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Bubble in the Bathtub (Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder)
Jo Nesbo

Aladdin, 2011

The Fart Powder was such a successful invention that Doctor Proctor, Nilly, and Lisa couldn’t stop there. Next up: a time-travelling bathtub. You just hop in, lather up the Time Soap, and wish for where you’d like to go. Doctor Proctor has plans for this new invention. You see, he lost his true love years ago, when Juliette Margarine married an evil count. The good Doctor has never quite gotten over this, and he's going back to change it. ...


Black and Blue and Blood

Lightning Strike Press, 2014

"Black and Blue and Blood" is William Markly O'Neal's second collection of horror stories. ("FISHING in BRAINS for an EYE with TEETH" was the first.) Included in this collection are four short stories, three novelettes, and a poem. 'The Black and Blue Wasteland' was originally published in issue #13 of 'Cover of Darkness' from Sam's Dot Publishing. A young man discovers he has the power to banish his enemies off the face of the Earth... an ...


Einar and the Cursed City
Chet Gottfried

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Sixteen-year-old Einar enters Jorghaven for dueling and desserts, but a curse has changed everyone except Barbara Bloodbath, who needs his help to free the city! A young adult fantasy suitable for readers of all ages.


The Mighty LWF
CM Venom

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

The Mighty LWF is the true story of the Lunatic Wrestling Federation, the renegade Chicago wrestling company that started former WWE Champion CM Punk on his path to the top. Written by CM Venom, co-founder of the LWF and CM Punk’s ex-tag team partner, The Mighty LWF is an exciting tale of friendship, family, business, and ultimately, betrayal. “The LWF had been reduced to a footnote on a Wikipedia page, and that’s gone on for far too ...


Children in Heat
Chad Fifer

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

Over the course of one manic night in the late 80s, a 15-year-old boy struggles to control the tiny dramas of his small-town punk clique as well as his own blossoming sexual desires. Narrated in the boy’s profane (although occasionally profound) jargon, Children in Heat unveils the funny, painful, and often insightful thoughts of a troubled teen.


Bloodbath (A Tim Holt Adventure Book 1), 2012

A neo-noir pulp thriller -- short, violent, dirty and cheap. Tim Holt is a battle-scarred vet, now a soldier of fortune working the darker byways of Latin America in 1954. When a job in Guatemala goes way wrong he's thrown together with a beautiful young woman who, like him, is bent on revenge -- but the cost of it is going to be higher than either of them could possibly imagine. "A seriously done and well done pulp novel -- it's a good ...


Coal Towns of West Virginia
Stan Cohen, Mary Legg Stevenson

Quarrier Press, 1998

"In the late 19th century, the advent of coal mining on a large scale changed the face of the West Virginia mountains forever." So begins Mary Legg Stevensons’ latest book, Coal Towns of West Virginia. A native of the West Virginia coalfields, Stevenson has compiled a marvelous group of historical photographs, which document the history and ways of life of many West Virginia coal camps. Back when "Coal was King," new towns sprang up, and ...


The Bamboo Bloodbath (#3 in the violent new series featuring Jason Striker, Master of Martial Arts)
Piers Anthony

Berkley Publishing, 1974

Striker, master of karate, kung-fu, aikido, and judo, goes up against the Hyena, an unknown sinister force that leaves his victims chewed and scratched as if by a vicious animal!


Beach Blanket Bloodbath (Amanda Feral Book 4), 2014

Zombie socialite, Amanda Feral, and her undead friends, Wendy and Gil, shamble into an idyllic seaside village for an event promoting Amanda's memoir, HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED and, as usual, to get some rest, relaxation and consume cute coastal townsfolk. As is their unique luck, plans are derailed when they become embroiled in a gory mystery at the Miss Sand Flea Pageant. Beset with perky, sinister go-go dancers, the inevitable hot wereshark ...


The Unknown War: Russia Vs Germany in the World War II Bloodbath That Took 30, 000, 000 Lives
Harrison Salisbury

Nelson Doubleday, Inc., 1978

Russia VS. Germany in the World War II bloodbath that took 30,000,000 lives. Salisbury is a Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent. The book included never before released war photos from the Soviet Archives.


Bible Camp Bloodbath
Joey Comeau

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

Martin is going to Bible Camp for the summer. He's going to make new friends. And he's excited, but that's probably because nobody told him what this book is called.


Let The Bloodbath Begin!: A "Vinnie the Vampire" Comic Strip Collection
Timothy David Green

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

A collection of vampire comics created by Tim Green. Vinnie is a vampire trying to survive the afterlife in a town called Transylton. Sunny, his psychotic sister, is a constant pain in the neck. Vampa, his grandfather, is an old school vampire that longs for the days where food was hunted and not served in packaged blood boxes. Vinnie's mom is always just out of sight, but it doesn't stop her from ruling the house with a shout that can't be ...



ARROW BKS., 1980


Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland
James St. James

Simon & Schuster, 1999

The author reveals the New York Club scene at its worst as he relates his involvement with Michael Alig, a Midwest nerd who became a leading club promoter and eventually found trouble after killing a drug dealer.


True Life Crime: Volume 1

Hearst Magazines UK, 2013

Murder, crime, weapons…. Simply thinking about such things is enough to send shivers of terror into our hearts. Even the words are dark and scary. We all like to imagine that we are safe, that the world is a rational and reasonable place. But who knows what the person standing next to you is really capable of…? And, if pushed, how far would you go to protect someone you love – or punish someone you hate? True crime stories show how easy ...


Promise: A Bloody Love Story
Now Born

Wild Life Publishing, LLC, 2014


Murder My Right!
Arber Lei

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Sometimes we only get one love story and we might have to write it ourselves. Taylor Rutherford is young, gorgeous, and ruthless. She is willing to kill to get the brilliant, handsome, Evan Tathmen playwright for her own longing heart. Yes, he is already happily married to Dr. Mia Tathmen who is twelve years his senior. Yes, he is also a devoted father to four year old Wendy Tathmen. None of this matters to Taylor. She wants to be the only woman ...


Trailsman #262: Badland Bloodbath

Signet, 2003

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA


The Punisher War Journal #24 International Bloodbath!

Marvel Comics, 1990

The Punisher War Journal #24 International Bloodbath! [Comic] [Jan 01, 1990]



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