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Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage

WaterBrook Press, 2009

For years, Christians have been told that sex is God's creation, designed by him as a gift to husbands and wives. Yet few couples actually experience sex as a spiritual, God-ordained experience. Rather than admit their lack of fulfillment, many couples hide their disappointment and confusion, while others attempt to solve the problem through better sexual technique. Unfortunately, all the advice on improved technique fails to explain the one ...


A Lasting Promise: A Christian Guide to Fighting for Your Marriage, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2009

Build a Marriage of Lasting Love Finally a practical, easy-to-read book that deals with real marital issues from a Christian perspective! Soundly based on both biblical principles and marital research, A Lasting Promise is a must read for any couple who wants to upgrade their marriage and make it a promise for life! --David and Claudia Arp, authors of The Second Half of Marriage This essential resource offers Christian couples, a ...


A Lasting Promise: The Christian Guide to Fighting for Your Marriage
Scott M. Stanley, Daniel Trathen, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2014

The revised edition of the bestselling Christian guide to a happy marriage For more than fifteen years, Scott Stanley's A Lasting Promise has offered solutions to common problems—facing conflicts, problem solving, improving communication, and dealing with core issues—within a Christian framework. Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition is filled with sacred teachings of scripture, the latest research on marriage, and clear ...


Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving a Lasting Love
Howard J. Markman, Scott M. Stanley, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2001

This new and revised edition of Fighting for Your Marriage is based on the widely acclaimed PREP(r) (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) approach. Groundbreaking studies have found that couples can use the strategies of this approach to handle conflict more constructively, protect their happiness, and reduce the odds of breaking up. Based on twenty years of university research, this popular book will show you how to: * Talk more and ...


Fighting for Your Marriage: A Deluxe Revised Edition of the Classic Best Seller for Enhancing Marriage and ...
Howard J.'(Author) ; Stanley, Scott M.(Author); Blumberg, Susan L.(Author) Markman

Jossey-Bass+, 2010


12 Hours to a Great Marriage: A Step-by-Step Guide for Making Love Last [Paperback]
Scott M. Stanley (Author), Natalie H. Jenkins (Author), Susan L. Blumberg (Author), Carol Whiteley (Author) Howard J. Markman (Author), 2003


Empty Nesting: Reinventing Your Marriage When the Kids Leave Home
David H. Arp, Claudia S. Arp, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2001

Fighting for Your Empty Nest-Marriage offers clear-cut instructions for dealing with one of the most difficult periods in any marriage. . .the transition period when the children leave home. Based on the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) and the results of a national survey of long-term married couples, this warm and helpful guide is brimming with practical suggestions and wisdom for learning to let-go of the kids and ...


The New Politics of the Old South: An Introduction to Southern Politics
Charles S., III Bullock, Mark J. Rozell

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1998

One of the most important developments in American politics during this century has been the growing prominence and influence of the Southern states on the national political landscape. The Executive Branch is controlled by Arkansas and Tennessee, the House of Representatives is led from Georgia, and the Senate from Mississippi. Republican control in Congress depends largely on white Southern votes. Written by the country's most prominent ...


The Power of Commitment: A Guide to Active, Lifelong Love

Jossey-Bass, 2009

The Power of Commitment What is commitment and what's so scary about it? How can we better understand and appreciate the value of commitment and make it last--for a lifetime? In his new book, Scott Stanley, best-selling marriage expert, reveals that the secret ingredient for finding lasting love is understanding commitment. Too often, men and women find themselves in half-committed, Maybe I Do, relationships that lead to frustration, sadness, ...


Becoming Parents: How to Strengthen Your Marriage as Your Family Grows
Pamela L. Jordan, Scott M. Stanley, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2001

Moving into parenthood is typically a time of great joy and excitement, but it also brings fatigue, stress, and conflict. From the authors of the best-selling Fighting for Your Marriage and A Lasting Promise, this unique and innovative guide offers indispensable advice on how to protect and preserve your marriage and take care of yourselves as you become parents. Based on scientific research and containing real-life examples, Becoming Parents ...


Out of the Revolution: The Development of Africana Studies

Lexington Books, 2003

In Out of the Revolution, Delores P. Aldridge and Carlene Young collect thirtyone of the nation's top scholars to provide a complete reference for understanding the impetus for, the development of, and future considerations for the discipline of _Africana_ studies. Topics addressed include epistemological considerations; humanistic perspectives; the role of bureaucracy and the academic institution; the social, psychological, political, and ...


Fighting for Your Marriage: The Bestselling Book on Marriage Enhancement and Divorce Prevention
Howard J. Markman, Scott M. Stanley, ...

Penton Overseas, 2002

A new and updated edition of the all-time bestselling book on marriage enhancement and divorce prevention. Since it was first published in 1994, Fighting for Your Marriage has been the bestselling book in its field. As in the original edition, the book offers invaluable advice on achieving better communication and problem-solving skills, using structured techniques to resolve conflicts, sharing a core belief system, understanding commitment and ...


Wiley Pathways Project Management
Stanley E. Portny, Samuel J. Mantel Jr., ...

Wiley, 2007

This new text provides students with clear step-by-step techniques for creating, developing, and evaluating essential project management tools. Readers will learn concepts and skills using project plans, work breakdown structures, budgets, network diagrams, resource allocations, and project evaluations.


You Paid How Much For That!: How to Win at Money Without Losing at Love, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2002

Money is the number one problem area for couples because money isn't simply about dollars and cents. If you scratch the surface of almost any money issue, you'll find a relationship issue complicating if not actually driving the problem. That's why You Paid How Much For That? not only sound reveals principles of money management but also provides you with practical tools to uncover and understand the deeper, often hidden meanings of money and ...


Fighting for Your African American Marriage, ...

Jossey-Bass, 2009

Fighting for Your African American Marriage gives you solid solutions to the challenges your marriage faces every day. The book contains a unique perspective and presents the powerful, proven strategies of the highly acclaimed PREP(Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) approach for helping black couples beat the odds and master the skills that can prevent marital distress and divorce.


Cities of the World: World Regional Urban Development
Stanley D. Brunn, Jack F. Williams, ...

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003

Remarkably, fully half the world's population now live in cities, and the numbers grow daily as people seek to escape rural poverty. This fully updated and revised third edition of the classic text offers readers a comprehensive set of tools for understanding the urban landscape, and by extension the world's politics, cultures, and economies. Providing a sweeping overview of world urban geography, this book explores the eleven major culture ...


Liberating Faith: Religious Voices for Justice, Peace, and Ecological Wisdom

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003

This sweeping new anthology shows how religion has joined with and learned from movements for social justice, peace, and ecological wisdom. Liberating Faith surveys the entire range of religious social activism: from liberation theology and feminist religion to ecotheology and peace activism. It includes theology, social critique, position papers, denominational statements, manifestos, rituals, prayers, biographical accounts, and journalistic ...


The Academic Achievement of Minority Students: Perspectives, Practices, and Prescriptions
Sheila T. Gregory

University Press of America, 2000

Throughout the world, students of color experience failure in school for a variety of very complex reasons. They often do not receive the proper encouragement from teachers, they may lack the motivation necessary to excel in an academic environment, they usually face a number of demographic, socioeconomic and cultural factors that work against them, or their academic performance may not be measured properly. With contributions from scholars ...



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