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Shadow Pass: A Novel of Suspense
Sam Eastland

Bantam, 2012

Deep in the Russian countryside, a thirty-ton killing machine known officially as T-34 is being developed in total secrecy. Its inventor is a rogue genius whose macabre death is considered an accident only by the innocent. Suspecting assassins everywhere, Stalin brings in his best—if least obedient—detective to solve a murder that’s tantamount to treason. Answerable to no one, Inspector Pekkala has the dictator’s permission to go ...


Eye of the Red Tsar: A Novel of Suspense
Sam Eastland

Bantam, 2011

Shortly after midnight on July 17, 1918, the imprisoned family of Tsar Nicholas Romanov was awakened and led down to the basement of the Ipatiev house. There they were summarily executed. Their bodies were hidden away, the location a secret of the Soviet state. A decade later, Pekkala, once the most trusted secret agent of the Romanovs, is now Prisoner 4745-P, banished to a forest on the outskirts of humanity. But the state needs Pekkala one ...


Suspense Magazine, July 2010, ..., 2010

July 2010 Edition featuring interviews with Andy McDermott, James Rollins, Mitzi Kelly, Chevy Stevens, Boyd Morrison and Sam Eastland. Feature articles by Scott Nicholson, Stranger than Fiction with Donald Allen Kirch, On Location at Alcatraz along with much, much more.


The Red Coffin
Sam Eastland

Faber & Faber, 2011

It is 1939. The world stands on the brink of Armageddon. In the Soviet Union, years of revolution, fear and persecution have left the country unprepared to face the onslaught of Nazi Germany. For the coming battles, Stalin has placed his hopes on a 30-ton steel monster, known to its inventors as the T-34 tank, and, the 'Red Coffin' to those men who will soon be using it. But the design is not yet complete. And when Colonel Nagorski, the weapon's ...


La bara rossa (Supertascabili. Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

Il Saggiatore, 2011

Pekkala sentì il clic familiare del pannello che si apriva. La lastra di legno si spalancò verso l’esterno e Stalin emerse dalla parete. Non parlò a Pekkala, e neppure lo guardò. Aveva l’abitudine di esaminare attentamente ogni angolo della stanza, in cerca di qualcosa fuori posto. Finalmente si rivolse a Pekkala. «Nagorski morto in un incidente?» sbottò. «E ti aspetti che io ci creda?»


The Red Moth
Sam Eastland

Faber & Faber, 2013


L'occhio dello zar (Supertascabili. Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

Il Saggiatore, 2012

Pekkala un tempo era conosciuto come l’Occhio di smeraldo: il più famoso detective di tutta la Russia, il braccio destro dello zar, l’uomo a cui l’ultimo dei Romanov aveva affidato la sicurezza della sua famiglia e di tutto il paese. Ora, dopo la Rivoluzione, è solo il prigioniero 4745-P nel campo di lavoro della Siberia, dove è riuscito a sopravvivere per nove anni, e per il resto del mondo è un uomo morto e sepolto. Ma una ...


The Beast in the Red Forest: An Inspector Pekkala Novel of Suspense
Sam Eastland

Opus Books, 2014

(Book). An American auto worker, disillusioned with the stubborn, stagnant inequality in America, moves his family to Russia. His letters home are glowing arias about Stalin's New Man in Soviet Paradise. Then, suddenly, the letters stop. Inspector Pekkala thrills again! By best selling Sam Eastland. The world of Soviet espionage is shaken with the shocking disappearance of Stalin's invincible Inspector Pekkala whose charred remains are reported ...


Siberian Red
Sam Eastland

Faber & Faber

It's September 1939. The Second World War has begun. Even as the fighting rages in Poland, Stalin's long time obsession with the missing treasure of Tsar Nicholas II is rekindled. An informant claims to have information about the whereabouts of the man entrusted by the Tsar with hiding his gold. As the news of the informant reaches Stalin, however, the man is knifed to death. Stalin summons Pekkala to the Kremlin and orders him to solve the ...


Archive 17: A Novel of Suspense
Sam Eastland

Bantam, 2012

Stalin’s most trusted secret agent, the legendary Inspector Pekkala, is on his deadliest mission—one that could save his country . . . or plunge it into the abyss.   It is 1939. Russia teeters on the verge of war with Germany. It is also on the brink of bankruptcy. To preserve his regime, Stalin orders a search for the legendary missing gold of Tsar Nicholas II. For this task, he chooses Pekkala, the former investigator for the Tsar. To ...


Der rote Sarg
Sam Eastland

Droemer Knaur, 2013


The Red Moth (Inspector Pekkala 4) by Eastland. Sam ( 2013 ) Paperback
Eastland. Sam

Faber & Faber, 0100


Le cercueil rouge
Sam Eastland


Czerwona trumna (Polska Wersja Jezykowa)
Sam Eastland

Albatros, 2014

Czerwona trumna to druga (po Oku czerwonego cara) z cyklu osadzonych w realiach stalinowskiej Rosji powiesci kryminalnych Sama Eastlanda o inspektorze Pekkali, dawnym sledczym i bliskim wspólpracowniku cara Mikolaja II. Po rewolucji pazdziernikowej zeslano go na Syberie. Wolnosc odzyskal w zamian za poprowadzenie - na rozkaz samego Stalina - dochodzenia opisanego w pierwszym tomie. Po jego zakonczeniu, swiadom niemoznosci rozpoczecia nowego ...


L'oeil du tsar rouge (French Edition)
Sam Eastland

Pocket, 2011

409pages. poche. Poche.


[ [ [ Archive 17[ ARCHIVE 17 ] By Eastland, Sam ( Author )Feb-28-2012 Hardcover
Sam Eastland

Bantam, 2012


Le papillon rouge
Sam Eastland

Anne Carriere, 2014


O Olho do Tsar Vermelho (Em Portugues do Brasil)
Sam Eastland

Record, 2013

Preso durante a Revolucao Russa, o inspetor Pekkala esta em seu nono ano de trabalhos forcados em um gulag na Siberia. Outrora o detetive mais importante do imperio, pessoalmente nomeado pelo tsar, agora, para todos os efeitos, parece morto para o mundo. Mas uma chance de redencao surge quando e convocado por Stalin para investigar um crime: ele deve encontrar o verdadeiro responsavel pelas mortes da familia Romanov e, principalmente, o tesouro ...


Roter Zar
Sam Eastland

Droemer Knaur, 2012



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