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Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection: Echoes In the Mind
Lois W. Stern

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

STORIES - Some stories are special only to the person who owns them. Others, so moving they need to be shared. The 'tales' in this Sapphire Collection shout out: pass me along, tell me to your family and friends. These authors, all winners of a Tales2Inspire™ annual writer's contest, understand the power of stories. They have crafted the ones you are about to read with meticulous care. We hope they will echo in your mind long after you ...


God's Prosperity Plan
Rod Nichols, Tim Johnson

Infinity Publishing, 2004

$10,000 mysteriously deposited; job promotion at twice the salary; $20,000 in debt disappears. These are a few of the reports from people who have fully tapped into God's Prosperity Plan.


Expert One on One J2ee Design and Development
Rod Johnson

Peer Information, 2002

The results of using J2EE in practice are often disappointing: applications are often slow, unduly complex, and take too long to develop. Rod Johnson believes that the problem lies not in J2EE itself, but in that it is often used badly. Many J2EE publications advocate approaches that, while fine in theory, often fail in reality, or deliver no real business value. Expert One-on-One: J2EE Design and Development aims to demystify J2EE ...


Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB
Rod Johnson

Wrox, 2004

What is this book about? Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB shows Java developers and architects how to build robust J2EE applications without having to use Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). This practical, code-intensive guide provides best practices for using simpler and more effective methods and tools, including JavaServer pages, servlets, and lightweight frameworks. What does this book cover? The book begins by examining the ...


Character Counts for Quiet Time and Small Groups
Rod Handley, Gordon Thiessen, ...

Cross Training Pub, 2001

We have a major problem in our society-a lack of character. Does character count? We say a resounding "Yes"-it does matter! We propose that character does count and that society is placing a higher premium on character. The purpose of this book is to identify character qualities that will make a winning difference in your life. Make it your plan to examine at least one character quality each week. Read the short sports story, then do the ...


Aspectj in Action: Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications
Ramnivas Laddad

Manning Publications, 2009

To allow the creation of truly modular software, OOP has evolved into aspect-oriented programming. AspectJ is a mature AOP implementation for Java, now integrated with Spring. AspectJ in Action, Second Edition is a fully updated, major revision of Ramnivas Laddad's best-selling first edition. It's a hands-on guide for Java developers. After introducing the core principles of AOP, it shows you how to create reusable solutions using AspectJ 6 ...


Express Rider
Rod Johnson

Stoneydale Press, 2004

Much has been written about the dramatic story of the Pony Express riders and most of us identify with their role in the saga of the American West, but very little has been written or dramatized about the "express riders" -- men who secretly carried gold from the remote mining camps of the West to the banking centers in the big cities. These "express riders" risked their lives every time they hauled the precious metal from the gold fields of ...


Inside Out
Rod N. Johnson, Myron J. Radio

Beavers Pond Pr, 2002

Rod N. Johnson is president of the Giro Group, a Minnesota based consulting firm that focuses on thought leadership issues relating to change management, strategic thinking, and technology. Myron J. Radio is president of The R Group; a consulting firm whose primary focus is to build high-powered teams and develop the people who lead them.


Captive Warriors: A Vietnam POW's Story (Texas A & M University Military History Series 23)
Sam Johnson, Jan Winebrenner

Texas A&M University Press, 1992

"If hell is here on earth, it is located on an oddly shaped city block in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam," writes Sam Johnson, who lived in that hell for seven years. Col. Samuel R. Johnson, U.S. Air Force, was shot down in April, 1966, while flying his twenty-fifth mission over North Vietnam. Shortly after his capture and imprisonment in the infamous Hanoi Hilton, Colonel Johnson was labeled a diehard by his enemies. His creative and innovative ...


G.I. Joe: Classics Vol. 7, ...

IDW Publishing, 2012

Join the G.I. JOE team as they battle COBRA around the globe in this action-packed seventh collection of classic G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero stories, including "Beginnings and Endings," "Manuevering for Position," and "Into the Beach." Collects G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero issues #61-70, collected together for the first time ever!


The Luckiest Boy: Tales of youthful adventures in Belgrade Lakes
Rod Johnson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Memories of growing up in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.


A Month of Kegel Exercises for Men: A 1 Month Kegel Exercise Program that Guarantees a Rock Hard Erection, 2012

If you’re searching for a book on Kegel exercises then you already know all of the amazing benefits Kegel exercises provide. So I won’t list them here. But I promise that the benefits are real and extraordinary. If you follow this program, which is the exact same program that I used, you will be amazed at the results. A rock hard erection is useless without a healthy sex drive. So as a bonus, we include 12 simple and effective ways to boost ...


Professional JSP 2nd Edition
Simon Brown, Robert Burdick, ...

Wrox Press, 2001

Presents programmers with the tools to learn how to use JSP and Servlets to create the Web front end of J2EE applications, even with no previous experience using JSP or Servlets. Coverage includes the role of JSP and Servelets in Java 2 Enterprise Edition, and designing and implementing JSP libraries. Softcover.


Advanced Kegel Exercises for Men: A 1 Month Advanced Kegel Exercise Program that Guarantees An Amazing ..., 2012

If you’re done Kegel Exercises before, you know how well they work. So I won’t bother to explain all the benefits here. This book will take your Kegel workout, and your erection, to new heights. This is the exact same program I now use, and I promise the results are incredible. A rock hard erection is useless without a healthy sex drive. So as a bonus, we include 12 simple and effective ways to boost your testosterone and your sex drive to ...


Professional Java Server Programming J2EE, 1.3 Edition
Subrahmanyam Allamaraju, Cedric Beust, ...

Wrox Press, 2001

The release of the 1.3 version of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) represents the evolution of Sun Microsystems' server-side development platform into a more mature and sophisticated specification. Servlets 2.3 gain events and filtering; JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2 gain a new XML syntax and enhancements to the custom tag mechanisms; and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 has some significant changes to its container-managed persistence ...



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