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Bluejacket's Manual
Thomas J. Cutler

Naval Institute Press, 2009

Really great book to have before starting basic training. This book describes every thing you need to know in the Navy including attire, the history behind the Navy, and more! This book is practically brand new and only has a couple little dings on the edges from ware. All the pages are in excellent condition with no highlighter marks, tares, water stains, etc.


The Bluejacket's Manual, 24th Edition
Thomas J. Cutler

Naval Institute Press, 2009

From the days of oars and coal-fired engines to the computerized era of the twenty-first century, The Bluejacket's Manual has been an essential part of the American Sailor's sea bag for more than one hundred years, serving as an introduction to the Navy for new recruits and as a reference book for Sailors of all ranks. Written by a Sailor whose decades of naval service included sea duty in patrol craft, destroyers, and aircraft carriers as both ...


The Bluejackets' Manual
Bill Bearden

Naval Institute Press, 1991

This new edition of the Bluejackets' manual, the first revision since 1978, is a blend of the old and new Navy. While the old is reflected in the sections on the Navy's time-honoured customs and ceremonies, the added material keeps the BJM current with the technological advances and intricacies of today's Navy. It is the product of across-the-board support from all sea-going commands and shore-based activities with Master Chiefs and other ...


Bluejacket Admiral: The Navy Career of Chick Hayward
John T. Hayward, C. W. Borklund

Naval Institute Press, 2000

Recounts Hayward's role as a key player in getting nuclear weapons to sea and in the early development of cruise missiles.


The Bluejackets' Manual, 19th Edition
Naval Institute Press

Naval Institute Press, 1973

Book by Press, Naval Institute


The Bluejackets' Manual, United States Navy, 1940, 10th Edition
United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute, 1940

Manual made for men in the Navy. It has many illustrations showing flags, badges, guns, uniforms, rope tying, ships, more. Actual photographs of ships, insignia, Corps devices, and much more. Flexible leather or letherette binding Great item of nostalgia and educational.


Bluejackets Manual 18th Edition 1968
The US Naval Institue

US Naval Institute, 1968

From Preface: The Bluejackets' Manual was originally written in 1902 by Lieutenant (later rear Admiral) Ridley McLean, USN, for the United States Naval Institute. It has served the Navy for nearly sixty years as a source of practical information for the enlisted man. This manual serves two types of Navyman. First is the recruit--new to the navy, he has here a handbook of basic knowledge about his new profession. Second is the long-service ...


The Bluejackets' Manual (Illustrated; 1944)
U.S. Naval Institute Personnel

United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, 1944



The Bluejackets' Manual Fourteenth Edition
United States Navy

United States Navy, 1950

US NAVY 1950 rare find over 60 years old


The Bluejackets' Manual

U S Naval Institute, 1978

The Bluejacket's Manual is the basic handbook for United States Navy personnel which teaches new recruits about naval procedures and life and offers a reference for active sailors. It has become the "bible" for Navy personnel, providing information about a wide range of Navy topics.


U-Boat Ace: The Story of Wolfgang Luth (Bluejacket Books)
Jordan Vause

Naval Institute Press, 2001

An exceptional figure in the history of the German Navy, Wolfgang Luth was one of only seven men in the Wehrmacht to win Germany's highest combat decoration, the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds. At one time or another he operated in almost every theater of the undersea war, from Norway to the Indian Ocean, and became the second most successful German U-boat ace in World War II, sinking more than 220,000 tons of merchant ...


Bluejackets: Uniforms of the United States Navy in the Civil War Period, 1852-1865
Ron Field

Schiffer Publishing, 2010

This long-awaited book fills a gap in knowledge of the uniform clothing, headgear, equipage, and weapons of the United States Navy during the Civil War period. Based on original accounts from official documents, newspapers, diaries, letters, and other primary sources, the well-written text is accompanied by a wealth of period images of navy personnel, many of which are identified and published for the first time. Numerous photographs of ...


Tin Can Sailor: Life Aboard the USS Sterett, 1939-1945 (Bluejacket Books)
C. Raymond Calhoun

Naval Institute Press, 2000

More than eight hundred sailors served aboard the Sterett during her hazardous and demanding duties in World War II. This is the story of those men and their beloved ship, recorded by a junior officer who served on the famous destroyer from her commissioning in 1939 to April 1943, when he was wounded at the Battle of Tulagi. Peppered with the kind of vivid, authentic details that could only be provided by a participant, the book is the saga of a ...


Commander in Chief: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their War (Bluejacket Books)
Eric Larrabee

Naval Institute Press, 2004

Few American presidents have exercised their constitutional authority as commander in chief with more determination than Franklin D. Roosevelt. He intervened in military operations more often and to better effect than his contemporaries Churchill and Stalin, and maneuvered events so that the Grand Alliance was directed from Washington. In this expansive history, Eric Larrabee examines the extent and importance of FDR's wartime leadership through ...


The Big E: The Story of the USS Enterprise (Bluejacket Books)
Edward P. Stafford

Naval Institute Press, 2002

A lasting memorial to the USS Enterprise, this classic tale of the carrier that contributed more than any other single warship to the naval victory in the Pacific has remained a favorite World War II story for more than twenty-five years. The Big E participated in nearly every major engagement of the war against Japan and earned a total of twenty battle stars. The Halsey-Doolittle Raid; the Battles of Midway, Santa Cruz, Guadalcanal, the ...


The Battle of Leyte Gulf: 23-26 October 1944 (Bluejacket Books)
Thomas J. Cutler

Naval Institute Press, 2001

The last great naval battle of World War II, Leyte Gulf also is remembered as the biggest naval battle ever fought anywhere, and this book has been called the best account of it ever written. First published in hardcover on the battle's fiftieth anniversary in 1994 and drawing on materials not previously available, it blends history with human drama to give a real sense of what happened--despite the mammoth scope of the battle. Every facet of ...


PT 105 (Bluejacket Books)
Dick Keresey

Naval Institute Press, 2003

Drawing on his own experiences as the captain of PT 105 at Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and more, the author tells how the fastest little boat in combat contributed to the war effort.


The Bluejacket's Manual : United States Navy
United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute, 1944

1944 rare, out of print, hardback edition. published by the U.S. Naval Institute in annapolis, maryland. includes many colored and b/w photos. blue linen hardcover with gold emboss lettering.


The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814 (Bluejacket Paperback) (Bluejacket Books)
Anthony s. Pitch

Naval Institute Press, 2000

With all the immediacy of an eyewitness account, Anthony Pitch tells the dramatic story of the British invasion of Washington in the summer of 1814, an episode many call a defining moment in the coming-of-age of the United States. The British torched the Capitol, the White House, and many other public buildings, setting off an inferno that illuminated the countryside for miles and sending President James Madison scurrying out of town while his ...



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