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The Fairy Doll: & Other Tales from the Dolls' House
Rumer Godden

Pan Macmillan, 2014

Discover the secret life of dolls in this magical collection of seven stories by a celebrated children's writer Dolls cannot tell you anything, but often their wish is as strong as telling. Have you ever felt a doll’s wish? This wonderful classic edition contains some of Rumer Godden's best-loved stories, including The Dolls' House, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Little Plum, The Fairy Doll, The Story of Holly & Ivy, Candy Floss, ...


Prayers from the Ark and The Creatures' Choir
Carmen Bernos De Gasztold

Penguin Books, 1976



The Greengage Summer
Rumer Godden

MacMillan General Books, 1995

The faded elegance of Les Oeillets, with its bullet-scarred staircase and serene garden bounded by high walls; Eliot, the charming Englishman who became the children's guardian while their mother lay ill in hospital; sophisticated Mademoiselle Zizi, hotel patronne, and Eliot's devoted lover; 16 year old Joss, the oldest Grey girl, suddenly, achingly beautiful. And the Marne river flowing silent and slow beyond them all ...They would merge ...


The Story of Holly and Ivy
Rumer Godden

Viking Books for Young Readers, 2006

Ivy, Holly, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones all have one Christmas wish. Ivy, an orphan, wishes for a real home and sets out in search of the grandmother she's sure she can find. Holly, a doll, wishes for a child to bring her to life. And the Joneses wish more than anything for a son or daughter to share their holiday. Can all three wishes come true? This festive tale is perfectly complemented by beloved Barbara Cooney's luminous illustrations, filled ...


The Doll's House
Rumer Godden

Puffin Books, 1976

From Rumer Godden, one of the foremost authors of the 20th century, and illustrated by two-time Caldecott Honor recipient Tasha Tudor, comes a heartwarming tale filled with imagination and creativity that is ideal for any girl who has ever loved a doll so much that it has become real to her. For Tottie Plantaganet, a little wooden doll, belonging to Emily and Charlotte Dane is wonderful. The only thing missing is a dollhouse that Tottie and her ...


An Episode of Sparrows (New York Review Children's Collection)
Rumer Godden

NYR Children's Collection, 2004

A much-loved English novel reminiscent of The Secret Garden Someone has dug up the private garden in the square and taken buckets of dirt, and Miss Angela Chesney of the Garden Committee is sure that a gang of boys from run-down Catford Street must be to blame. But Angela's sister Olivia isn't so sure. Olivia wonders why the neighborhood children—the “sparrows” she sometimes watches from the window of her house —have to be locked out ...


In This House of Brede
Rumer Godden

Loyola Classics, 2005

“A novel of sensitive dedication.” — The Atlantic Monthly “Rumer Godden deals precisely with the theme of the religious life . . . as representing ‘the heart of holiness of the Church.’ It is at once a life of great peace and often equally intense struggle.” — America magazine This extraordinarily sensitive and insightful portrait of religious life centers on Philippa Talbot, a highly successful professional woman who ...


China Court: The Hours of a Country House
Rumer Godden

William Morrow & Co, 1993

For more than half a century, Rumer Godden has been known as "one of the finest and subtlest writers of our day" (Saturday Review). Now one of her most endearing classics is being reissued for a new generation of readers. China Court is the story of the hours and days of a country house in Wales and five generations of the family who inhabited it.


Junior Great Books: Series 3, 2nd Semester, book one

Great Books Foundation, 1992

Book by


The Kitchen Madonna
Rumer Godden

Bethlehem Books, 2010

Marta is unhappy. For quietly aloof Gregory and his sister Janet, Marta, with her thick Ukrainian accent, her good cooking, and her stories, is the anchor of the house. Mother and Father, both busy architects, are gone all day and sometimes at night. Marta is always there; and the children, sensing her unhappiness, do not want her to go away. When they find out that Marta desires a good place in the kitchen, nine-year-old Gregory, with ...


Black Narcissus
Rumer Godden

Pan Books, 1994

In the days when it was the General's harem' palace, ladies with their retinues and rich clothes could be seen walking on the high windy terraces. At night, music floated out over villages and gorges far into the early hours. Now the General's son has bestowed it upon the disciplined Sisters of Mary. Beginning work in the orchards and opening a school and a dispensary for the mountain people, the small band of Sisters are depended for help on ...


A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep
Rumer Godden

Beech Tree Books, 1987

Book by Godden, Rumer


The King's Pleasure/The Day the World Ended/My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr/In This House of Brede/The ...
Norah Lofts, Gordon Thomas & Max Morgan-Witts, ...

Reader's Digest Association, 1969

great book... old a classic


Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy
Rumer Godden

Macmillan, 1979

“ Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy is about growth, choice, struggle, and the freedom of the soul that transcends the license of the body. It is about finding sin where we least expect it.” — Joan Chittister, from the introduction   This haunting tale of disgrace and redemption centers on Lise Fanshawe, a prostitute and brothel manager in postwar Paris who, while serving time in prison for killing a man, finds God. Lise is helped by ...


The Creatures' Choir
Carmen Bernos de Gasztold

Viking, 1965

Most of these new poems are not prayers, in the sense that a prayer is a plea; each animal, bird, fish, reptile, or insect voice makes, as it were, a statement of its situation, its circumstances - what, perhaps, we humans would call its problems.


The Diddakoi
Rumer Godden

Viking, 1972

A diddakoi is a half-gypsy. But Kizzy feels like she is all gypsy. She doesn't fit in at school - the other children attack her and call her names. Still, she is happy living with her gran and old Joe, the caravan horse. When her gran dies, Kizzy turns to the Admiral for help.


Prayers from the Ark
Carmen Bernos De Gasztold

Viking Juvenile, 1992

Discovered in a convent kitchen forty-five years ago, a collection of prayers written in verse gives voice to the various animals aboard Noah's Ark.


Five For Sorrow, Ten For Joy
Rumer Godden

Viking Press, 1979



A House With Four Rooms
Rumer Godden

Quill, 1989

This is the second volume of Rumer Godden's autobiography, spanning the years 1945-77. The sequel to "A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep", this book looks at her life between the ages of 40 and 70. She is the author of "The Greengage Summer", "Black Narcissus", "The River" and "Thursday's Children".


The Mousewife
Rumer Godden

NYR Children's Collection, 2009

Day in and day out the dutiful mousewife works alongside her mousehusband in the house of Miss Barbara Wilkinson. It is a nice house and the mousewife is for the most part happy collecting crumbs and preparing a nest for her future mouse-babies—yet she yearns for something more. But what? Her husband, for one, can’t imagine. “I think about cheese,” he advises her. “Why don’t you think about cheese?” Then an odd and exotic new ...



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