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Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splended Sundays!
Winsor McCay

Sunday Press Books, 2006

NOW OUT OF PRINT. The most highly acclaimed book of its kind, EVER! Winner of the "Will Eisner" award and two "Harvey Kurtzman" awards. The greatest reproduction of the greatest comic strip in history, "Little Nemo in Slumberland." This is the third printing of the first full-size collection of the Winsor McCay classic - a best-of collection from 1905-1910, with 8 pages more than the first two printings and enhanced restoration throughout. Every ...


The Comics: An Illustrated History of Comic Strip Art
Jerry Robinson, ...

Dark Horse, 2011

From Jerry Robinson, legendary creator of the Joker, seventy-year veteran of the comics industry, and prominent figure in monthly books, daily strips, and comics journalism, comes a comprehensive history of the truly American art form! The Comics is a fully reworked and updated edition of the 1974 classic that chronicles the origins and evolution of comic strips, from prior to The Yellow Kid through today, and highlights the game-changing ...


Daydreams and Nightmares
Winsor McCay

Fantagraphics Books, 1988

by Windsor McCay A fantasist of the first rank, McCay was a key pioneer in the histories of both comics and animation. He had a fascination with dreams that extended beyond his newspaper strip Little Nemo In Slumberland, and it was a fascination as compelling as that of Freud, Jung and Adler's, as proven in the pages of Daydreams & Nightmares. McCay's dream-inspired strips, illustrations and cartoons feature rarebit-induced nightmares, playful ...


Little Nemo's Christmas Adventure

Roland Urbanek, 2011

Little Nemo has trouble getting to Slumberland in time for Christmas. When Santa comes to the rescue, Nemo gets to trek to the North Pole and ends up breaking Santa’s sleigh. Will Nemo make it to Slumberland in time for Christmas? Will Santa find another way to deliver his presents? Enjoy this exciting and funny chapter book, featuring 3 fantastic adventures and over 60 illustrations based on the classic comic strip originally created by ...


The Best of Little Nemo in Slumber Land
Winsor McCay, Richard Marschall

Stewart Tabori & Chang, 1997

Considered by many critics and artists to be the greatest comic strip of all time, Little Nemo in Slumbe rland was cherished in its day and honoured through the year s. This selection includes reproductions of more than 150 of McCay''s finest strips. '


The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland
Winsor McCay

Slumberland Productions, 1989

A collection of Little Nemo's fantasy adventures, reprinted from the vintage comic strip.


Little Nemo in Slumberland Vol 2: Many More Splendid Sundays!
Winsor McCay

Sunday Press Books, 2008

In 2005, the publication of Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays, the oversized deluxe reprint edition, marked the centennial of Winsor McCay's supreme graphic achievement. That book astounded the world of comics and art, becoming the most highly praised book of its kind. This new collection presents more of those famed Sunday newspaper pages -- a "best of" collection from 1906 to 1924, with examples from all three incarnations ...


Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900-1915
George McManus, and others Winsor McCay

Sunday Press Books, 2011

This book took my breath away," says Art Spiegelman. From 1900 to 1915, American newspapers offered some of the most beautiful and fascinating comics ever printed. Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland is known worldwide, but many of the great fantasy comics have virtually vanished - until now. This book contains complete runs of Lyonel Feininger's "Kin-der-Kids" and "Wee Willie Winkie," plus "Nibsy the Newsboy" and "The Explorigator," with ...


The Complete Dream of the Rarebit Fiend (1904-1913)
Ed.) Winsor McCay; (Ulrich Merkl

Ulrich Merkl, 2007

Winsor McCay, aka Silas, is regarded as one of the founding fathers of newspaper comics in the United States, a pioneer in the panel-based artform and early animation techniques at the turn of the 20th century. Drawn to McCay's fantastic, imaginative storytelling (which famously includes the Little Nemo in Slumberland series), German author and editor Ulrich Merkl has produced his first major publishing effort, a limited-edition book about and ...


Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900-1915
Winsor McCay

Sunday Press Books, 2005


Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend (Dover Humor)
Winsor McCay

Dover Publications, 1973

From the creator of Little Nemo comes this pioneering cartoon strip, a world of dreams and nightmares, fraught with episodes of wish fulfillments and exaggerations in size and perspective. This facsimile of the rare 1905 first edition recaptures Winsor McCay's imaginative brilliance and his influence on latter-day animation with 60 cartoon sequences.


Daydreams and Nightmares: The Fantastic Visions of WInsor McCay, 1898-1934
Winsor McCay

Fantagraphics Books, 2005

Daydreams & Nightmares collects the rarest work from Little Nemo In Slumberland creator Winsor McCay's historic career. A fantasist of the first rank, McCay was a key pioneer in the histories of both comics and animation. He had a fascination with dreams that extended beyond his newspaper strip Little Nemo in Slumberland , and it was a fascination as compelling as that of Freud, Jung and Adler's, as proven in the pages of Daydreams & ...


The Complete Little Nemo In Slumberland Volume III: 1908-1910
Winsor Mccay

Fantagraphics Books, 1990


Comics About Cartoonists
Various, Craig Yoe, ...

IDW Publishing, 2013

What's cooler than comics about cartoonist? NOTHING! This is mind-blowing, full-color hardback book collects rare comics about real and fictional cartoonists - created by the greatest cartoonists in the world! Read comics about cartoonists by the top illustrators and creators in the field: Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Jack Cole, Dick Briefer, Winsor McCay, Chester Gould, Sheldon Mayer, Milton Caniff, Ernie Bushmiller, Basil Wolverton, Siegel and ...


Little Nemo: 1905-1914 (Evergreen)
Winsor McCay

Taschen, 2000

A reproduction of some of the "Little Nemo" comic strip from the early 20th century. This volume reflects the distinctive art-nouveau style of the original drawings and follows Little Nemo as he journeys nightly into the world of dreams.


Little Nemo In Slumberland HC Volume 1 Limited Edition
Winsor McCay

Checker Book Publishing Group, 2007

Included here is every known episode from October 13th, 1905, the very frist, until August 15, 1909, never before published in complete collected form. in addition, another first: All forty-three episodes of McCay's first color Sunday feature, Tales of the Jungle Imps, As published in the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1903. Bonus promotional material includes playbills, posters, Little Nemo merchandise and more.


Little Sammy Sneeze
Winsor McCay

Sunday Press (CA), 2007

Before his magnificent Little Nemo, Winsor McCay created two unique Sunday comics also starring young children: Little Sammy Sneeze and Hungry Henrietta. Sunday Press Books, publisher of the award-winning Little Nemo- Splendid Sundays presents both of these historic and fascinating comic strips in one volume, featuring the complete color Sammy Sneeze (1904-1905) and the complete 27-episode run of Hungry Henrietta , all printed in their original ...


Winsor McCay: Early Works, Vol. 1 (Early Works)
Winsor McCay

Checker Book Publishing Group, 2003

A fully re-mastered collection of turn-of-the-century rarities from cartooning and animatino pioneer, Winsor McCay: Tales of the Jungle Imps, Little Sammy Sneeze, Dream of a Rarebit Fiend and Pilgrim's Progress. Best known for Little Nemo in Slumberland and the seminal animated feature Gertie the Dinosaur, McCay's artistic talent and whimsical humor are on full display here.


Little Nemo in the Palace of Ice and Further Adventures
Winsor McCay

Dover Publications, 1976

"His fantasy strips . . . are pinnacles of drafting, design, and formal play." — The Week , January 2002. Only edition in full original colors. 31 full strips from 1907 feature dream adventures from the great comic strip.



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