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Power and Place in the North American West (Emil and Kathleen Sick Lecture-Book Series in Western History and ...
Richard White, John M. Findlay

University of Washington Press, 1999

Western historians continue to seek new ways of understanding the particular mixture of physical territory, human actions, outside influences, and unique expectations that has made the North American West what it is today. This collection of twelve essays tackles the subject of power and place from several angles--Indians and non-Indians, race and gender, environment and economy--to gain insight into major forces at work during two centuries of ...


Acoustic Wave Sensors: Theory, Design, & Physico-Chemical Applications (Applications of Modern Acoustics)
D. S. Ballantine Jr., Robert M. White, ...

Academic Press, 1996

Written by an interdisciplinary group of experts from both industry and academia, Acoustic Wave Sensors provides an in-depth look at the current state of acoustic wave devices and the scope of their use in chemical, biochemical, and physical measurements, as well as in engineering applications. Because of the inherent interdisciplinary applications of these devices, this book will be useful for the chemist and biochemist interested in the use ...


Transforming America: Barack Obama in the White House
Steven E. Schier

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011

The presidency of Barack Obama seeks major transformation of American politics and policy. This new collection, edited by Steven E. Schier, examines the unusual combination of risk and ambition in Obama's presidency concerning popular politics, Washington politics, and economic and foreign policy. It also places the Obama presidency in historical perspective, noting the unusual circumstances of his election and the similarities and differences ...


Cambridge Publishing's Top 101 Industry Experts: Tools to Help You on the Road to Success, Expert Insights ...
Cherilyn Korth, Judy A. Lucas Patricia Cain Bayle, Jr., Wolfgang Oehme, Richard Rock John Myers, ...

Cambridge's Who's Who Publishing, Inc., 2009

From the Back Cover - "Reveals the Objectives and Triumphs prominent Cambridge members have achieved to gain sucess". Sections are divided into subjects. Motivating factors. Industries include: Advertising & marketing, Education, Finance, Law, Real Estate, Science & Technology.


More Fun with Our Friends (The New Basic Readers, Dick and Jane)
Helen M Robinson, Marion Monroe, ...

Scott Foresman, 1962


The Native Americans: An Illustrated History
David Hurst Thomas, Jay Miller, ...

Turner Pub, 1993

Spanning thousands of years, this comprehensive history of the diverse native American cultures ranges from the time when humans first set foot in America and provides incisive analyses of modern-day issues and problems. TV tie-in. 250,000 first printing.


The Entrepreneur's Manual: Business Start-Ups, Spin-Offs, and Innovative Management
Richard M. White

Chilton Book Co, 1977

Book teaches hands-on-techniques for - uncovering lucrative markets and products (market gap analysis) - accomplishing market penetration etc


California Prehistory: Colonization, Culture, and Complexity

AltaMira Press, 2010

Some forty scholars examine California's prehistory and archaeology, looking at marine and terrestrial palaeoenvironments, initial human colonization, linguistic prehistory, early forms of exchange, mitochondrial D.N.A. studies, and rock art. This work is the most extensive study of California's prehistory undertaken in the past 20 years. An essential resource for any scholar of California prehistory and archaeology!


Electrical Engineering Uncovered (2nd Edition)
Roger W. Doering

Prentice Hall, 2001

Electrical Engineering Uncovered gives the reader an introduction to electrical engineering and a sense of what professional engineers do. The book uses familiar examples, like water flowing through a garden hose, to illustrate the electronics discussed and ease the reader into the subject. Topics include up-to-date Internet information; new material on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); digital electronics; computer architecture; ...


Enterprise Risk Analysis for Property & Lilability Insurance Companies: A Practical Guide to Standard Models ...
Paul J. Brehm, FCAS, ...

Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC, 2007

Enterprise Risk Analysis for Property & Casualty Insurance Companies equips you with the latest strategies and practical applications in ERM from leading specialists and practitioners in the field. Key topics covered in the book include: Models and Management Frameworks, Insurance Hazard Risks, Financial Risk Models, Operational Risk and Strategic Risk.


Natural Product Chemistry for Drug Discovery (RSC Biomolecular Sciences)

Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009

Natural Product Chemistry for Drug Discovery provides a comprehensive summary of where natural product chemistry is today in drug discovery. The book covers emerging technologies and case studies and is a source of up-to-date information on the topical subject of natural products. The authors, all experts in their respective fields, provide compelling arguments as to why naturel products should be considered important tools in the drug discovery ...


Turning Points in Solid-State, Materials and Surface Science: A Book in Celebration of the Life and Work of ...

Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007

The scientific exploration of solid materials represents one of the most important, fascinating and rewarding areas of scientific endeavour in the present day, not only from the viewpoint of advancing fundamental understanding but also from the industrial perspective, given the immense diversity of applications of solid materials across the full range of commercial sectors. Turning Points in Solid-State, Materials and Surface Science provides a ...


Handbook of Symbolic Interactionism

AltaMira Press, 2003

Symbolic interactionism commands its own adherents, meetings, journals, and professional organization. Now it has its own handbook. Reynolds and Herman-Kinney have assembled 44 chapters from 59 scholars to assess the past, present, and future of this key social psychological framework. In this authoritative volume, scholars outline the history of the development of the theory from the time of Cooley, Thomas, and Mead; its various schools and ...


Morpheus Tales Apocalypse Special Issue, ...

Morpheus Tales Publishing, 2013

Morpheus Tales is proud to present: The Apocalypse Special Issue! Featuring Beginning of Days By William R.D. Wood, Songs of Goodbye By Dev Jarrett, The Last Page By Diane Arrelle, Long Cold Night By Richard Farren Barber, Thunder Bay By Robin Wyatt Dunn, Sun-Catcher By D.M. Slate, Generation Sorrow By J.B. Ronan, My Pretty Pony By Alan Loewen, Unleashed By Stephanie Smith, The 15th of December By Brian M. Milton, Til Death do us Part By C.M. ...


Chronicling Cultures: Long-Term Field Research in Anthropology

AltaMira Press, 2002

Some field sites have hosted anthropologists for as long as half a century. Chronicling Cultures collects articles from principals of many of the longest and best-known anthropology projects from four continents—the Kung, Harvard Chiapas Project, Gwembe Valley, Tzintzuntzan, and Navajo among others. These projects have brought a new understanding of change and persistence in communities over time. They have forced researchers to develop ...


God Likes Ants: Every Week: Fifty-two Scripture Reflections

Resource Publications - an Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2013

Ants are diligent when they undertake a task. In order to understand and follow the Scripture for better living, follow their example. God Likes Ants: Every Week features Andrea Gilson's thoughts, perspectives, and interpretations in a weekly reader format. Scripture verses from the Authorized King James Bible are featured and discussed with both the brand new and the lifelong Christian in mind. The stress is on salvation through faith, the ...


First FRCR Anatomy: Mock Papers
Matthew, M.D. Budak, Magdalena, M.D. Szewczyk-Bieda, ...


First FRCR Anatomy: Mock Papers offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of practice cases for trainees preparing for the First FRCR Anatomy exam. Chapters presented as 15 complete mock papers, covering the full range of imaging modalities. Featuring a wealth of practice cases covering all the key topics, this book provides the essential revision tool to maximise chances of exam success. Key Points *300 high quality images, ...


Duelist Deckmaster Magazine #2 (Vol. 1 #2, Summer 1994)
James Ernest, Beth Moursund, ...

Wizards of the Coast, 1994

Duelist #2 is 80 pages of articles and information on Magic the Gathering, including Legends, Multiplayer Magic Variants, Emperor Rules and Melee Magic. Includes Jyhad notes from playtesting; Tournament-Legal Deck Strategies; Revised Edition and Legends card lists. Also articles on Spellfire and other collectible card games; and What's New With Phil & Dixie....and more!


Fear of Persecution: Global Human Rights, International Law, and Human Well-Being

Lexington Books, 2007

Fear of Persecution offers an absorbing and necessary overview of the plight of internally displaced people (I.D.P.s) and refugees. Every year there are tens of millions of people around the world who have fled or are in flight due to the fear of persecution based upon race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, and who then become invisible. James D. White and Anthony J. Marsella bring together ...



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