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Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals
Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, ...

Zondervan, 2010

Common Prayer helps today’s diverse church pray together across traditions and denominations. With an ear to the particulars of how various liturgical traditions pray, and using an advisory team of liturgy experts, the authors have created a tapestry of prayer that celebrates the best of each tradition. The book also includes a unique songbook composed of music and classic lyrics to over fifty songs from various traditions, including African ...


Oriented to Faith: Transforming the Conflict over Gay Relationships
Tim Otto

Cascade Books, 2014

Rather than embracing the conflict around gay relationships as an opportunity for the church to talk honestly about human sexuality, Christians continue to hurt one another with the same tired arguments that divide us along predictable political battle lines. If the world is to "know that we are Christians by our love" the church needs to discover better ways to live out the deep unity we share in Christ as we engage with politics and our world. ...


Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals
Shane Claiborne, Chris Haw

Zondervan, 2008

Jesus for President is a radical manifesto to awaken the Christian political imagination, reminding us that our ultimate hope lies not in partisan political options but in Jesus and the incarnation of the peculiar politic of the church as a people “set apart” from this world. In what can be termed lyrical theology, Jesus for President poetically weaves together words and images to sing (rather than dictate) its message. It is a ...


Red Letter Revolution: What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said?
Shane Claiborne, Tony Campolo

Thomas Nelson, 2012

For all the Christians facing conflict between Jesus’ words and their own lives , for all the non-Christians who feel they rarely see Jesus’ commands reflected in the choices of his followers, Red Letter Revolution is a blueprint for a new kind of Christianity, one consciously centered on the words of Jesus, the Bible’s “red letters.” Framed as a captivating dialogue between Shane Claiborne, a progressive young evangelical, and ...


The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical
Shane Claiborne

Zondervan, 2006

Living as an Ordinary Radical Many of us find ourselves caught somewhere between unbelieving activists and inactive believers. We can write a check to feed starving children or hold signs in the streets and feel like we’ve made a difference without ever encountering the faces of the suffering masses. In this book, Shane Claiborne describes an authentic faith rooted in belief, action, and love, inviting us into a movement of the Spirit that ...


Making Neighborhoods Whole: A Handbook for Christian Community Development
Wayne Gordon, John M. Perkins

IVP Books, 2013

Already with decades of experience speaking prophetically into the charged racial climate of the American south, John Perkins began to see a need for organized thinking and collaborative imagination about how the church engages urban ministry. And so the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) was born, with Wayne Gordon an immediate and enthusiastic participant. Nearly thirty years later CCDA’s eight key components of community ...


A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions about Christian Nonviolence (Peaceable ...
Multiple Contributors

Wipf & Stock Pub, 2012

In A Faith Not Worth Fighting For, editors Justin Bronson Barringer and Tripp York have assembled a number of essays by pastors, activists, and scholars in order to address the common questions and objections leveled against the Christian practice of nonviolence. Assuming that the command to love one's enemies is at the heart of the Gospel, these writers carefully, faithfully-and no doubt provocatively-attempt to explain why the nonviolent path ...


The Answer to Our Cry: Freedom to Live Fully, Love Boldly, and Fear Nothing
Rick McKinley

Baker Books, 2014

We all long for freedom from anxiety, worry, and fear. We long to be free from sin and free to love others completely as God loves us. And yet we are shackled by insecurity, prone to selfishness, and wary of letting down our guard. That's not the life God designed for his followers. When his enslaved people cry out to him for freedom, he hears--and responds. Now pastor Rick McKinley shows how the true freedom we all long for--the freedom we see ...


The Intentional Christian Community Handbook: For Idealists, Hypocrites, and Wannabe Disciples of Jesus
David Janzen

Paraclete Press, 2012


Let Justice Roll Down
John M. Perkins

Baker Books, 2012

His brother died in his arms, shot by a deputy marshall. He was beaten and tortured by the sheriff and state police. But through it all he returned good for evil, love for hate, progress for prejudice, and brought hope to black and white alike. The story of John Perkins is no ordinary story. Rather, it is a gripping portrayal of what happens when faith thrusts a person into the midst of a struggle against racism, oppression, and injustice. It is ...


From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart: Rekindling My Love for Catholicism
Chris Haw

Ave Maria Press, 2012

The bestselling coauthor of Jesus for President chronicles his spiritual journey through evangelical Christianity and his return to Catholicism. A respectful and engaging look at the megachurch movement and a heartfelt expression of love for the Catholic Church's liturgy and its commitment to the poor. In the spirit of Merton's Seven Storey Mountain and Dorothy Day's The Long Loneliness , Chris Haw's From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart ...


Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals [Paperback]
Shane Claiborne

Zondervan, 2007

Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals [Paperback] [Unknown Binding] Shane Claiborne (Author) Chris Haw (Author) (Author)


Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers: Prayer for Ordinary Radicals
Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

IVP Books, 2008

"Prayer is not so much about convincing God to do what we want God to do as it is about convincing ourselves to do what God wants us to do." —from the Introduction Activists Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove show how prayer and action must go together. Their exposition of key Bible passages provides concrete examples of how a life of prayer fuels social engagement and the work of justice. Phrases like "give us this day our daily ...


Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence
Preston Sprinkle

David C. Cook, 2013

Fight explores violence in the Bible and challenges us to live out Jesus’ call to non-violence. With prophetic relevance, New York Times bestselling author Preston Sprinkle tackles the controversy surrounding violence and grapples with surprising conclusions. Anyone who has struggled with the morality of violence will appreciate this convincing biblical guide.


Living Mission: The Vision and Voices of New Friars

IVP Books, 2010

There is a new trend afoot, one that goes against the prevailing Western model, influenced by the values and principles of international commerce. Presented here are five "signs of life," showcased by this network of movements best referred to as "new friars." God's kingdom in the hands of the people of God, the contributors to this book show us, is first and foremost incarnational, which leads necessarily to gospel witness that is devotional, ...


Economy of Love: Creating a Community of Enough
Relational Tithe, Shane Claiborne, ...

The House Studio, 2010

America thrives on a simple message-that what we currently have is not enough. Not big enough, not nice enough, not fast or hip enough.The American dream is based on wanting more. But does God’s dream for the world look like the American Dream?In this five-week study, unpack what the patterns of God’s kingdom look like compared to the patterns of our world. What is the value of enough, and how do we become more like the God who is close to ...


Athanasius: The Life of Antony of Egypt (Classics in Spiritual Formation)
Albert Haase

IVP Books, 2012

Athanasius, one of the most influential church fathers in history, records in his Life of Antony of Egypt the story of another extremely influential figure of early Christianity. In these pages we read of St. Antony's early life, his retreat into the desert and his famous spiritual battles. Albert Haase's work gives us access to a masterwork of spiritual formation, that we too might know the God of the universe as richly and deeply as ...


The Irresistible Revolution Living As an Ordinary Radical
Shane Claiborne (Author) Jim Wallis (Foreword)

Zondervan, 2006

The Irresistible Revolution: Living As an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne. Zondervan,2006


Make Poverty Personal: Taking the Poor as Seriously as the Bible Does (emersion: Emergent Village resources ...
Ash Barker

Baker Books, 2009

Poverty is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. But poverty is not new. And neither is God's deep concern for the poorit is a theme deeply woven throughout the Bible. Yet sadly, churches and individual Christians have too often been blind to this emphasis, or they have been paralyzed into inaction by feelings of helplessness.In this urgent, provocative book, Ash Barker offers both challenge and hope. Pulling out and reflecting on ...


The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice a Common Faith
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Zondervan, 2012

According to Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, faithful action is always inspired and sustained by common convictions—the basic truths that have sustained God’s people throughout every generation. The Awakening of Hope re-presents Christian faith by beginning with stories of faithful witness and asking, Why? Why do Christians eat together? Why do we fast? Why would we rather die than kill? These are the questions that help us see why creation ...



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