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Structured Analysis and System Specification
Tom DeMarco

Prentice Hall, 1979

This classic book of tools and methods for the analyst brings order and precisions to the specification process as it provides guidance and development of a structured specification. Covers functional decomposition; data dictionary; process specification; system modeling; structured analysis for a future system. Suitable for practicing systems analysts.


Dark Harbor House

Down East Books, 2000

Bring together a wonderfully varied mix of characters in a once-grand Maine island summer cottage, leave them to their own devices over the course of a long, idyllic summer in the late 1940s, and you have all the ingredients for a fine comedy of manners. Author Tom DeMarco starts with a simple little love story, weaves in tantalizing details of the old mansion's not totally respectable history, and adds a hint of gentle satire to create a novel ...


Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2013

This is the digital version of the printed book (Copyright © 2003). If There’s No Risk On Your Next Project, Don’t Do It.   Greater risk brings greater reward, especially in software development. A company that runs away from risk will soon find itself lagging behind its more adventurous competition. By ignoring the threat of negative outcomes–in the name of positive thinking or a can-do attitude–software managers drive their ...


Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams
Tom Demarco, Timothy Lister

Victory Audio Video Services, 1993

Two of the computer industry's best-selling authors and lecturers return with a new edition of the software management book that started a revolution. With humor and wisdom drawn from years of management and consulting experience, DeMarco and Lister demonstrate that the major issues of software development are human, not technical—and that managers ignore them at their peril.


Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies:
Tom DeMarco

DHP, 2008


By Tom DeMarco The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management [Paperback]
Tom DeMarco

Dorset House, 1997


Software Creativity 2.0

developer.* Books, 2006

"This book is written from a powerfully felt, personal perspective: that software construction is primarily a problem-solving activity; that all problem-solving requires creativity; that software problem-solving is deeply complex, perhaps more deeply complex than any other activity; and that, therefore, software problem-solving requires the ultimate in creativity." —Robert L. Glass, from the Preface In Software Creativity 2.0, acclaimed ...


Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork and the Myth of Total Efficiency
Tom DeMarco

Dorset House, 2001

To most companies, efficiency means profits and growth. But what if your efficient company -- the one with the reduced headcount and the stretch goals -- is actually slowing down and losing money? What if your employees are burning out doing the work of two or more people? What if your super-efficient company is suddenly falling behind? If your real organizational goal is to become fast (responsive and agile), Tom DeMarco proposes that what you ...


Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (3rd Edition)

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2013

  Few books in computing have had as profound an influence on software management as Peopleware . The unique insight of this longtime best seller is that the major issues of software development are human, not technical. They’re not easy issues; but solve them, and you’ll maximize your chances of success.   “ Peopleware has long been one of my two favorite books on software engineering. Its underlying strength is its base of ...


Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior by DeMarco, Tom, ...
Tom, Hruschka, Peter, Lister, Tim, McMenamin, Steve DeMarco

Dorset House Publishing Co Inc.,U.S., 1100


By Tom Demarco Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior [Paperback]
Tom Demarco

Dorset House, 2008


Beckett Baseball Card Monthly (Issn: 0886-0599) (July 1991 / Issue 76, Volume 8, Number 7)
Tom DiPace, Alan Studt, ...

Statabase, INC., 1991

112 Pages. Covers: Roger Clemens / Brooks Robinson. Topics: Kevin Mitchell, Roger Clemens, Brooks Robinson, Reggie Jackson, Gaylord Perry, Will Clark, Dennis Eckersley, Nolan Ryan, Harvey Haddix, Jose Canseco, more.


Andronescu's Paradox, 2013

Armageddon is about to happen, but it's not what you think. This war is not going to blow anything up; it's just going to turn everything off . . . On the top floor of Cornell University’s Clark Hall, physicist, Homer Layton and his three young PhD assistants are on the brink of a breakthrough, a way to induce a minute slowing in the flow of time. They suspect that their so-called “Layton Effect” will probably not turn out to be ...


Adrenalin-Junkies & Formular-Zombies
Peter Hruschka, Tim Lister, Steve McMenamin, James Robertson, Suzanne Robertson Tom DeMarco

Hanser Fachbuchverlag, 2007


The Big Click: March 2014 (Issue 13), ..., 2014

For our second anniversary issue, we have a theme for our fiction offerings: Women and Danger. Not Women in Danger, though that is always popular in crime fiction, of course. But for better or for worse, we like to buck the trends. We begin with B. DeMarco-Barrett’s “Message in a Bottle,” about the importance of throwing your beer bottles in the pool when you've drunk all the Bud Lite in the house. Being a litterbug could save your life! ...


by Timothy Lister,by Tom DeMarco Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (Second Edition) (text ...
by Tom DeMarco by Timothy Lister

Dorset House Publishing Company, Incorporated, 1999


By Tom DeMarco Structured Analysis and System Specification (1st First Edition) [Paperback]
Tom DeMarco

Prentice Hall, 1979


By Tom DeMarco - Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (3rd Edition) (3rd Edition) (5/29/13)
Tom DeMarco

Addison-Wesley Professional, 2013


By Tom DeMarco Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork and the Myth of Total Efficiency
Tom DeMarco

Dorset House, 2001



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