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Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School
Ruta K. Stropus, Charlotte D. Taylor

Carolina Academic Press, 2009

This popular book helps students make the transition from their undergraduate experience to law school learning. Unlike other "introduction to law school" texts, Bridging the Gap offers a different approach because it: Explains the "why" of law, providing students with the context necessary to understand why law school is taught in a certain manner. Explains the "how" of the law, setting out a step-by-step process that will help students adapt ...


Bridging the Diversity Gap: Leading Toward God's Multi-Ethnic Kingdom
Alvin Sanders

Wesleyan Publishing House, 2013

In a diverse, divided world, pastors and church leaders are faced with the question of how to lead across ethnic lines to bring healing and unity to the body of Christ. How can the church more accurately reflect the vision of God's kingdom, gathering together every tribe and nation? It all begins with leaders whose minds and hearts have been transformed by the gospel. Author Alvin Sanders believes the church is facing a chairos moment—the ...


Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements in David Bohm's Physics, the Perennial Philosophy and Seth
Norman Friedman

Moment Point Press Inc, 1997

For centuries, humankind has tried to navigate between scientific and spiritual conceptions of reality often without much success. In the resultant confusion scientists, philosophers and theologians have pondered and argued—yet the separation remains. Norman Friedman correlates the quantum physics of David Bohm with the Perennial Philosophy described by Aldous Huxley and the spiritual insights of the entity known as Seth, as channeled by Jane ...


Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap: Essential Lessons for School Leaders
Ray Garcia

Teachers College Press, 2012

In spite of decades of school reform, the achievement gap between English learners and English-proficient students has narrowed little. This book introduces a ''Reform Sustainability Framework'' that focuses on the examination of fundamental school structures required to ensure English learner success while guiding the school leader in handling the reform terrain deftly. This reform-navigation tool identifies patterns and trends in the ...


Bridging the Gap (11th Edition)
Brenda D. Smith, LeeAnn Morris

Longman, 2013

Brenda Smith’s Bridging the Gap was the first college reading text to focus on reading for college, and through its eleven editions has been the most popular textbook choice of developmental reading educators.


Bridging Troubled Waters: China, Japan, and Maritime Order in the East China Sea
James Manicom

Georgetown University Press, 2014

Sino-Japanese relations have been repeatedly strained by the territorial dispute over a group of small islands, known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China. The rich fishing grounds, key shipping lanes, and perhaps especially, potentially rich oil deposits around the islands exacerbate this dispute in a confluence of resource pressures, growing nationalism, and rising military spending in the region. Bridging ...


Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success
Ruta K. Stropus, Charlotte D. Taylor

Carolina Academic Pr, 2001

Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School will help students make the transition from their undergraduate experience to law school learning. Unlike other "introduction to law school" texts, Bridging the Gap offers a different approach. The text explains the "why" of law, providing students with the context necessary to understand why law school is taught in a certain manner. It also explains the "how" of the law, setting out a step-by-step ...


Bridging The Gap: College Reading (10th Edition)
Deborah Deutsch Smith, LeeAnn Morris

Longman, 2010

Brenda Smith’s Bridging the Gap continues to be the #1 textbook choice of developmental reading educators .   To improve students’ reading, Bridging the Gap offers comprehensive skill instruction, dependable exercises and examples, vocabulary development, and wealth of high-interest readings that provide meaningful practice.  To prepare students for the demands of college reading, Brenda helping provides strategies for ...


Bridging the World
Robert S. Cortright

Bridge Ink, 2003

Full color photographic study of bridges from all continents of the world.


Bridging the Gap: Theory and Practice in Foreign Policy
Alexander L. George

United States Institute of Peace, 1993

Bridging the gap that separates the two cultures of academia and policymaking is the central purpose of this path-breaking study. George examines six U.S. strategies toward Iraq in 1988-1991. He urges policymakers to make better use of scholarly knowledge and challenges scholars to develop the types of knowledge that can be employed effectively by policymakers.


Bridging the Services Chasm
Thomas E. Lah

Professional Services Press, 2009

Bridging the Services Chasm provides a comprehensive framework companies can use to make critical service strategy decisions that have rapidly become the difference between product success and market failure. Based on the analysis of technology providers, this book leverages a combination of public record, unique survey data, and direct interaction to clearly define the critical role services is now playing in the success of product companies. ...


Conflict Across Cultures: A Unique Experience of Bridging Differences
Michelle LeBaron, Venashri Pillay

Intercultural Press, 2006

Cultural differences among group members, whether they belong to multinational business teams or culturally diverse families, are frequently the sources of misunderstanding and conflict. Using examples from a variety of cultures to illustrate techniques for resolving these conflicts, LeBaron & Pillay demystify the complex ways in which misunderstandings can arise as a result of cultural differences.


Bridging Cultures Between Home and School: A Guide for Teachers
Elise Trumbull, Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, ...

WestEd, 2001

Bridging Cultures Between Home and School: A Guide for Teachers is intended to stimulate broad thinking about how to meet the challenges of education in a pluralistic society. It is a powerful resource for in-service and preservice multicultural education and professional development. The Guide presents a framework for understanding differences and conflicts that arise in situations where school culture is more individualistic than the value ...


Bridging the Gap with NEW MyReadingLab with eText -- Access Card Package (11th Edition)
Brenda D. Smith, LeeAnn Morris

Longman, 2013

ALERT:  Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you  select the correct ISBN . Several versions of Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products exist for each title, including customized versions for individual schools, and registrations are not transferable. In addition,  you may need a CourseID , provided by your instructor, to register for and use ...


Bridging the Gap: Raising A Child With Nonverbal Learning Disorder
Rondalyn Varney Whitney

Perigee Trade, 2002

Millions of children suffer from Nonverbal Learning Disorder, a neurological deficit that prevents them from understanding nonverbal cues like tone of voice and facial expression. Though they are exceptionally bright and extremely articulate, these children often have difficulty in social situations-and can become depressed, withdrawn, or anxious. In Bridging the Gap , Rondalyn Varney Whitney-a pediatric occupational therapist and the parent of ...


Bridging the Gap Between Asset/Capacity Building and Needs Assessment: Concepts and Practical Applications
James W. Altschuld

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2014

In the groundbreaking text, Bridging the Gap Between Asset/Capacity Building and Needs Assessment , James W. Altschuld examines the synthesis of two antithetical ideas—needs assessment and asset/capacity building. At the heart of this approach is a focus on assessing the strengths and assets that communities have and demonstrating how to make those assets stronger. The author explains the foundation of needs assessment and asset/capacity ...


Interactive InDesign CC: Bridging the Gap between Print and Digital Publishing
Mira Rubin

Focal Press, 2013

With a growing focus on digital destinations, the publishing landscape is evolving at a dizzying speed and InDesign CC is at the forefront of the digital frontier. Known as the premiere layout application for magazine and print collateral, InDesign is also a powerful creation tool for both static and interactive PDF, Flash SWF, EPUB, and apps that can be publoished for sale in various app stores. This tutorial-based guide to InDesign CC ...


Bridging the Class Divide: And Other Lessons for Grassroots Organizing
Linda Stout

Beacon Press, 1997

Again and again social change movements--on matter s from the environment to women's rights--have been run by middle-class leaders. But in order to make real progress toward economic and social change, poor people--those most affected by social problems--must be the ones to speak up and lead. It can be done. Linda Stout herself grew up in poverty in rural North Carolina and went on to found one of this country's most successful and innovative ...


Bridging Literacy and Equity: The Essential Guide to Social Equity Teaching (Language and Literacy Series)
Althier M. Lazar, Patricia A. Edwards, ...

Teachers College Press, 2012

''The authors place literacy and equity within the context of each other, and in so doing resolve a common dilemma of many classroom teachers. . . . Individuals already involved in the classroom and others preparing to become teachers who are genuinely committed to high quality education for all children will find Bridging Literacy and Equity a welcomed and empowering call to action.'' --From the Foreword by Geneva Gay Bridging Literacy ...


Bridging English (5th Edition)
Joseph O. Milner, Lucy F. Milner, ...

Pearson, 2011

Bridging English, 5/e brings tomorrow’s English teachers the theory and practice they need to be effective in their own classrooms. Comprehensive and thoroughly up to date, this new fifth edition focuses on such new recent developments as the increasing diversity of today’s students, with their unique learning styles and needs; the expanding definition of literacy; the mounting pressures of accountability and end-of-course testing; and the ...



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