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Breakaway: The Road to Freedom
Nadia Sahari

Pink Butterfly Press, 2009

Nadia Sahari tells the remarkable, true story of her early life. Ms. Sahari was born in Lebanon.   Breakaway , her sensational journey through abuse, lifts the veil on her struggle for freedom. Until her early twenties, she was a victim of many abuses, including molestation, repeated beatings, rape, kidnapping and several attempts on her life. Miraculously she survived. Through it all she clung to her dream to be an actress. She ...


Cathy Wilson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

A hockey romance love story challenging the creation of love itself. Is love something manifested through experience, wants, needs, desire and luck? Or is love just "there?" Perhaps the seed of love is planted by the spiritual energies of the universe after which fateful life experience dictates. True love manifested dependent on circumstance. Uncontrollable, creating anxiety with the thought. Cathy Wilson delivers again with a ...


God on the Starting Line: The Triumph of a Catholic School Running Team and Its Jewish Coach
Marc Bloom

Breakaway Books, 2007

“It captures the deeper joy of watching young athletes embrace unfashionable ideals of commitment, sacrifice, courage, and faith.”— Sports Illustrated “Marc Bloom coaches as every coach in the sport should. I recommend this book without reservation. Read it, commit it to memory, and you will be better for it.”— American Track & Field “At its core a spiritual book. It will inspire the reader who values small works of goodness ...


Momentum Is Your Friend: The Metal Cowboy and His Pint-Sized Posse Take on America
Joe Kurmaskie

Breakaway Books, 2006

Most people bring their inner child on an epic adventure. Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie actually took his two kids along. For a 4,000-mile bicycle ride across America, Joe’s seven-year-old son, Quinn, rides a tagalong bike attached to his dad’s; and behind that is five-year-old Enzo in a bike trailer. Our hero the Metal Cowboy answers the question “What are you, crazy?” with a resounding and cheerful “Yes.” Unassisted—with ...


Breakaway (A Gail McCarthy Mystery Book 6), 2012

Faced with a depression and some big life changes, veterinarian Gail McCarthy struggles to find the right path as she is confronted with the strangest mystery she has ever heard of. Full of the authentic western horse lore that Laura Crum is known for, this book is both engaing and disturbing.


Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century
Richard Poe

Three Rivers Press, 1999

Ride the Wave into the 21st Century! In the ground-breaking Wave 3 , Richard Poe revealed how the new world of computers has liberated network marketing from its humble beginnings to offer an unprecedented professional opportunity for financial freedom. Now, in Wave 4, Poe shows how the marriage between the Internet and people-to-people sales will accelerate the growth of network marketing. Poe predicts that this new technology-driven ...


The Breakaway Cook

HarperCollins e-books, 2010

Fusion cooking broke the rules first––now Gower's breaking fusion's rules with The Breakway Cook . Despite the explosion of farmers' markets, ethnic grocers, and creative restaurants in America, lots of home cooks remain puzzled by the bewildering array of choices, and don't have the confidence to break away from tradition. Eric helps home cooks everywhere approach unfamiliar ingredients from different global regions and combine them for ...


Flotsam and Jetsam: The Collected Adventures, Opinions, and Wisdom from a Life Spent Messing About in Boats
Robb White

Breakaway Books, 2009

Robb White was a master of the art of spinning a good yarn. He was an old salt, dispensing copious wisdom and entertainment in a voice that is part Florida cracker, part biology professor. Readers got a taste of his stories in How to Build a Tin Canoe , but that volume barely scratched the surface of his total output. Flotsam and Jetsam includes all those stories, plus about five times more. His stories revolve around boats and boatbuilding, ...


Andrea Montalbano

Philomel, 2010

LJ knows her place in the world is on the soccer field. When she’s out there scoring goals, everything’s right. But being a big-shot on the field has started going to her head. She’s been letting her temper get the best of her—both on the field and off, alienating everyone around her. Everyone except Tabitha, the popular girl who cares more about credit cards than yellow cards and spends most of her time on the bench. But when it’s LJ ...


Double Major (Portland Storm)

Night Shift Publishing, 2014

This is a novella of second epilogues to books 1-4 in the Portland Storm series. It is approximately 35,000 words long. It’s the NHL’s draft day, but the whole Portland Storm team is back together for an entirely different event. Complete with a double wedding, an unanticipated guest, overdue apologies, unexpected goodbyes, and fresh starts, this big day has the potential to get them all called for a Double Major. The Portland Storm ...


Kids Running: Have Fun, Get Faster & Go Farther
Carol Goodrow

Breakaway Books, 2008

A book about running—written just for kids. Kids Running tells you all you need to know about this wonderful sport: getting started, training, fun runs, races, proper footwear, good eating habits,  cross-training, safety, running games, after-school clubs, clothing, mileage tracking, and journal writing.       With a lively mix of pictures, information, vocabulary, and some entertaining asides, this book will help channel all that ...


The Spring Classics: Cycling's Greatest One-Day Races
Phillipe Brunel, Pierre Callewaert, ...

Velo Press, 2010

Cycling’s spring races are always the most anticipated of the year, not only because they herald the start of the season, but also because they are brutally difficult and spectacularly unpredictable. Known as the Spring Classics, these one-day races test cycling’s toughest riders with the worst conditions imaginable—sucking mud, choking dust, leg-numbing sleet, fanatic spectators, and Europe’s narrowest, most bone-grinding country roads. ...


Breakaway Laughter: How to Lighten Up Despite it All
Nan L. Crockett

Vanderwyk & Burnham, 2005

Disarmingly honest collection of personal esipodes from a consultant with a sense of humor.


How to Select a Network Marketing Company: Six Keys to Scrutinizing, Comparing, and Selecting a Million ...
Daren C. Falter

How to Select a Network Marketing Company, 2012

Are you earning your true potential in home-based business or network marketing? Read the aspiring home business/network marketing/MLM professional's guide to scrutinizing, comparing, and selecting a long-term, lucrative distributorship. Home-based business veteran Daren Falter's book, "How to Select a Network Marketing Company" is a one-of-a-kind MLM masterpiece, delivered to you in this recently updated, revised 6th edition. Do not select ANY ...


Breakaway: Deliver Value to Your Customers--Fast!

Jossey-Bass, 2007

In Breakaway, entrepreneurial businessman Charles Fred presents a revolutionary performance model that helps your company break away from the competition. He offers a new approach to organizational learning that will dramatically speed up the learning process and help any company save on their two most valuable resources-time and money. Breakaway provides the critical information you need for hastening the moment when each worker in your ...


An Adirondack Passage: The Cruise of the Canoe Sairy Gamp
Christine Jerome

Breakaway Books, 2013

"A fine piece of work and a great delight."—John McPhee Christine Jerome decides to repeat the 266-mile Adirondack canoe journey of George Washington Sears (pen name "Nessmuk"), a famous adventure and nature writer for the popular magazine Forest and Stream in the late nineteenth century. Part of what made his 1883 journey remarkable was the length of his canoe—a mere nine feet. The "Sairy Gamp" was the lightest of cockleshells, but could ...



Breakaway Books, 2012

Skateboarder Josh Lowman witnesses one of the best skateboarders in town (the local bully) commit a crime. For days he agonizes over whether to tell anyone. Meanwhile, his friendships with a fellow skater, a girl in his English class, and a cool math tutor (a college student who skates) slowly steer him toward a new kind of courage. ---------------- “I think Vertical is awesome! It felt like I was reliving the early years where my passion ...



Blue River Press, 2011

Breakaway transcends Americans passions for sports and casino gambling as it follows two professional hockey team owners who run the table from bankruptcy to a lucrative new arena and the most-storied trophy in all of sports. Already the Pittsburgh Penguins were unconventional. One former owner, a Hollywood producer, used the team as backdrop for a blockbuster movie with terrorists attacking during a championship game. Then after the Penguins ...


The Awakening of a Surgeon
David H. Janda

Gale Group, 2001

With The Awakening of A Surgeon, Dave Janda, a pioneer in the world of sports injury medicine, blows open the doors on a subject that should be of vital concern to parents and educators everywhere. Theres a health crisis developing right in our own backyards, school yards and gymnasiums, and Dave Janda did something about it. An inspiring look at making sports safer for kids everywhere.


Walter Yates

Post River Productions, 2011

In his memoirs, Walter "Yukon" Yates tells a lifetime of adventure and survival stories as an Alaskan explorer, bush pilot, gold miner, airplane and airport builder, helicopter crash survivor, World War II veteran, documentary filmmaker, grizzly bear hostage, and all-around adventurer. Breakaway offers incredible stories of survival, from the Battle of Guadalcanal in the South Pacific during World War II, to a year spent living off the land in ...



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