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The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
Thomas E., Jr. Woods

Blackstone Audiobooks, 2005

[Library Edition Audiobook CD format in sturdy Vinyl case.] [Read by Barrett Whitener] Everything -- well, almost everything -- you know about American history is wrong because most textbooks and popular history books are written by left-wing academic historians who treat their biases as fact. But fear not; Professor Thomas Woods refutes the popular myths in The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History . Professor Woods' book ...


The American Republic
Orestes A. Brownson, Thomas E. Woods Jr

Gateway Editions, 2003

Can political theory go hand in hand with the idea of divine providence?


Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts ...
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Regnery Publishing, 2009

If you are fed up with Washington boondoggles, and you like the small-government, politically-incorrect thinking of Ron Paul, then you'll love Tom Woods's Meltdown . In clear, no-nonsense terms, Woods explains what led up to this economic crisis, who's really to blame, and why government bailouts won't work. Woods will reveal: * Which brave few economists predicted the economic fallout--and why nobody listened * What really caused the collapse ...


Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Regnery Publishing, 2011

Thought the last financial crisis was scary? Just wait…it’s going to get worse America is on the brink of financial collapse. Decades of political overpromising and underfunding have created a wave of debt that could swamp our already feeble economy. And the politicians’ favorite tricks—raising taxes, borrowing from foreign governments, and printing more money—will only make it worse. Only one thing might save us: Roll back the ...


The Betrayal of the American Right
Murray N. Rothbard, Murray Rothbard

Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2007

This remarkable piece of history will change the way you look at American politics. It shows that the corruption of American "conservatism" began long before George W. Bush ballooned the budget and asserted dictatorial rights over the country and the world. The American Right long ago slid into the abyss. Betrayal of the American Right is the full story, and the author is none other than Murray N. Rothbard, who witnessed it all first hand. He ...


Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion

Thomas E. Woods Jr., 2014

Nothing makes traditional left and right kiss and make up faster than when they're faced with an articulate libertarian. Avert your eyes from this dangerous extremist, citizen! Government is composed of wise public servants who innocently pursue the common good! In Real Dissent , Tom Woods demolishes some of the toughest critics of libertarianism in his trademark way. In doing so he strays beyond what he calls the index card of allowable ...


Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Tantor Audio, 2010

Citizens across the country are fed up with the politicians in Washington telling us how to live our lives and then sticking us with the bill. But what can we do? Actually, we can just say no. As New York Times bestselling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr., explains, "nullification" allows states to reject unconstitutional federal laws. For many tea partiers nationwide, nullification is rapidly becoming the only way to stop an overreaching ...


We Who Dared to Say No to War: American Antiwar Writing from 1812 to Now

Basic Books, 2008

We Who Dared to Say No to War uncovers some of the forgotten but compelling body of work from the American antiwar tradition—speeches, articles, poetry, book excerpts, political cartoons, and more—from people throughout our history who have opposed war. Beginning with the War of 1812, these selections cover every major American war up to the present and come from both the left and the right, from religious and secular viewpoints. There are ...


Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them

Libertas Press, 2014

What do history's most notorious despots have in common with many of the flag-waving, patriotic politicians of our day? Both groups rise to power through the exploitation of fear. Sometimes the fear derives from a pre-existing threat. At other times, crises are created or intensified to invoke a sense of panic and anxiety where none previously existed. This pattern is as predictable as it is destructive. The end result is the same: a loss of ...


The Church Confronts Modernity: Catholic Intellectuals and the Progressive Era
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Columbia University Press, 2004

As the twentieth century opened, American intellectuals grew increasingly sympathetic to Pragmatism and empirical methods in the social sciences. The Progressive program as a whole--in the form of Pragmatism, education, modern sociology, and nationalism--seemed to be in agreement on one thing: everything was in flux. The dogma and "absolute truth" of the Church were archaisms, unsuited to modern American citizenship and at odds with the new ...


33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Crown Forum, 2007

Guess what? The Indians didn’t save the Pilgrims from starvation by teaching them to grow corn. Thomas Jefferson thought states’ rights—an idea reviled today—were even more important than the Constitution’s checks and balances. The “Wild” West was more peaceful and a lot safer than most modern cities. And the biggest scandal of the Clinton years didn’t involve an intern in a blue dress. Surprised? Don’t be. In America, where ...


The Essence of Conservatism, ...

The American Conservative, 2014

What is conservatism? Though often mistaken for a partisan ideology, true conservatism represents a much richer intellectual tradition. These essays, by esteemed thinkers such as Andrew J. Bacevich, Roger Scruton, Thomas E. Woods Jr., and Daniel McCarthy, help clarify and retrieve conservatism's deepest insights, demonstrating their essential relevance to our present moment.


How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Blackstone Audiobooks, 2005

Ask a college student today what he knows about the Catholic Church and his answer might come down to one word: “corruption.” But that one word should be “civilization.” Western civilization has given us modern science, the wealth of free-market economics, the security of law, a sense of human rights and freedom, charity as a virtue, splendid art and music, philosophy grounded in reason, and innumerable other gifts we take for granted. ...


How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth

Pelican Publishing Company, 2012

Whether it’s finding spiritual harmony, reducing carbon emissions, quelling hostilities among races, cutting taxes, or feeding the hungry, every single person has the capacity to change the world for the better. Longtime New Orleans writer, editor, and philanthropist John E. Wade II has asked some of our most prestigious thinkers, writers, artists, experts, and leaders to consider how to improve the world. The result––this ambitious ...


The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Lexington Books, 2015

The Church and the Market is a vigorous and lively defense of the market economy and a withering attack on all forms of state intervention. It covers labor unions, monopoly, money and banking, business cycles, interest, usury, and much more. Although it makes a particular point of noting the moral arguments of the market economy and that Catholics are of course perfectly at liberty to support it, its audience is much broader than Catholics ...


The Expositor's Bible Commentary, Vol. 7: Daniel and the Minor Prophets
Frank E. Gaebelein

Zondervan, 1985

The Gold Medallion Award-winning Expositor's Bible Commentary is a major contribution to the study and understanding of the Scriptures. Providing pastors and Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for the exposition of the Scriptures and the teaching and proclamation of their message, this twelve-volume reference work has become a staple of seminary and college libraries and pastors' studies worldwide. The seventy-eight ...


The Great Facade: Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church
Christopher A. Ferrara, Thomas E. Woods Jr.

The Remnant Press, 2002

Empty seminaries, shuttered parishes, crisis-level priest shortages, altar girls, trendy "liturgies" -- not to mention worldwide homosexual clergy scandals, loss of faith, and the exodus of Catholics from the Church. What has happened to the Catholic Church since 1965? Why did the Church suddenly seem to lose her very identity after the Second Vatican Council? Where is the much-vaunted conciliar "springtime"? In this book, Christopher A. ...



Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2010

This is Mises's classic statement in defense of a free society, one of the last statements of the old liberal school and a text from which we can continue to learn. It has been the conscience of a global movement for liberty for 80 years. This new edition features a new foreword by Thomas Woods. Liberalism first appeared in 1927, as a follow-up to both Mises's devastating 1922 book showing that socialism would fail and his 1926 book ...


The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy (Studies in Ethics and Economics)
Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Lexington Books, 2005

In The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy, Thomas E. Woods Jr. makes a vigorous argument in favor of the market economy from a Catholic perspective. Filling a lapse in the debate on the role of religious thought in economic theory, Woods's uncompromising position, informed by the history of Catholic economic thought, shows that the long-seen contradiction between Catholic faith and support for the market economy does ...



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