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The Popularity Papers: Book Five: The Awesomely Awful Melodies of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang
Amy Ignatow

Harry N. Abrams, 2014

Fresh off their epic summer road trip, Lydia and Julie are back and ready to take seventh grade by storm. Well, Lydia is: she wants to start a band, and she’s convinced Julie to join her. The Macram. Owls are joined by Roland (expert at the hardingfele ) and Jane (expert at drama). None of them, unfortunately, are experts at rocking out. The band needs more practice, but instead Lydia and Julie find themselves riding an unexpected wave of ...


The Real Animal House: The Awesomely Depraved Saga of the Fraternity That Inspired the Movie
Chris Miller

Back Bay Books, 2007

"Loud, raucous, infantile, racy, and very funny...The book is full of likable eccentrics, sexual shenanigans, and--if you know where to look for them--valuable life lessons."--Booklist Animal House, the movie, didn't tell the half of it. Writing with a freshness and joy that make Dartmouth 1960 feel like a beer-soaked rock-and-roll heaven on earth, Chris Miller tells the real story of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity as no one else ...


Photobombed!: Making Bad Pictures Great and Good Pictures Awesomely Bad (Oddee Presents)
Beverly L. Jenkins

Sourcebooks, 2012, one of the top humor websites on the Internet, drawing 2.7 million unique visitors per month, with 65,000+ Facebook fans and 10,000+ Twitter followers, presents the first collection of one of the top humor memes on the Web: the Photobomb!


Best 100 Juices for Kids: Totally Yummy, Awesomely Healthy, & Naturally Sweetened Homemade Alternatives to ...
Jessica Fisher

Harvard Common Press, 2014

With 100 imaginative, healthy and great-tasting recipes for using your at-home juice machine, Jessica Fisher's BEST 100 JUICES FOR KIDS brings the juicing revolution home for everyone in the family. Jessica Fisher’s creative and tasty approach to juicing includes terrific, kid-friendly alternatives to juices loaded with additives and sugar without the expense of natural store-bought varieties. With ideas for both fruit- and vegetable-based ...


Inside Interesting Integrals: A Collection of Sneaky Tricks, Sly Substitutions, and Numerous Other ...
Paul J. Nahin

Springer, 2014

What’s the point of calculating definite integrals since you can’t possibly do them all?. What makes doing the specific integrals in this book of value aren’t the specific answers we’ll obtain, but rather the methods we’ll use in obtaining those answers; methods you can use for evaluating the integrals you will encounter in the future. This book is written in a light-hearted manner for students who have completed the first year of ...


Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action
John Spence

Jossey-Bass, 2009

The six core strategies to elevate any business-and how to implement them-made simple What do the world's most successful companies and organization have in common? And what can you actually take away and use from their examples? Distilling the best fundamental business strategies, trusted advisor and strategist John Spence helps you take a hard look at your business and together develop specific plans and action steps that will allow you to ...


WRONG! Retro Games, You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!: Awesomely Nerdy Nitpicks on Nearly 80 Games (Volume ...
Chris Baker

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015

THE MOST MESSED-UP MOMENTS FROM 14 YEARS OF SUPERHERO VIDEO GAMES – AWESOMELY NERDY NITPICKS! If you're a superhero fan who loves video games, you've experienced firsthand how pretty much every title out there – good or bad, remembered or forgotten – does something that's absolutely, unapologetically WRONG! with its source material. This ebook documents the most egregious – and most hilarious – offenders from the moment ...


Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share
Ken Denmead

Gotham, 2010

The ultimate DIY project guide for techie dads raising kids in their own geeky image, in the spirit of The Dangerous Book for Boys Today's generation of dads grew up more tech-savvy than ever. Rather than joining the Little League team, many grew up playing computer games, Dungeons and Dragons, and watching Star Wars . Now with kids of their own, these digital-age dads are looking for fresh ways to share their love of science and ...


Butter Coffee Recipes: 45 Awesomely Delicious Butter Coffee Recipes For Weight Loss & Healthy Body The Paleo ..., 2014

Recommended For Those on the Paleo Diet & Bulletproof Diet Hello friend, Are You A Coffee Lover? If Yes, Would You Like To Have A Lean, Fit Body? Would You Love To Have A Vibrant And Energetic Day – Everyday? Would You Love To Have A Clearer And Fresher Skin? If your answer is yes, then this book is all that you need. Here, you will discover how to lose those extra pounds, trim your belly of fat and be energetic and productive ...


Pom-Poms!: 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects
Sarah Goldschadt, Lexi Walters Wright

Quirk Books, 2013

Whether they’re perking up your clothes, brightening your home decor, or bringing a rainbow of color to your next party, pom-poms are perfect wherever they pop up. Each project in this book has oh-so-simple instructions and photographs that’ll have you whipping up homemade tufts in all kinds of eye-catching patterns, from speckles to stripes to polka-dots. And don’t worry about running out of yarn. You’ll learn how to put a new spin on ...


Best Awesomely Delicious Diet Recipes, 2012

Enjoy Good Tasting Diet Meals That Won’t Leave You Hungry Being on a diet requires making meals that are nutritious and healthy, but you don’t want to sacrifice taste. This collection has many great low calorie recipes that will compliment any diet that you’re on. Add these delicious meals to your menu and lose weight while being happy. Here's a quick look some of the recipes in this book: **Baked Garlic Chicken **Blueberry ...


Damn You, Autocorrect!: Awesomely Embarrassing Text Messages You Didn't Mean to Send
Jillian Madison

Hachette Books, 2011

Sh#@ Your Phone Says "Damn You, Autocorrect!" If you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or any smartphone, there's a good chance you've screamed that phrase out at least once. In Damn You, Autocorrect! , pop-culture blogger Jillian Madison shows you are not alone. Filled with submissions from readers of her popular website, this laugh-out-loud funny book features cringe-worthy exchanges with parents, friends, significant others, and ...


ABC's Awesomely Alliterated: 26 Terrifically Tall Tongue Twisting Tales
Keith Holz

BookSurge Publishing, 2007

ABC's Awesomely Alliterated; 26 Terrifically Tall Tongue Twisting Tales. Perfect Party Paragraphs for Fantastic Family Fun! Brian & Warren are the infamous linguistic genii who single handedly deracinate the ABC's. This colorfully brilliant book contains hours of hilarious fun, literally! Brian wrote the Lyrics to 'Dream Away' by Lee Ritenour & Produced/Performed/Wrote 3 CD's as: Mr.BabyGrand & Brian Keys.


Geek Dad-Geek Dad(Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share)Paperback on May 04, 2010
Ken Denmead

Gotham, 2009


Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action [Hardcover] [2009] (Author) ...

Jossey-Bass, 2009


Awesomely Simple Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action by Spence, John ...

JosseyBass,2009, 0009

Awesomely Simple Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action .... Jossey-Bass, 2009.


Single Effort: How to Live Smarter, Date Better, and Be Awesomely Happy
Joe Keller

Scruffy Olive LLC, 2012

Single Effort is the best guide to being single – but not necessarily staying single – that you’ll ever read! From food to fun, and finance to romance, Single Effort delivers clear, real-world advice to help you live a dynamic, successful life as a single guy. You’ll discover how to: Approach with confidence and attract not just any woman — but the right woman Thrive in the online dating world and the competitive ...


Quilted Art Vases : Artfully Fun, Awesomely Easy Quilted Vases!
Fran Morgan

Fabric Cafe, 2004

Hot to make quilted vases using a heavy fusible interfacing, using a technique to join the panels together with machine quilting, eliminating all but a little handwork.


1000 Awesomely Gross & Disgusting Facts (Discovery Kids) (Discovery 1000)
Parragon Books

Parragon Books, 2014

Discover the 1000 most extraordinary facts about animals EVER! Which frog can break its own bones to make armour? What insect can survive being frozen solid? Which bird could lift a human? What sea creature can tie itself in knots? These unbelievable creatures push every extreme of nature to the limit, and beyond. They're wild. They're out there. They're ready to be UNLEASHED!


Awesomely Made Marvelous
Anne Dear Carter

Xulon Press, 2012

This book was inspired by God with the desire to help children who have been hurt by words. Shown in it is how Jesus steps into the picture to help them realize just who they are in Him. He sings a song and loves sobs away as He gives the proper way to respond to this situation while encouraging prayer. Jesus is a young boy and He has great friends like Lazarus, Mary and Martha who are the only ones who know Him as the Prince of Peace! "The ...



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