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Avarice (Alfonzo Book 12), 2013

“Five enemies of peace inhabit with us - avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride; if these were to be banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.” -Petrarch Alfonzo's woes are many but love of family remains constant.


Allene Keshishian

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Upon the seaside cliffs of the city of Nice rest the ruins of a decrepit, old manor house. This proud house belonged to a great noble family once. but that was long ago. Avarice, corrupting and all consuming greed, turned the inhabitants of the great house of Chevalier against each other in the most cruel and unimaginable ways. No one knows this tragic story, but that is about to change. As the truth is revealed, the world will finally know ...


The Merchant of Venice: The Pure Shakespeare Series, a Tale of Love and Avarice
William Shakespeare, The Bard

Megalodon Entertainment LLC., 2010

Between 1596 and 1598, William Shakespeare penned The Merchant of Venice following other timeless plays such as Romeo and Juliet and Richard III. While originally classified as a comedy, its dramatic scenes are what many remember most, especially the speech delivered by Shylock: Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the ...


Beyond the Dreams of Avarice: The Hermann Goering Collection
Nancy H. Yeide, Introduction by Robert M. Edsel

Laurel Publishing, LLC, 2009

As commander of the German Luftwaffe and second only to Hitler in the Nazi Party, Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering amassed both political power and a vast collection of confiscated artwork. Beyond the Dreams of Avarice: The Hermann Goering Collection by Nancy H. Yeide, is the first study devoted to Goering s entire paintings collection, providing the only opportunity to look at the collection as a whole and evaluate its place within art ...


Pride and Avarice: A Novel
Nicholas Coleridge

Thomas Dunne Books, 2010

Hailed by The New Yorker as “wickedly enjoyable,” Nicholas Coleridge’s newest novel is a sharp comedy of manners about two powerful men engaged in a bitter rivalry. Their feud rages from the boardroom to the bedroom as old money takes on the new Gazing from his magnificent Chawbury Manor, Miles Straker has it all. But when noveau riche Ross Clegg buys and builds on the land adjoining his country estate, ruining his perfect view, ...


Sherlock Holmes: Three Tales of Avarice (Sherlock Holmes Series)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

AudioGO, 2009

Avarice features top filling in The Adventure of the Priory School, The Adventure of the Red-Headed League, and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, three masterfully crafted cases from one of the greatest mystery writers of all, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and starring that most celebrated sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. In The Adventure of the Priory School, a wicked scheme to kidnap a young lord results in a greater tragedy. In The Adventures of the ...


An Antidote for Avarice (The Chronicles of Isaac of Gerona)
Caroline Roe

Berkley, 1999

Girona, Spain, 1354. His Excellency the Bishop Berenguer has been summoned to Tarragona to attend a Bishop's council. Complaining of illness and out of favor with both the King of Aragon and the Archbishop of Tarragona, His Excellency is reluctant to make the journey and insists his personal physician accompany him. Isaac also dreads the long trip since his wife is along to try a bit of matchmaking for his most reluctant daughter. But their ...


Avarice Dynasty: Evasion

Arcani Arts, 2013

The Frontier Worlds can be a very chaotic place to live. The Barons are in command but it's the Alpha Cartels who control day-to-day living. Corruption is rampant and the Barons annihilate any who oppose them. The line between life and death is razor thin. Drevin Cantrim nearly crossed that line on a routine starliner trip aboard the Starsong Way. The vessel erupted without warning or explanation and Drevin wound up with massive injuries and ...


Avarice (Pyrrh Considerable Crimes Division: Book One)

Doomed Muse Press, 2012

In the Free City of Pyrrh, murders and other serious crimes are investigated by the Cordonates of the Considerable Crimes Division. Struggling with his grief over losing his last partner, the last thing Cordonate Parshan Koury wants is someone else. Zhivana Nedrogovna, his new partner, is fresh out of the City Watch and not even human, and unsure she wants to work with the broody, angry Par. As Parshan and Zhivana rush to solve a case of ...


Sins of Mercy: Avarice

Barachou Press, 2014

**** BE SURE TO GET BOOK 1, SINS OF MERCY: LUST, FOR FREE HERE ON AMAZON! **** The second installment of the Sins of Mercy series. Since her visit from Lust, the first of the Seven Sinners, Mercy Devereux has been living a life of carnal sin - by herself. At first she enjoyed the renewed desires, but now they're starting to control her life! Turns out her first celestial companion put too much sin in her ...


Serena: A Novel (P.S.)
Ron Rash

Ecco, 2009

A New York Times bestseller and PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist, Serena by award-winning author Ron Rash is “ masterfully written… sprawling, engrossing and—from time to time—nightmarish,” ( San Francisco Chronicle ); a remarkable novel that “recalls both John Steinbeck and Cormac McCarthy,” ( The New Yorker ). Rash’s chilling gothic tale of greed, corruption, and revenge set against the backdrop of the 1930s ...


Avarice's Hoard (Dragon Conspiracies) (Volume 1)
Brent A Stratford

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

JJ just survived high school but he might not survive the package from his long dead father. He dismisses his father’s story of a conspiracy to hoard America’s wealth along with the tales of magic and dragons. But when the package imbues him with magical powers, he believes. Now everyone is after him. Avarice, the dragon living under Central Park, activates his network of police and goons to suppress the secret of his amassed treasure. The ...


Avarice House
Julien Green

Texas Bookman, 1996

Book by Green, Julien


Avarice-Anger: two of the seven cardinal sins, 2011

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Of Avarice and Profusion, 2013

The following essay by William Godwin comes from the 1823 edition of his book The Enquirer. Reflections On Education, Manners, And Literature. In A Series Of Essays. Originally published in 1797, it served to spark an argument between Thomas Malthus and friends, which Malthus eventually answered by publishing, in 1798, his own essay on the 'principle of population.' This essay in turn influenced Charles Darwin in forming his theory of ...


K. Marshall

AuthorHouse, 2013

In the broken city of Risteys, leaving was never an option, and a local, pickpocket named Penn has become accustom to never knowing what was on the other side of the guarded fences. But when three mysterious students from the neighboring city of Avarice come through the gates, everything begins to change for the worst for Penn. That is until he meets Sennett. Penn must choose between his home and his family, or the inevitable destruction that ...


Avarice (Oak Villa Series Book 2), 2012

Sean Quinn, the Irish mob boss in Oak Villa, steals a crew's idea to knock over a rival mob boss's safe and walks off with over three hundred thousand dollars. He plans to invest the money in the drug trade and bring his crew back to their former glory days. However, the crew he stole the idea from are looking to get even. Tommy, a part-time mechanic for the Italians, is looking to keep his head above water financially; Anna and Scott, ...


Double Indemnity
James M. Cain

Vintage, 1989

Tautly narrated and excruciatingly suspenseful, Double Indemnity gives us an X-ray view of guilt, of duplicity, and of the kind of obsessive, loveless love that devastates everything it touches. First published in 1935, this novel reaffirmed James M. Cain as a virtuoso of the roman noir .


Enemies of the Heart: Breaking Free from the Four Emotions That Control You
Andy Stanley

Multnomah Books, 2011

Break free from the destructive power of guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy.   Divorce. Job loss. Estrangement from family members. Broken friendships.   The difficult circumstances you are dealing with today are likely being fed by one of four emotional forces that compels you to act in undesirable ways, sometimes even against your will.   Andy Stanley explores each of these destructive forces—guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy—and how ...



Greed, power and human interest are interwoven as ‘Auld Lang Syne’ becomes a haunting prelude to murders when a serial killer and a motivated real estate broker vie for a luxurious Manhattan penthouse. The tension is further heightened when the killer, midway through the story is abruptly revealed, thus relegating the reader to the role of a helpless observer while innocent victims meet their fate. ‘Auld Lang Syne’ continues its ...



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