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[ Always Enough: God's Miraculous Provision Among the Poorest Children on Earth[ ALWAYS ENOUGH: GOD'S ...
Rolland Baker

Chosen Books, 2003


Igniting Furious Love: Teachings From the Furious Love Event
Darren Wilson

Destiny Image, 2012

Worldwide Fury! Up close and personal--these stories bring God's supernatural love and protection closer to "real life" than you may have thought possible. Igniting Furious Love is an eclectic spiritual partnering of nine on-fire-for-God believers who "turn everything upside down in the church to be as unlike the world as absolutely possible." Spanning the globe from Kosovo to Thailand, Russia, Mozambique, and inner-city USA, each ...


Learning to Love

River Publishing & Media Ltd, 2012

Rolland and Heidi Baker founded IRIS Ministries in 1980. After conducting missions across Asia for several years and later planting a church among the homeless in central London, they received a strong call to minister to the world’s poorest nation: Mozambique. They encountered an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Spirit in Mozambique and have since planted almost 10,000 churches across the nation and bordering countries. They have seen ...


Expecting Miracles: True Stories of God's Supernatural Power and How You Can Experience It
Heidi Baker, Rolland Baker

Chosen Books, 2007

In 2003 readers around the world read in Always Enough about the amazing things God was doing in the poorest nation on earth. Since then Heidi and Rolland Baker's ministry has electrified the body of Christ, lay Christians and ministry leaders alike, who have witnessed it firsthand. Now readers can spend a year with the Bakers, watching God continue to work miraculously in Mozambique and learning how he longs to work similarly in our own lives. ...


Hungry Always Get Fed
Heidi Baker; Rolland Baker

New Wine Press, 2007


When Heaven Comes Down: Experiencing God's Glory in Your Life
Ché Ahn

Chosen Books, 2009

"If we want to know God personally, to relate to him intimately," says international evangelist Che Ahn, "we must be prepared to receive and experience his glory." Born out of his personal experiences with numerous revival movements around the world, Ahn provides insights into the manifest presence of God his glory showing how it reveals both his character and his power. But Ahn takes it deeper by exploring the ways God's glory is displayed. Ahn ...


For Love's Sake: One Young Woman's Trek With the World's Poor and Your Open Door to a Life of Experiential ...
Jessica J. Davis

Destiny Image, 2010

For Love’s Sake weaves the real-life stories of two young women—Jessica J. Davis and Mary the mother of Jesus—into a supernatural adventure. Both women took big leaps of faith to journey deeper into the heart of God.   Jessica leaves middle-class America the day after high school graduation to travel throughout Africa ministering to the poor. She discovers how the vibrant land and amazing people reveal the upside-down nature of ...


Reckless Devotion: 365 Days into the Heart of Radical Love

Chosen Books, 2014

Are you ready for a revolutionary year with Heidi & Rolland? Whether stopping for the one in a dusty village in Mozambique or reaching out to the world, Heidi and Rolland model--and invite everyone into--the radical love that thrills God's heart. Energized by their work on the frontlines of ministry, the Bakers weave together miraculous stories, Scriptures, encouraging devotional thoughts and prayer to take you through the year. Every day is ...


There's Always Enough: The Miraculous Move of God in Mozambique
Rolland Baker, Heidi Baker

Sovereign Publishing, 2003

Today in one of Southern Africa's most disaster-torn nations, Rolland and Heidi Baker are at the center of a major move of God's Spirit. The last four years have seen them plant and take responsibility for around 6,000 churches as thousands of Mozambiquans have given their lives to Christ in an unprecedented revival. During this time, they have also witnessed numerous acts of God's power. Miracles of provision, healing, deliverance, and even ...


Always Enough: God's Miraculous Provision among the Poorest Children on Earth
Rolland Baker, Heidi Baker

Chosen Books, 2003

Even the most desperate poverty, the most devastating illness, the most heart-wrenching grief is not beyond God's help. His love and power have no limits-and that's a message readers from all walks of life need to hear. The modern miracles that Rolland and Heidi Baker experience every day in their work with Mozambique's throwaway children, movingly chronicled in Always Enough, will inspire anyone looking for hope in the midst of suffering. The ...


Reckless Devotion: 365 Days of Inspiration
Heidi Baker, Rolland Baker

River Publishing & Media Ltd, 2014

To date, the majority of Heidi and Rolland Baker's books have focused on the amazing story of their revival ministry in Mozambique. Now readers have an opportunity to journey into the heart of God daily, with Rolland and Heidi's insights, which stem from a deep intimacy and dependency on Jesus. This book is filled with inspirational and profound truths that affirm our identity as beloved children of God and encourage us to go deeper with Him, ...


Supernatural Missions The Impact of the Supernatural on World Missions
Randy Clark

Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, 2012

Many Bible college students graduate without any exposure to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. They don't understand the impact the supernatural would have on their mission work. Building on the stories and experiences of a number of experts, Supernatural Missions clearly establishes the relationship between the supernatural and missions. Gocused on providing an accurate understanding of the topic, this book delves into the many ...



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