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Reach for the Sky: The Story of Douglas Bader, Legless Ace of the Battle of Britain (Bluejacket Books)
Paul Brickhill

Naval Institute Press, 2001

Douglas Bader was a legend in his lifetime. After losing both legs in an air crash in 1931 and being dismissed as a cripple by the Royal Air Force, he fought his way back into the cockpit of a Spitfire to become one of the great heroes of the Battle of Britain. This inspiring biography of the famous World War II fighter pilot, first published in 1954, has a following of faithful readers who come back to the book time and again to re-read, share ...


The Big E: The Story of the USS Enterprise (Bluejacket Books)
Edward P. Stafford

Naval Institute Press, 2002

A lasting memorial to the USS Enterprise, this classic tale of the carrier that contributed more than any other single warship to the naval victory in the Pacific has remained a favorite World War II story for more than twenty-five years. The Big E participated in nearly every major engagement of the war against Japan and earned a total of twenty battle stars. The Halsey-Doolittle Raid; the Battles of Midway, Santa Cruz, Guadalcanal, the ...


The Bluejackets' Manual
U.S. Navy

U.S. Naval Institute, 1950

Dark blue hardcover. Tight binding with 828 pages tanned due to age. Corners of boards are slightly bent. Endpapers have speckling and pencil remainder marks. Copyright 1950, 14th Edition. Filled with black and white photos, charts, illustrations and charts.


The Bluejacket's Manual
John V. Noel

U.S. Naval Institute, 1960


Sense of Honor (Bluejacket Books) [Paperback]
James Webb

US Naval Institute Press, 1995


The Boats of Cherbourg (Bluejacket Books)
Abraham Rabinovich

Naval Institute Press, 1997

The story of the revolutionary missile boat used by Israel in the Yom Kippur War.


Bluejacket's Manual
Thomas J. Cutler

Naval Institute Press, 2009

Really great book to have before starting basic training. This book describes every thing you need to know in the Navy including attire, the history behind the Navy, and more! This book is practically brand new and only has a couple little dings on the edges from ware. All the pages are in excellent condition with no highlighter marks, tares, water stains, etc.


And I Was There: Pearl Harbor and Midway--Breaking the Secrets (Bluejacket Books)
Edwin T. Layton, Roger Pineau, ...

US Naval Institute Press, 2006

At Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked, Ed Layton knew exactly what had gone wrong as he watched the bombs and torpedoes wipe out the U.S. Pacific Fleet. But he kept those secrets to himself for forty-three years - until the government released half a million classified documents from its intelligence archives. Finally free to tell his story, the retired admiral published his revelations in this memoir in 1985 to worldwide attention. It is ...


The Bluejacket's Manual : United States Navy
United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute, 1944

1944 rare, out of print, hardback edition. published by the U.S. Naval Institute in annapolis, maryland. includes many colored and b/w photos. blue linen hardcover with gold emboss lettering.


Bluejackets Manual 1940 10TH Edition
United States Navy



The Bluejackets' Manual, United States Navy, 1940, 10th Edition
United States Naval Institute

United States Naval Institute, 1940

Manual made for men in the Navy. It has many illustrations showing flags, badges, guns, uniforms, rope tying, ships, more. Actual photographs of ships, insignia, Corps devices, and much more. Flexible leather or letherette binding Great item of nostalgia and educational.


The bluejackets' Manual: United States Navy 1940
(no Author stated)

United States Naval Institute, 1940

Paperback Publisher: United States Naval Institute; Tenth Edition edition (1940) ASIN: B0014RKZL2 Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds


The Pre-Astronauts: Manned Ballooning on the Threshold of Space (Bluejacket Paperback Series)
Craig Ryan

Naval Institute Press, 2003

In the 1950s and early 1960s a small fraternity of daring, brilliant men made the first exploratory trips into the upper stratosphere, reaching the edge of outer space in tiny capsules suspended beneath plastic balloons. This book tells the story of these tenacious men as they labored on the cusp of a new age, seeing things that no one had ever seen and experiencing conditions no one was sure they could survive. Mostly U.S. Air Force and Navy ...


Battleship Sailor (Bluejacket Books)

Naval Institute Press, 2013

Vigorous and highly readable, this portrait of the enlisted man's life aboard the U.S. battleship California depicts the devastation at Pearl Harbor from the hazardous vantage point of the open "birdbath" atop the mainmast.


The Bluejackets' Manual
United States Navy

United States Naval Institute, 1940


The Bluejacket's Manual: Fifteenth Edition
United States Navy

United States Naval Institute, 1959


The Bluejackets' Manual 1946
U. S. Navy

Naval Inst., 1946

The Bluejackets' Manual has been a basic training and reference text for hundreds of thousands of Navy men.


The American Black Chamber (Bluejacket Books)

Naval Institute Press, 2013

During the 1920s Herbert O. Yardley was chief of the first peacetime cryptanalytic organization in the United States, the ancestor of today's National Security Agency. Funded by the U.S. Army and the Department of State and working out of New York, his small and highly secret unit succeeded in breaking the diplomatic codes of several nations, including Japan. The decrypts played a critical role in U.S. diplomacy. Despite its extraordinary ...



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