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Learn How to Draw Caricatures For the Absolute Beginner (Learn to Draw) (Volume 5)
John Davidson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Learn How to Draw Caricatures For the Absolute Beginner TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Quick Ink Sketches Caricature of a Child Head in profile Establishing tones/ shade values Drawing a Face in a Proper Proportion Drawing Caricatures with a Pencil Adding Cartoon Bodies to your Realistic Portrait Starting with a Facial Feature Exaggerating Proportions Caricature of a girl – Amplifying facial expression Drawing Detailed Caricatures of Children ...


A Caricaturist's Handbook: How to Draw Caricatures and Master Exaggeration
Jim van der Keyl

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010

Ever wonder how those artists can draw caricatures and get such a dead on likeness that often makes you howl with laughter or be amazed at the instant recognition of his subject? You may have seen them at theme parks or at conventions. Maybe you have seen their work in magazines and marveled at the ability to capture a likeness. If you are a budding artist or even an experienced artist that wants to dabble in caricature, this book is for you. ...


Face Off: How to Draw Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits
Harry Hamernik

IMPACT, 2006

Discover the fast, fun art of drawing comic portraits! Face Off shows you how to draw life like never before. Caricaturist Harold Hamernik shares the secrets to capturing the sillier side of friends, family, celebrities, strangers—any face that crosses your path. 40 step-by-step demonstrations show you how to sketch whimsical and expressive likenesses while developing your own quick, loose, improvisational style. You'll get expert ...


Drawing and Cartooning 1,001 Caricatures (Perigee)
Dick Gautier

Perigee Trade, 1995

With easy-to-follow instructions and his trademark sense of humor, Gautier shares his caricature techniques with people of all levels and abilities--from the compulsive doodler to the serious artist, showing how to make every image instantly recognizable--and instantly amusing. 400 b&w illustrations.


How to Draw Caricatures: Master the fine art of drawing parodies, including poses and expressions!
Martin Pope

Walter Foster Publishing, 2013

In How to Draw Caricatures , readers will learn to master the art of what makes a person "caricaturistic." Topics include exaggerating proportions and facial characteristics, understanding proportion, and drawing gestures. The book also instructs readers how to create expressions from memory, draw caricatures in profile, render body types and features, and much more. Filled with practical advice and celebrity examples including Will Smith, ...


Let's Toon Caricatures
Keelan Parham

Lunar Donut Pr, 2003

This is an instructional book on how to draw cartoon caricatures. With over 150 photos to practice from, it is the most extensive caricature book ever published. Multiple styles and medias are explored and there are step by step examples of how to draw caricature faces and cartoon bodies.


The Mad Art of Caricature!: A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces
Tom Richmond

Deadline Demon Publishing, 2011

In The Mad Art of Caricature , award-winning caricaturist and illustrator Tom Richmond shares his secrets to creating great caricatures, drawing on his 25 years of experience teaching live caricature techniques and producing award-winning humorous illustrations and caricatures for publications, books, advertising, video games, film, television animation, and clients like MAD Magazine . He takes the reader on an artistic journey, ...


Evolution of a Caricaturist - How to Draw Caricatures

Shafali Anand, 2014

Among all kinds of illustrations, caricatures evoke the highest response from the audience. A caricature achieves this by weaving the spell of humorous likeness around its subject. This book establishes a logical method to harness the creative madness that results in caricatures. The author calls it the "Feature Frame Method" and illustrates how this method can be used to selectively exaggerate every facial feature. Evolution of a ...


How To Draw Caricatures
Lenn Redman

McGraw-Hill, 1984

Includes hundreds of step-by-step instructions and examples of caricatured subjects that show the art in action.

 Masters: Anthony Geoffroy: World Famous Caricatures Collection & Drawing Techniques
Mad Artist Publishing

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

If you love celebritys and appreciate art this book is for you!. The ultimate Anthony Geoffroy Caricature Collection of World Famous Actors, Singers and celebrities. Laugh your way through 96 pages of hilarious content and innovative QR videos. 140 illustrations, 70 pencil sketches, over 35 video references you can play right from the book. Learn drawing and painting techniques from Anthony and renowned artists Jason Seiler, Court Jones, ...


MAD's Greatest Artists: Mort Drucker: Five Decades of His Finest Works
Mort Drucker

Running Press, 2012

A contributor to MAD since its earliest years of the fabled Humor magazine, Mort Drucker is recognized throughout the art world as one of the greatest caricaturists of the twentieth century. He has won numerous awards and honors including the National Cartoonists Society’s prestigious Reuben Award, the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award, and an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Boston. Drucker’s most famous ...


Infinite Jest: Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Constance C. McPhee, Nadine M. Orenstein

Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2011

From Leonardo's drawings of grotesque heads to contemporary prints lampooning American politicians, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a vast but largely unknown collection of caricatures and other satirical works. This handsome book offers 165 examples, dating from about 1500 to the present, that reflect the age-old tradition of using exaggeration and humor to convey personal, social, or political meaning. The selection of images is notably ...


Drawing Cartoon Faces: 55+ Projects for Cartoons, Caricatures & Comic Portraits
Harry Hamernik, 8fish

IMPACT, 2014

Discover the fast and fun art of drawing comic faces! Chances are you already know how to draw some expressions. But you can only go so far with "happy," "sad" and "angry." In order to give your comic portraits need to know what they look like when they are about to sneeze, when they smell something stinky or when they're flirting, terrified or completely dumbfounded! Good thing Drawing Cartoon Faces includes more than ...


How to Draw Caricatures

Michael Terry, 2013

This book is a must for anyone wishing to successfully draw caricatures, it is full of invaluable guidance plus set projects to help you master this art. The book starts with a brief history of the subject then looks at the various fields of caricature. From there follows an in-depth look at the process of producing a caricature, features are dealt with individually on how to caricaturise them. Following this the various styles of drawing ...


Drawing Caricatures: How to Create Successful Caricatures in a Range of Styles
Martin Pope

Arcturus Publishing Ltd, 2008

Amusing, rewarding and above all fun, caricaturing is an art form with a difference. In "Drawing Caricatures" professional caricaturist Martin Pope guides you through the stages of creating a successful caricature; from pinpointing your subject's unique features to choosing the best materials and drawing from life. Learn how to: . Capture the right expression . Use props and clothing . Take your subjects to the limit . Digitally enhance your ...


Daniel Clowes

Fantagraphics, 2002

The bestselling author of Ghost World collects his acclaimed short stories from Eightball and Esquire. The dramatic short stories included in Caricature have drawn comparisons to Nabokov for their complex naturalism and sense of humor. Anchored by the title story, considered the first apotheosis of Clowes' seminal Eightball underground comic book series, Caricature also includes eight other stories, including "Green Eyeliner," a ...


Learn How to Draw Caricatures: Step By Step Guide For the Beginner (Learn to Draw Book 39)

JD-Biz Corp Publishing, 2014

Learn How to Draw Caricatures Step By Step Guide For the Beginner TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Materials Starting with Caricature The Face More about the Face Sections I. The Hair and Forehead • Drawing the Hair • Different Hairstyles II. The Eyes and Eyebrows • Drawing the Eyes • Drawing the Eyebrows III. The Nose, Cheek and Ears • Drawing the Nose • Drawing the Cheek and Ears IV. The Mouth, Teeth and Chin ...


Caricatures: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (Collins Learn to Draw)
Alex Hughs

HarperCollins UK, 1999

Drawing is an essential skill for all artists and this book makes learning to draw caricatures as simple as possible. All the basics are covered, to provide a sound foundation in techniques, and numerous entertaining caricatures and step-by-step drawings show how these are put into practice. The book includes practical information on: tools and equipment; basic shapes and proportions; facial features and expressions; portraying personality; ...


Caricature Carving from Head to Toe: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Capturing Expression and Humor in Wood
Dave Stetson

Fox Chapel Publishing, 2003

Find out what makes a carving "caricature" with this top-notch guide. First you will learn how anatomy relates to expression by creating a clay model. Then, you will follow the author step-by-step through an entire carving project for an Old Man with Walking Stick. Additional patterns for alternate facial expressions, wood selection, tools and a photo gallery also included.


The Complete Book of Caricature
Bob Staake

North Light Books, 1991

Extensive samples from top professionals combine with step-by-step lessons and exercises to make this the definitive book on caricatures.



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