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Teton Splendor (Teton Romance Trilogy) (Volume 2)
Peggy L Henderson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Naive and spoiled, Sophia Yancey believes she is the only daughter of a wealthy Boston businessman. She's always struggled to fit in among the city's elite due to her dark hair and bronze skin. When a rugged mountain man from the faraway Teton Mountains arrives to reveal her true identity, Sophia is in denial. Joseph Walker made a promise to a dying friend: travel east to find the old Indian chief's granddaughter and bring her back to her ...


Tennessee Chicken: Real Life Stories Of An Orphan From East Tennessee
Mr. Emmett Dodson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Tennessee Chicken follows the true exploits of an orphan, born into 1930’s poverty, in East Tennessee. The reader is taken through his adventures, and humorous viewpoints on life, as he grows up with a dramatically changing Nation. Tennessee Chicken has a talent for getting into trouble along the way, but manages to redeem himself in the end. Names in the book have been changed to protect the innocent and, in most cases, the guilty. With a ...


Horse of a Different Color: Little Britches #8

Books in Motion, 2002

In the early 1920s, cowboy and dry-range farmer Ralph Moody finds himself with mountainous debts through the collapse of the livestock market and the dealings of a crooked partner. Ralph never surrenders, but finds a way to turn tragedy into opportunity.


Father and I Were Ranchers: Little Britches # 1

Books in Motion, 2001

The Moody family moves from New Hampshire to a Colorado ranch. Experience the pleasures and perils of ranching in 20th Century America, through the eyes of a youngster.


The Home Ranch (Bison Book)
Ralph Moody

Bison Books, 1994

Little Britches becomes the "man" in his family after his father's early death, taking on the concomitant responsibilities as well as opportunities. During the summer of his twelfth year he works on a cattle ranch in the shadow of Pike's Peak, earning a dollar a day. Little Britches is tested against seasoned cowboys on the range and in the corral. He drives cattle through a dust storm, eats his weight in flapjacks, and falls in love with a blue ...


Mary Emma & Company (The Little Britches Series)
Ralph Moody

Books in Motion, 2001

The protagonist, Mary Emma Moody, widowed mother of six, has taken her family east in 1912 to begin a new life. Her son, Ralph, then thirteen, recalls how the Moodys survive that first bleak winter in a Massachusetts town. Money and prospects are lacking, but not so faith and resourcefulness. "Mother" in Little Britches and Man of the Family , Mary Emma emerges fully as a character in this book, and Ralph, no longer called "Little Britches," ...


Suddenly Supernatural 4: Crossing Over
Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2011

One year older and a whole lot wiser, medium-in-training Kat Roberts finally seems comfortable healing the living dead. But when her free-spirited mother (aka professional medium) volunteers to chaperone her eighth-grade class trip to Old Montreal, Kat's problems become dead serious. From dealing with French Canadian ghosts to trying to win the heart of her top secret crush, Kat is in for beaucoup drama as she shows her school spirit. In ...


Little Britches: Man Of The Family
Ralph Moody

Harcourt Brace, 1953


Ain't No Angel (Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series) (Volume 2)
Peggy L Henderson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Delaney Goodman has been running from her painful past all her life. Dreams of working with horses have long been replaced with the reality of doing anything to make ends meet. About to hit rock bottom, she accepts a stranger’s proposition, even if it sounds too good to be true. She figures she has nothing, not even her dignity, to lose. She awakens in an unfamiliar setting - and century - and quickly discovers that she will need more than ...


A New Day Rising (Red River of the North #2)
Lauraine Snelling

Bethany House Publishers, 2006

The dream of their own farmstead and a good life in America had brought Roald and Ingeborg Bjorklund across the Atlantic to pioneer the virgin prairie of Dakota Territory. But Roald's tragic disappearance in a winter storm had turned Ingeborg's dreams into a living nightmare. Against nearly impossible circumstances and overwhelming grief, she struggles to keep the farm and her family together. When spring appears, Roald's distant cousin Haaken ...


The 'Official' CB Slanguage Language Dictionary (Including Cross Reference)
Lanie Dills

Lanie Dills, 2012

The new updated 2012 printing of The Official CB Slanguage Language Dictionary is now available in paperback from This New York Times Best Seller about CB radio lingo has sold over a million copies since its release and continues to be the standard reference for CB radio jargon. C.W. McCall of Convoy called The Official CB Slanguage Language Dictionary the CBers Bible. And Lanie Dills, the author was called the Webster of ...


Copper Chameleon, 2014

Ann Marie Ward finds herself alone in the world after her father’s death. His adoration has become her downfall when she finds herself responsible for the bills and expenses he left behind, all incurred for her education. In the small town of Copper Basin Tennessee, there aren’t very many options, especially for a gently bred woman. The isolated township is resistant to high ideas and change, so Ann Marie finds herself adopting her ...


Judith Ebner

AuthorHouse, 2002

Lindy Bradford is a precocious little girl struggling to find acceptance from her family. When her mother dies during childbirth, Lindy is left with a resentful father and bitter older brothers. As a child, Lindy finds the love she needs from the family's housekeeper, Birdie, a freed slave. Holding to the promise she made Lindy's mother upon her deathbed, Birdie convinces a compassionate ranch hand, Chancy, to give Lindy the skills she needs to ...


Horse of a Different Color (the little britches series)
ralph moody

books in motion, 2002

8 cassette tapes in plastic holder


Mel Bay 50 Tunes for Fiddle, Vol. 1: Traditional, Old Time, Bluegrass & Celtic Solos
Mark Geslison

Mel Bay Publications, Inc., 2004

50 Tunes Volume 1 for Fiddle is one book in a 5-book series. The 50 Tunes series is a collection of Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic tunes for ensembles, families and individuals. This book contains the same 50 tunes as those found in the other 4 books of the series, but carefully designed for the fiddle. The parts in this book range from beginner to advanced. All tunes contain a simple melody and most of the tunes contain an intermediate or ...


Father and I Were Ranchers (The Little Britches Series Book 1) [UNABRIDGED]

Books in Motion, 2001

The Moody family moves from New Hampshire to a Colorado ranch. Experience the pleasures and perils of ranching in 20th Century America, through the eyes of a youngster. Read by Cameron Beierle. 7 CD's 8.2 Hrs.


Watcher in the Piney Woods (American Girl History Mysteries)
Elizabeth McDavid Jones

American Girl, 2000

In 1865, while helping her family keep their Virginia farm going through the end of the Civil War, twelve-year-old Cassie meets a Confederate deserter and a Yankee prisoner of war and tries to discover who has been stealing from the farm.


The Most Unsuitable Courtship: The Kincaids Book 3
Caroline Clemmons

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Storm Kincaid wants justice; Rena Dmitriev wants vengeance. When Storm’s best friend and the friend’s wife are murdered, Storm secures a temporary appointment as Federal Marshal so he can trail and capture the killers. He follows them to twenty one year old Rena’s home, which is in flames when he arrives. She has surived by following her elderly husband’s instuctions while the men murdered the him. Storm intends to take her to the ...


Saving Seeds, Preserving Taste: Heirloom Seed Savers in Appalachia
Bill Best

Ohio University Press, 2013

The Brown Goose, the White Case Knife, Ora’s Speckled Bean, Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter — these are just a few of the heirloom fruits and vegetables you’ll encounter in Bill Best’s remarkable history of seed saving and the people who preserve both unique flavors and the Appalachian culture associated with them. As one of the people at the forefront of seed saving and trading for over fifty years, Best has helped preserve ...


Log Cabin Pioneers: Stories, Songs & Sayings
Wayne Erbsen

Native Ground Music, 2001

Step inside the door of Log Cabin Pioneers as Wayne Erbsen takes you on a personal journey of finding and restoring a historic log cabin. By the magic of a crackling fire, he'll introduce you to authentic pioneers who will sing you ancient songs, spin yarns about Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and Thomas Jefferson, and tell spell-binding tales of bear hunting with moonshine or give you advice on how to buy a mule. Join other settlers in a house ...



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