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How to Know God's Will
Watchman Nee

Living Stream Ministry, 1998


Sit, Walk, Stand
Watchman Nee

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1977

An inspiring look at Ephesians and the believer's association with Christ, the world, and Satan.


The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of the Spirit
Watchman Nee

Living Stream Ministry, 1997

Every Christian who has believed into Christ and received Him has a desire to grow in Him. The greatest hindrances to the experience of the growth in life are not outward circumstances and environment


The Normal Christian Life
Watchman Nee

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1997

This classic work unfolds the path of faith and presents the eternal purpose of God in simple terms.


Sit, Walk, Stand
Watchman Nee

CLC Publications, 1964

An inspiring look at Ephesians which opens our eyes to the central issues of our faith. It describes the process of Christian living and maturity in three words: Sit - Our position in Christ Walk - Our life in the world Stand - Our attitude toward our enemy


The Spiritual Man
Watchman Nee

CLC Publications, 1968

This is a complete presentation on the workings of the human spirit and soul and body. The book aims at delivering people from the tyranny of self life with its carnality and from the domination of the passions and lusts of the flesh. It attempts to lead them to the full salvation of Christ. It is not to be taken as a manual but as a guide to true spirituality. It is recommended that this three volume work be read quickly through once. Then, lay ...


The Release of the Spirit
Watchman Nee

Christian Fellowship Publishers, 2000

Surely this is the hour when the battleground is in the soul. While the Lord is seeking to work through the quickened spirit. Satan is seeking to work throught the natural, soulish life which has not been brought under control of the spriit.


Spiritual Discernment
Watchman Nee

Christian Fellowship Publishers, 2010

Listen to the prayer of the apostle Paul for his beloved church in Philippi: “this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and all discernment; so that ye may approve the things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and void of offence unto the day of Christ” (Phil. 1.9-10). What was it that inspired him to offer such a prayer for the dear saints in Philippi? Do we today desperately need the same prayer? We talk ...


Spiritual Authority
Watchman Nee

Christian Fellowship Publishers, 1972

Authority is a tremendous thing in the universe, nothing overshadows it. God s throne is established on His authority. God s authority represents God Himself. God alone is authority in all things; all the authorities of the earth are instituted by God. It is therefore important for us who desire to serve God to know the authority of God. God s authority is absolute, hence we must give Him absolute submission (our hearts attitude) and absolute ...


Sit Walk Stand: The Process of Christian Maturity
Watchman Nee, Rebecca English

Christian Literature Crusade, 2009

An inspiring look at Ephesians, opening our eyes to the process of Christian living and maturity in three words: Sit our position in Christ; Walk our life in the world; Stand our attitude toward the Enemy. New! Study guide included. An invaluable tool for the growing disciple.


Let Us Pray
Watchman Nee

CLC Publications, 1995

In this little volume of collected messages given over a long period of ministry by the author, Watchman Nee shares with us the lessons on prayer that he has learned through the years.


Secrets to Spiritual Power
Watchman Nee, Sentinel Kulp

Whitaker House, 1999

Watchman Nee experienced such a close intimacy with the Lord that many remarkable insights into triumphant Christian living were revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. Now these truths are available to you so that you can have the same kind of vibrant relationship with God. This collection of Watchman Nee's time–tested words of wisdom will inspire you to enjoy all that is yours in Christ. You will be set free from all sin and bondage as you ...


How to Study the Bible
Watchman Nee

Living Stream Ministry, 1999

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and every believer should study it in order to know the rich and vast content of God's divine provisions. When God speaks, He does so through His established Wor


Holy Spirit and Reality, The
Watchman Nee

Living Stream Ministry, 2001

In The Holy Spirit and Reality Watchman Nee speaks of the believers' need to advance from outward practices to a genuine, spiritual living that is centered on knowing and experiencing the Holy Spirit.


The Spiritual Man (3 volume set)
Watchman Nee

Living Stream Ministry, 1998

This is a combined edition of all three volumes of the great Chinese pastor-teacher Watchman Nee's classic work, based on Scripture and personal experience, on the spiritual life and spiritual warfare.


The Normal Christian Life
Watchman Nee

Christian Literature Crusade, 2009

This great Christian classic unfolds the theme of Christ our Life. Nee reveals the secret of spiritual strength and vitality that should be the normal experience of every Christian. His fresh spiritual insights on the cross and resurrection of Christ have proven a blessing to many.


The Latent Power of the Soul
Watchman Nee

CLC Publications, 1980

The greatest advantage in knowing the difference between spirit and soul, claims Watchman Nee, is in perceiving the latent power of the earth-bound soul and in understanding its falsification of the power of the Holy Spirit.


Autoridad Espiritual (Spanish Edition)
Watchman Nee

Vida, 2006

Éste es un libro profundo y a la vez sencillo, que debe leerse con detenimiento y oración. En una época en que los cimientos de la autoridad corren peligro de desmoronarse en la iglesia, en el hogar, en la sociedad y en otros aspectos de la vida en general, el autor nos ofrece consejos y enseñanzas que podrán ser norte y guía en nuestra vida. "Que vuestra autoridad no exceda vuestro ministerio", nos aconseja Watchman Nee en una de sus ...


Authority and Submission
Watchman Nee

Living Stream Ministry, 1993

Our God is a God of order and divine arrangement, and He desires that all things be headed up in Christ (Eph. 1:10). In opposition to the divine will, there is rebellion and chaos in God's creation du


El hombre espiritual - 3 volúmenes en 1 (Spanish Edition)
Watchman Nee

CLIE, 2008

EL HOMBRE ESPIRITUAL es, sin duda, la más importante y más profunda en contenido de las muchas obras escritas por Watchman Nee. Como el mismo autor dice en su primer prólogo, el libro »Trata del camino de la vida espiritual y de la estrategia de la guerra espiritual. Un libro basado en la Palabra y en la experiencia, para dar a los hijos de Dios una comprensión clara de la vida espiritual, a fin de que el Espíritu Santo pueda usarlo en su ...



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