 2002

Everything changed for Ed that day in the fall semester when he got a letter from Holly, the girl he loved. "Dear Ed," it began, "I will always cherish the times we had..." Holly was in love with someone else. It was as if his whole world had changed in a second. That night, heartbroken and half mad with despair, Ed couldn't sleep, so he decided to go for a walk. But it's a dark, scary night in the lonesome October, and Ed is not alone... There ...


Allhallow's Eve
Richard Laymon

Headline Book Publishing, 1994

Nothing unusual ever happens in Ashburg, until a local family are mutilated and left to die in their own home. Since then, the house has stood empty, but when mysterious invitations arrive announcing a party there, nobody thinks its a joke. After all, it is Allhallow's Eve.


Dark Mountain
Richard Laymon

47North, 2013

Two families have come to the California mountains expecting a fun weekend camping trip. What they will find instead is terror in the form of a violent psychopath and his mother, a powerful witch.


Darkness, Tell Us
Richard Laymon

Leisure Books, 2003

A horror story about a group of college students who are persuaded by a spirit they contacted using a Ouija board to go to the mountains in search of a hidden fortune.


The Traveling Vampire Show
Richard Laymon

Leisure Books, 2001

The rural town of Grandville is to host The Travelling Vampire Show, featuring the only known vampire in captivity. Janks Field, where the show will take place, has been declared off-limits because of its sinister history, but there are three local teenagers who don't want to miss the performance.


In the Dark
Richard Laymon

Headline Book Publishing, 1994

Donnerville librarian Jane Kerry receives an envelope containing a 50-dollar bill and a note instructing her to "look homeward, angel" and signed "MOG (Master of Games)." So begins The Game—pushing Jane into crazy, immoral, and criminal actions. When she tries to quit, MOG has other ideas.


Blood Games
Richard Laymon

47North, 2014

They meet for one week every year, five young women, best friends since college, in search of fun and thrills. Each year they choose a different place for their reunion. This year it's Helen's choice, and she chose the Totem Pole Lodge. Bad choice. The Totem Pole Lodge is a deserted resort hotel deep in the woods with a gory, shocking past. Helen has a macabre streak and she can't wait to tell her friends all about what happened at the lodge and ...


Richard Laymon

47North, 2014

When eight people go on a cruise in the Bahamas, they plan to swim, sunbathe and relax. Getting shipwrecked is definitely not in the script. But after the yacht blows up they're stranded on a deserted island, and there's a maniac on the loose.


No Sanctuary
Richard Laymon

47North, 2014

Rick would do anything for his girlfriend Bert. He'd even spend his vacation in the wilderness, walking the trails around Fern Lake. After what happened last time, it's the one place in the world he'd prefer not to go. But Bert is a woman with a passion for the outdoors—and a passion for other things too. Rick would follow her to hell and back—which is what he's about to do. Gillian is off on vacation too, only her idea of a holiday is a ...



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