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My Year Off: Recovering Life After a Stroke
Robert McCrum

Broadway Books, 1999

On the morning of July 29, 1995, Robert McCrum--forty-two-years old, newly married, at the top of his profession as one of British publishing's most admired editors, and in what he thought was the full bloom of health--awoke to find himself totally paralyzed on the left side, the victim of a stroke brought on by a massive cerebral hemorrhage. In My Year Off , McCrum takes readers through his own education about strokes and the frustrating ...


The Story of English: Third Revised Edition
Robert MacNeil, William Cran

Penguin Books, 2002

Now revised, The Story of English is the first book to tell the whole story of the English language. Originally paired with a major PBS miniseries, this book presents a stimulating and comprehensive record of spoken and written English—from its Anglo-Saxon origins some two thousand years ago to the present day, when English is the dominant language of commerce and culture with more than one billion English speakers around the world. From ...


Rites of Passage: With an introduction by Robert McCrum

Faber & Faber Fiction, 2013

The first volume of William Golding's Sea Trilogy. Sailing to Australia in the early years of the nineteenth century, Edmund Talbot keeps a journal to amuse his godfather back in England. Full of wit and disdain, he records the mounting tensions on the ancient, sinking warship where officers, sailors, soldiers and emigrants jostle in the cramped spaces below decks. Then a single passenger, the obsequious Reverend Colley, attracts the ...


Alias Papa: A Life of Fritz Schumacher
Barbara Wood

Green Books, 2011

E.F. Schumacher was a key figure in the development of environmentalism in the 20th century, and has left an enduring legacy. A profound thinker who was admired by Keynes, Beveridge and Cripps, he was for many years economic adviser to the Coal Board, and later put his ideas into practice by setting up the Intermediate Technology Development Group (now Practical Action) and becoming involved with the Soil Association. He was the inspiration for ...


On Reading: Notes on the literary landscape, 1995-2012 (Guardian Shorts Book 49), 2012

We read for all sorts of reasons: pleasure, education, escapism, intellectual stimulation. The act of reading is a private, personal one that we love to share with our friends and families. Reading and books form a world rich in detail, memory and emotion. In On Reading, Robert McCrum draws together his Observer columns to reflect on what reading brings us, how to best go about it and how what we read is shifting and changing as new ...


Globish: How English Became the World's Language
Robert McCrum

W. W. Norton & Company, 2011

“A fascinating study not only of the roots and growth of our own language but of its future.”— Bloomsbury Review It seems impossible: a small island in the North Atlantic, colonized by Rome, then pillaged for hundreds of years by marauding neighbors, becomes the dominant world power in the nineteenth century. In this provocative new look at the course of empire, Robert McCrum shows how the language of the Anglo-American imperium has ...


My Year Off
Robert McCrum

Picador, 1999


Just Enough Jeeves: Right Ho, Jeeves; Joy in the Morning; Very Good, Jeeves
P. G. Wodehouse

W. W. Norton & Company, 2010

Irresistible comic masterpieces—two novels and a story collection—from the author Christopher Hitchens calls "the gold standard of English wit." Of course there can never be enough Jeeves for die-hard Wodehouse enthusiasts. But this selection brings old favorites to those fans in a sparkling package and will introduce new readers to the funniest writer in the English language. Right Ho, Jeeves ; Joy in the Morning ; and Very Good, ...


Wodehouse: A Life
Robert McCrum

W. W. Norton & Company, 2005

"An invaluable portrait, thanks to a broad, incisive and complex understanding of Wodehouse's psyche." --Janet Maslin, New York Times To Evelyn Waugh he was simply "the Master." He wrote ninety novels and story collections, and among his immortal characters are Jeeves, Psmith, and the Empress of Blandings (who is, of course, a pig). Equally impressive is the range of his devotees: Dorothy Parker, John Updike, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Salman ...


My Year Off: Recovering Life After a Stroke
Robert McCrum

W. W. Norton & Company, 1998

A frank and moving memoir of the stroke that felled the author at his peak of vigor and achievement. On the morning of July 29, 1995, Robert McCrum — 42 years old, just two weeks newly married, at the top of his profession as one of British publishing's most admired editors, in what he thought was the full bloom of health — awoke to find himself totally paralyzed on the left side, the victim of a stroke brought on by a massive cerebral ...


In the Secret State
Robert McCrum

Avon Books, 1983

Book by McCrum, Robert


Hot Water
P.G. Wodehouse

Penguin Books, 1981

Mr J. Wellington Gedge is hoping for some peace and quiet while his wife takes herself off for a while. She, however, has invited numerous visitors to the chateau, to whom he shall have to play reluctant host.


On Writing: Notes from the world of books, 1995-2012 (Guardian Shorts Book 50), 2012

Why do authors write? How do they go about it? What is good writing? In On Writing, Robert McCrum collects together his questions and reflections on the nature of writing from his Observer newspaper column. In them he explores the sometimes tricky relationship between writing and commerce, looks at the state of modern literature, and asks where great writing really comes from – can it be taught, or is it borne out of author experience? A ...


The Fabulous Englishman
Robert McCrum

Houghton Mifflin (T), 1985

Robert McCrum's novel of European life in the late 1960s.


The Story of English [Paperback]
Robert McCrum (Author), 1987

The renowned and lavishly illustrated history of the evolution of the English language and the companion to PBS's acclaimed series--now completely revised and expanded. Rarely has the English language been scanned so brightly and broadly in a single volume.


On Authors: Interviews with literary giants, 1995-2012 (Guardian Shorts Book 51), 2012

In nearly twenty years, Robert McCrum has interviewed literature’s most influential subjects. His intimate conversations, peppered with humour, have shed new light on great authors, uncovered secrets, explored where their books have come from and how their oeuvre fits their lives. In On Authors, McCrum reflects on the experience of interviewing these literary giants and collects together the very best Observer interviews. Unique and brilliant ...


Robert McCrum

Knopf, 1994

Sam Gilchrist -- former presidential speechwriter, half English, half American -- now contemplates the failure of his marriage and his career, washed up on the shore of Reagan's America. On retreat to Cape Cod, he realizes that in order to forestall personal collapse he will have to come to grips with the moment in his life that he would most like to forget. In London in 1977, at the height of his success, he finds himself drawn into a painful ...


A Loss of Heart
Robert McCrum

Avon Books, 1983


Robert McCrum

W W Norton & Co Inc, 1997

Julian Whyte leads a quiet, emotionally shut down life as a barrister, bachelor, and district coroner in the small village of Mansfield in the south of England. His only close relative is his older brother Raymond, who for the past several years has led the life of an expatriate Communist intellectual in East Germany. But it is 1991. The Berlin Wall is down and Raymond Whyte is moving to Mansfield with his new German wife, Kristina, and family. ...



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