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The Healing Powers of Coffee
Cal Orey

Kensington, 2012

New Book on the Amazing Powers of Coffee   From the author of the hugely successful Healing Powers series (Honey, Vinegar, Olive Oil, and Chocolate) comes The Healing Powers of Coffee: A Complete Guide to Nature's Surprising Superfood .   It's the beverage we can't live without--yet few consume it without some guilt. But the wonderful truth is that coffee has abundant health benefits. Coffee boasts more antioxidants than cocoa ...


A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit Volume II
Jeretta Horn Nord, Cindy Patterson Thompson

Entrepreneur Enterprises, LLC, 2009

A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit features entrepreneur's true short stories written to inspire, energize and teach the reader. The stories include adversities, challenges, triumphs, and successes experienced by the entrepreneur to help readers discover passion and basic prinicples they can use to live the entrepreneurial dream. Touching both the heart and the head, these stories provide inspiration and education. Following ...


Espresso from Bean to Cup, The Complete Guide to Expresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Coffee
Nick Jurich

Missing Link Pr, 1992

Complete guide to espresso Cappuccino, Latte and Coffee. Guide on how to brew perfect espresso. Detailed instructions on everything you need to know to make espresso at home. Encyclopedic volume for espresso consumers.


Guy Portman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Dyson Devereux works in the Burials and Cemeteries department in his local council. Dyson is intelligent, incisive and informed. He is also a sociopath. Dyson’s contempt for the bureaucracy and banality of his workplace provides ample refuge for his mordant wit. But the prevalence of Essex Cherubs adorning the headstones of Newton New Cemetery is starting to get on his nerves. When an opportunity presents itself will Dyson seize his ...


A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit Women Entrepreneurs' Edition
Jeretta Horn Nord, Lou C. Kerr

Entrepreneur Enterprises, LLC, 2010

A CUP OF CAPPUCCINO FOR THE ENTREPRENEUR'S SPIRIT WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS' EDITION I features women entrepreneurs' true short stories written to inspire, energize and teach the reader. The stories include adversities, challenges, triumphs, and successes experienced by the entrepreneur to help readers discover passion and basic principles they can use to live the entrepreneurial dream. Touching both the heart and the head, these stories provide the ...


Italian Food Rules
Ann Reavis

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Did the waiter in Rome sneer when you asked for butter for the bread or for a cappuccino after dinner? Did your Venetian grandmother slap your hand when you reached for the Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on her spaghetti alle vongole? Did the Florentine guest in your home turn pale when offered leftover pizza for breakfast? Did the fruit and vegetable vendor at the Mercato Centrale yell at you when you checked out the ripeness of his peaches or ...


The Infinite Emotions of Coffee

Macchiatone Communications, LLC, 2012

The Infinite Emotions of Coffee provides a contemporary prism of the drink that so much of the world takes for granted every morning. Technopreneur Halevy's travels to more than 30 countries on six continents shed light on how coffee has shaped and is influenced by different cultures through the bean's centuries-spanning journey of serendipity, intrigue, upheavals, revival, romance and passion. With more than three years of field research, over ...


Cappuccino with Colossians (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
Sandra Glahn

AMG Publishers, 2007

Cappuccino with Colossians is part of the Coffee Cup Bible Studies , a series of Bible studies for women in compact, workbook format that examine the "life and times" of certain Bible characters and the books of the Bible that pertain to them. Each study is to be read over a four-to-six week period, and study sections are broken down into short, daily segments designed to fir reader's busy lifestyles. Understanding that time is ...


Finding Rome on the Map of Love
Ms Estelle Jobson

Estelle Jobson, 2012

Estelle has an admirable career in publishing and a hectic, yet rich life. When her Italian diplomat boyfriend gets posted to Rome, she throws it all up to accompany him. There, she reinvents herself as Signora Stella, a casalinga (housewife) on the city’s highest hill, Monte Mario. Starting in autumn, she muses on life amongst the Italians and cycles through the seasons and sentiments of the Italian psyche. Signora Stella commences and ends ...


Tall Skinny Cappuccino
Kimberly Huff

Mapletree Publishing Co., 2008

Emma Mosley is a dreamer who seems to be wishing on someone else's star. You'd think that meeting the love of your life would make you wonderfully happy. The problem is that he belongs to someone else-her boss! Then Emma is forced into working for a nasty politician, and we wonder if she can keep it together. With a few more surprises, including a love triangle and a shocking political scandal, Emma's world falls apart, and she learns that ...


Ghost Retrieval and Cappuccino (The Afterlife Series), 2010

"It has been a year since Penny Lane was murdered, and, even though she is no stranger to chaos, sometimes she is so afraid she wants to bolt the door and avoid people. In Ghost Retrieval and Cappuccino, her afterlife journey continues as old fears resurface, bringing with them an entity that appears to feed off of them. After Penny moves with her dog Rufus to a new home in the medieval era, she begins an assignment as a counselor for a newly ...


The Spending Strike
Sarah R. Baker

Tate Publishing, 2013

Society tells us to spend, not to save.


Eurotrash and the Adventures of the Cappuccino Kings

Mark Andre Shemwell, 2011

Follow two American soldiers, on their adventures through the urban landscapes of central Germany’s crime infested streets in the city of Frankfurt. Colorful characters, streetwise language, witty sarcasm, and provocative encounters keep the stories alive. A pugnacious, tough Army Sergeant adds to the misery of our entourage. Frankfurt’s night life offers the illusion to escape the drudgery of being misunderstood and underpaid Army soldiers. ...


Ghost Retrieval and Cappuccino (The Afterlife Series)
Bambi Harris

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Penny Lane is no stranger to chaos, and the second book in the Afterlife Series is taking her to new heights. A year after her murder, old fears resurface and she must deal with a shadow being that seems to feed off of them. She moves with Rufus to her new home in the medieval era and begins her new assignment as a counselor for a newly commissioned ghost retrieval team. She is teamed up with the handsome secretive Avery and vintage loving Eric. ...


Coffee Cafe: 80 Delicious Recipes from Classic Cappuccinos to Dessert Coffees
Sherri Johns

New Holland, 2009

Wake up and smell the coffee! From a cappuccino in Rome to a sweet cafezinho in Rio, people all around the world savor their cup of joe.  Now java lovers can become home baristas with this irresistible selection of coffee-based drinks—plus advice on making the perfect brew. These cafés come shaken, stirred, and blended, and include classic espressos, creamy confections, cool concoctions, after-dinner treats, and combinations with liquor ...


Dream Big! What's the Best That Can Happen? A Spiritual Guide to Unlimited Possibilities
Barbara Sanfilippo

Make It Happen Press., 1999

Every one of us has hopes and dreams. You do. I do. For years I've been sharing my Dream Big message with audiences around the world. Many of my friends have told me, "Barbara, you have a talent for creating everything that you want. You imagine a dream and then it just happens." I get numerous letters from people in my audiences who write, "I tried your suggestions and you won't believe what happened." With excitement they write about ...


Cappuccino Twist, 2014

A MYSTERY BREWING FOR HALF A CENTURY… For more than 50 years, an unsolved murder has haunted the Falcon family from across the Atlantic Ocean. Successful executive Marlena Falcon bravely promises her dying grandmother that she will solve the murder and avenge the perpetrator…in Spain. Quitting her posh VP job in Manhattan, Marlena swaps business suits for aprons as she arrives in her grandmother’s native Barcelona and works as a ...


ViVa's Healthy Dining Guide
Lisa Margolin, Connie Dee

Viva Center for Nutrition Llc, 2002

A Comprehensive Directory of Vegetarian, Healthy Ethnic, and Natural Foods Restaurants, and Markets across America. ViVa's Healthy Dining Guide is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in a heart healthy diet, optimum health, weight management, or simply healthful, delicious food. This guide contains useful information on over 2,100 healthy restaurants and markets around the country. The information is presented in a straightforward and ...


Canine Cappuccino: More Musings
Jennifer Perry

Dexter Press, 2013

If you like dogs and coffee, you are clearly a person of intelligence and good taste. If you liked Jennifer Perry's Dog Coffee (and really, who didn't?), you will love its follow up. Canine Cappuccino offers more delectable, bite-sized vignettes that will not only entertain and amuse, but provide useful information on how to be excused from jury duty (hint: it involves Gordon Lightfoot) and what every well-dressed woman wears to a ...


Make Mother Laugh: A comic story of love and friendship
Robert Brodie Booth

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Falling in love is easy, and falling in love in Rome, the most romantic city in the world, should be even easier. In Italy to attend his mother’s wedding, struggling English writer Leo Hawkins is enchanted with the magic of the Eternal City, the atmosphere, the food, the people, the cobblestoned piazzas… Then one day he spots Stella on the street, and all else pales into insignificance, her beauty and aura out of this world, and that’s ...



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