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Canoeing with the Cree
Eric Severeid

Borealis Books, 2004

In 1930 two novice paddlers--Eric Sevareid and Walter C. Port--launched a secondhand 18-foot canvas canoe into the Minnesota River at Fort Snelling for an ambitious summer-long journey from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay. Without benefit of radio, motor, or good maps, the teenagers made their way over 2,250 miles of rivers, lakes, and difficult portages. Nearly four months later, after shooting hundreds of sets of rapids and surviving exceedingly bad ...


Basic Canoeing: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics)

Stackpole Books, 2003

2003 National Outdoor Book Award Winner Step-by-step photos on correct form and essential strokes Illustrated guide to river maneuvers plus information on gear, safety, choosing a canoe This illustrated guide on the essential skills of canoeing should be required reading for anyone getting into the sport. A section on the mechanics of good paddling is followed by a catalog of the most important strokes, each illustrated in sequential photos, ...


Basic Essentials® Solo Canoeing (Basic Essentials Series)
Cliff Jacobson

Globe Pequot Press, 1999

No longer is the canoeist limited by the problem of finding a compatible partner. No longer is it necessary to decide who will be in the bow and who will be in the stern. With The Basic Essentials of Solo Canoeing, freedom is at your feet.


Canoeing & Camping Beyond the Basics: 30Th Anniversary Edition (How to Paddle Series)
Cliff Jacobson

Globe Pequot Press, 2007

This book shows how to pick and outfit a boat, master specialized techniques, and plan a wilderness trip that is safe, fun, and memorable for both adults and children. The author doesn't parrot the obvious. He includes procedures that only experts and members of canoe clubs know, a cutting-edge discussion of canoe design and construction, and the canoe and camping tricks he developed during his fifty-plus-year canoeing career that have made him ...


Canoeing in the Wilderness: (Henry David Thoreau Masterpiece Collection)
Henry David Thoreau

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

I started on my third excursion to the Maine woods Monday, July 20, 1857, with one companion, arriving at Bangor the next day at noon. The succeeding morning, a relative of mine who is well acquainted with the Penobscot Indians took me in his wagon to Oldtown to assist me in obtaining an Indian for this expedition. We were ferried across to the Indian Island in a bateau. The ferryman's boy had the key to it, but the father, who was a blacksmith, ...


NOLS Canoeing (NOLS Library)
Alexander Martin

Stackpole Books, 2013

Planning and outfitting, including what you'll need on the water and in camp for long or short trips Using lines, basic strokes, basic maneuvers, and drills, rigging, loading and unloading, carrying and moving Covers techniques for whitewater and open water travel, navigation, and canoeing in ice Full-color photos and trustworthy text from the experts in outdoor education


Historic Waterways-Six Hundred Miles of Canoeing Down the Rock, Fox, and Wisconsin Rivers, 2012

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Canoeing (Outdoor Adventures Series)
American Canoe Association

Human Kinetics, 2008

Canoeing is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities—more that 9 million people enjoy the experience each year. It allows you to socialize with friends and family while exploring new places as you relax and enjoy the outdoors. Canoeing not only provides you with the basic skills and knowledge you need to safely head out for adventures on a variety of water trails but also presents a strong foundational understanding of this recreational ...


Paddle Your Own Canoe: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing
Gary McGuffin, Joanie McGuffin

Boston Mills Press, 2003

The most comprehensive canoeing techniques book ever is now available for the first time in paperback. Illustrated with 600 full-color photographs, this wide-ranging book is designed with both beginner and seasoned canoeists in mind. Gary & Joanie McGuffin, North America's most celebrated canoeing couple, discuss issues rarely covered in other how-to guides, such as developing fitness and balance. The book offers first-hand, ...


Introduction to Paddling: Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers
American Canoe Association

Menasha Ridge Press, 1996

This amply illustrated introduction to flatwater and river paddling will be an important resource for both instructors and those who like to teach themselves.


Canoeing and Kayaking Wisconsin: The Rivers, The Towns, The Taverns
Doc Fletcher

Arbutus Press, 2011

Description of twenty great paddling trips in Wisconsin. The book details the river degree of difficulty for canoeing or kayaking, key landmarks along the water route, histories of the towns nearby, local campgrounds and liveries, and a neighborhood tavern. Doc's canoeing style is relaxing and fun for everyone.


Canoeing and Kayaking Florida (Canoe and Kayak Series)
Johnny Molloy, Elizabeth F. Carter, ...

Menasha Ridge Press, 2007

Completely updated, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida, 2nd Edition, is the most comprehensive guide to the best of Florida’s unique streams, springs, creeks, and rivers. Engaging and concise, this all-encompassing guide spares readers encyclopedic fluff in favor of practical information, and includes expanded regional maps and revised river maps.


Canoeing in the Wilderness
Alan Kesselheim

Barnes & Noble, 2007

"Alan Kesselheim is a master of the paddle and the pen . . . This [is] the best of Kesselheim: wit, wilderness savvy, and a boat-full of sound advice."-Larry Rice, editor, Canoe & Kayak Welcome to simplicity. You are holding the only wilderness paddling guide that tells you not just what gear you need, but what to leave behind and how to judge the difference. Welcome to discovery. This guide equips you to design and plan your own expedition ...


Instant canoeing and kayaking

Infinite Ideas, 2012

Canoeing and kayaking are two of the oldest forms of transportation on the planet, but since the 1980s moulding technology has made the sports accessible to everyone. Kayaking and canoeing are all about being one with your boat: as soon as you master the basic skills there is a remarkable freedom to be found in just paddling around under your own steam just inches from the water. Starting with the very basics, this book will talk you through all ...


Complete Book of Canoeing (Canoeing how-to)
I. Herbert Gordon

Globe Pequot Press, 2001

The Complete Book of Canoeing is a comprehensive guide for the beginner and an invaluable reference book for the seasoned veteran. From basic strokes and techniques to advanced rescue maneuvers, the indispensable information that veteran canoer Herb Gordon presents will benefit paddlers at all skill levels. You'll learn about basic equipment, tandem paddling, reading the water, field medicine, coping with wind and waves, lining and tracking, ...


Canoeing the Congo: The First Source-to-Sea Descent of the Congo River
Phil Harwood

Summersdale, 2014

An exhilarating and terrifying account of the historic first source-to-sea descent of the Congo At 2,922 miles, the Congo is the eighth longest river and the deepest in the world, with a flow rate second only to the Amazon. Ex-Marine Phil Harwood embarked on an epic solo journey from the river’s true source in the highlands of Zambia through war-torn Central Africa. With no outside help whatsoever he faced swamps, waterfalls, man-eating ...


Expedition Canoeing, 20th Anniversary Edition: A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America (How to ...
Cliff Jacobson

Globe Pequot Press, 2005

Canoeing expert Cliff Jacobson provides advanced techniques for canoeing in the wilderness, presenting the combined expertise of himself and his colleagues. Bursting with rich anecdotal accounts, advanced techniques, how-to illustrations, and source charts, this updated 20th anniversary edition expertly details everything a paddler needs to know to explore North America's legendary wilderness waterways.


Garden State Canoeing: A Paddler's Guide to New Jersey
Edward Gertler

Seneca Pr, 1992

"Garden State Canoeing" describes over 1,500 miles of New Jersey waterways, covering tiny creeks, big rivers, historic canals, and sprawling wetlands. It provides all the information you need to choose a destination and then properly plan a safe, enjoyable outing. While written primarily for the needs of canoeists and kayakers, this guidebook will also be a valuable resource for fishermen, hikers, bicyclists, and anyone else who desires to just ...


A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to the Ozarks (Canoe and Kayak Series)
Tom Kennon

Menasha Ridge Press, 2004

In the heartland of America rise the Ozark Mountains, teeming with cascading, free-flowing streams. Situated astride the Missouri/Arkansas border, the Ozarks represent a canoeing and kayaking wonderland. Still a comprehensive, accurate and readable guide, but now with a new design and format, A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to the Ozarks (formerly Ozark Whitewater) catalogs the varied rivers of the region. Inside are updated descriptions of all the ...


Canoeing Michigan Rivers: A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers, Revise and Updated
Jerry Dennis, Craig Date

Thunder Bay Press, 2013

Caution! You may want to paddle every river! Rapid by rapid, rock by rock descriptions of 1500 miles of canoeing opportunities on 45 blue-ribbon rivers by two experts who personally paddled every mile. A wealth of canoeing adventures from placid family floats to blood-curdling whitewater runs. Accurate, easy-to-follow maps show access sites, campgrounds, put-ins/take-outs, roads, bridges. . . and more. Concise, essential call-out data features ...



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