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The Stake
Richard (Richard Kelly ) Laymon

Headline, 1990


Die Show
Richard Laymon

Heyne Taschenbuch, 2008


In Laymon's Terms

Cemetery Dance Publications, 2010

This massive, oversized tribute anthology for Richard Laymon features short fiction and personal remembrances from dozens and dozens of the biggest names in horror and Laymon's biggest fans. In addition, there are almost 140 pages of "Rarities and Fan Favorites" from Richard Laymon's personal files stories, interviews, and more, including a 17 page photo album personally selected by Ann Laymon. Several of these rare pieces are scanned directly ...


The Best of Cemetery Dance (SIGNED)
Richard Matheson, Stephen King, ...

Cemetery Dance, 1998

From Kirkus Reviews Mammoth-sized roundup of the 60 best dark-fiction entries in the first 25 issues of Cemetery Dance magazine--a quarterly devoted to works of particularly dark horror, and one distinguished by the quality of its contents. Four of the stories have previously been reprinted in hardcover (including Stephen King's ``Chattery Teeth,'' one of his most amusing, and oddest, tales), though all the fiction first appeared in Cemetery ...


Midnight's Lair
Richard Laymon

Headline Book Publishing, 1992

A sudden power failure traps a group of tourists deep below ground in the subterranean world of Mordock's Cave, with the only escape route through a sealed-off wall, but behind that wall lurks an obscene evil that has been waiting for years to escape. Original.


Das Loch
Richard Laymon

Heyne Taschenbuch, 2012


Skull Full of Spurs
Richard Laymon, Brian Hodge, ...

Dark Highway Pr, 2000


PREDATORS: Slit; Hardshell; The Roadside Scalpel; The Man Who Collected Knives; Dead Things Don't Move; ...
Ed and Martin H. Greenberg (edited by) [Dean R. Koontz, Richard Laymon, Gorman

Roc - Penguin Books, 1993

This collection of 21 scream-provoking tales from the editors of Stalkers tells of worlds where evil waits, watches...and kills.


The Traveling Vampire Show
Richard Laymon

Audio Realms, 2009

The rural town of Grandville is to host The Travelling Vampire Show, featuring the only known vampire in captivity. Janks Field, where the show will take place, has been declared off-limits because of its sinister history, but there are three local teenagers who don't want to miss the performance.


The Woods Are Dark
Richard Laymon

Cemetery Dance Publications, 2008

Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little backpacking through the woods. Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree, waiting for Them to arrive. The Dills family thought the small motor lodge in the quiet town of Barlow seemed quaint and harmless enough. Until they, too, found themselves shackled to trees in the middle of the night, while They approached, hungry for human flesh... When this classic novel was ...


Madman Stan and Other Stories
Richard Laymon

Cemetery Dance Pubns, 2004


Darknes Tell Us
Richard Laymon

Headline Feature, 1991

Six college students and a Ouija board. Professor Coreen Dalton has sworn never to touch the board again after Jake's death. Now these kids are falling for the revelations of a spirit called Butler, believing its promise of a fortune hidden in the mountains. Soon the students embark on a two-day hike into the unknown.


Richard Laymon

Dark Realms Audio, 2011

A growing group of belligerent, leering punks known as the Trolls are intimidating fun-seekers at the coastal amusement park Funland, and some of the local teens blame the Trolls for a series of missing persons and decide to fight back late one night. But what's really behind the disappearances is waiting for them all inside the funhouse...


One Rainy Night
Richard Laymon

Headline Book Publishing, 1991

A horror novel set in a sleepy backwater where a stark madness invades the inhabitants during a prolonged period of 'unnatural rainfall'.


Night in the Lonesome October
Richard Laymon

Cemetery Dance Pubns, 2001

Everything changed for Ed that day in the fall semester when he got a letter from Holly, the girl he loved. "Dear Ed," it began, "I will always cherish the times we had..." Holly was in love with someone else. It was as if his whole world had changed in a second. That night, heartbroken and half mad with despair, Ed couldn't sleep, so he decided to go for a walk. But it's a dark, scary night in the lonesome October, and Ed is not alone... There ...


Writer's Tale
Richard Laymon

Deadline Pr, 1998



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