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Slovakia: The Bradt Travel Guide
Lucy Mallows

Globe Pequot Press, 2007

From restored architectural gems to imposing fortresses and romantic castles, this comprehensive guide covers all Slovakia has to offer. Includes detailed coverage of Bratislava, history and culture, outdoor recreation opportunities, and more.


The Immortal Coil (The Immortal Coil series) Book 1
J. Armand

Beau to Beau Books, 2014

Since the dawn of man a cosmic cycle of rebirth heralds the destruction of one era in preparation for the next. Centuries have passed since the last transition and those old enough to have survived can sense the end is nigh once more. After moving out on his own to New York City, twenty-year-old Dorian Benoit is the target of an attack by a horde of nightmarish intruders. He is about to give up hope when a clandestine gathering of supernatural ...


The Carpathian Gambit, 2013

A Tale of Adventure, Discovery & Uneasy Romance. 1989. The Berlin Wall has just fallen and communism is crumbling throughout Eastern Europe. An American businessman, alone in Romania, tumbles into a world of political turmoil, where double dealing tyrants and enforcers struggle to maintain their ruthless grip … and where a woman of surprising character and simple beauty ignites in him equal parts of desperation and hope. Follow Robb and ...


Checkmate in the Carpathians
Mary Reeves Bell

Kingsley Books, 2000

It's a deadly game . . . and every move could be their last! As Constantine Rea and his best friend, Hannah, sit across a chessboard from each other, a rickety train takes them from their Vienna home to a dream ski vacation in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. There, the sixteen-year-olds will be staying in style with Hannah's uncle-the American ambassador! But Con's VIP visions melt away when he opens a letter from his elderly friend Frau ...


Ukraine (Other Places Travel Guide)
Ashley Hardaway

Other Places Publishing, 2011

Palaces that emerge from the mountains, beaches with names like “New World,” ski resort towns straight out of a Bond film, and clubs where passwords must be whispered to enter – it must be Ukraine. A secret favorite of backpackers for years, Ukraine is finally getting recognized by the outside world for what it is: a can’t miss travel destination. This unique travel guide provides insight into Ukraine’s vast history in a – dare we ...


Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula
Robert Eighteen-Bisang, Elizabeth Miller

McFarland, 2008

Bram Stoker's initial notes and outlines for his landmark horror novel Dracula were auctioned at Sotheby's in London in 1913 and eventually made their way to the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, where they are housed today. Until now, few of the 124 pages have been transcribed or analyzed. This comprehensive work reproduces the handwritten notes both in facsimile and in annotated transcription. It also includes Stoker's ...


Carpathia (American Poets Continuum)
Cecilia Woloch

BOA Editions Ltd., 2009

Her traveling poetrics are striking in the way that she defies the borders of "narrative" and "lyric"; she combines the two seamlessly, an enviable gift. --Sacramento News & Review These poems move through love and death, sadness and euphoria, and across European and American landscapes, encountering lovers, strangers, and beloved ghosts. They arrive, finally, in a place of beauty, mystery, grief, and joy. Poems from this collection were ...


Dreaming of Wolves: Adventures in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania
Alan Sparks

Hancock House Pub Ltd, 2010

Winner, National Indie Excellence 2011 Book Award® for Nature; Finalist, National Indie Excellence 2011 Book Award® for Adventure. Part travelogue, part memoir, part natural and cultural history, “Dreaming of Wolves” presents a unique and thought-provoking story of adventure. Through a series of entertaining vignettes and informative essays, the author paints an extraordinary portrait of the lives of wolves, of the researchers who ...


The Color of Hay: The Peasants of Maramures
H. Woods McLaughlin, Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin

Self Published, 2011

Northern Transylvania is the last bastion of subsistence peasant villages in Europe. It is an area so remote that the Romans never conquered them. Yet just two decades after the fall of communism, modernity is finally overcoming their centuries old traditions. In a single generation, the villages shown here have gone from illiterate poverty to cell phone towers. Kathleen's photographs capture both the traditions and the change of the first ...


Hunky: The Immigrant Experience
Nicholas Stevensson Karas

AuthorHouse, 2004

Hunky is the story of twofamilies that lived on opposite sides of the continental divide high in the Carpathian Mountains of 19 century east-central Europe.It spans three generations and a hundred years in their plight to escape morethan a thousand years of oppression and servitude. Karasuses a unique journalistic genre, an adroit blend of history, biography,autobiography and fiction, that traces theirAmericanization in the coals mines and steel ...


Christine Feehan 5 CARPATHIAN NOVELS

Jove, 2011

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA


Grandma's Ritual Towel
Alvin Alexsi Currier

Alvin Alexsi Currier, 2013

Grandma's Ritual Towel is a passionate plea for an appreciation of the ritual towels that are so profusely found in Orthodox Christian ceremonies, celebrations, homes, and Churches. With a flowing poetic text the author spins an explanation of how linen is created and weaves into it the parallels with our lives that endow the cloth with a holy energy. The pages are embroidered with tales of particular towels and their uses. The book illustrates ...


The Lost Button

Glagoslav, 2012

The taut psychological thriller The Lost Button keeps the reader transfixed. It received first place in the Coronation of the Word competition in 2005 and subsequently was made into a feature film. The novel tells the story of young student scriptwriter’s encounter with a mysterious, femme fatale actress named Liza at a vacation resort in the Carpathian Mountains in Soviet Ukraine in the 1970s. Unable to let go of his love after getting lost ...


From the Darkness to the Light
Ildiko Eva Szombathy

AuthorHouse, 2009

Dear Reader, If you were born a free man or if you are one of the many survivors of communism, perhaps you are interested in reading the authentic life story of the Szombathy family, the devastating life they lived, and their persecution under the communist system. How the "red epidemic" destroyed their integrity as human beings and caused them much hardship. The unjust ways the ancient, noble family was forced into hard-labor camps and jail ...


The Treasure of the Carpathian Den (The MOG POG Saga Book 2), 2012

Lew thought his nightmare was over. Far from it. In this, the second novel of the MOG POG Saga, he, Grandpa, Suzanne, and Brickhouse find themselves in the mountains of Romania battling legendary beings of very bloodthirsty persuasions. Good thing his fighting skills, intellect, and purity of spirit haven’t abandoned him. Neither have the MOG POG werebears. He’ll need all the help he can get, to keep himself and his friends alive. The ...


The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lower Danube Region, c.500-700 (Cambridge Studies in ...
Florin Curta

Cambridge University Press, 2001

This book offers a new approach to the problem of Slavic ethnicity in southeastern Europe between c. 500 and c. 700. The author shows how Byzantine authors "invented" the Slavs, in order to make sense of political and military developments taking place in the Balkans. Making extensive use of archaeology to show that such developments resulted in the rise of powerful leaders, responsible for creating group identities and mobilizing warriors for ...


Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1250 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)
Florin Curta

Cambridge University Press, 2006

Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages stood at a crossroads of trade and crusading routes, within the sphere of influence of both the Byzantine Orthodox Church and Latin Christendom. This innovative and expansive survey draws on historical and archaeological sources in the narration of 750 years of the region's history. Among a number of key themes it addresses the rise of medieval states, the conversion to Christianity, the monastic movement ...


The Idea of Galicia: History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture
Larry Wolff

Stanford University Press, 2010

Galicia was created at the first partition of Poland in 1772 and disappeared in 1918. Yet, in slightly over a century, the idea of Galicia came to have meaning for both the peoples who lived there and the Habsburg government that ruled it. Indeed, its memory continues to exercise a powerful fascination for those who live in its former territories and for the descendants of those who emigrated out of Galicia. The idea of Galicia was largely ...


After Julia
Linda D. Edwards

Xlibris Corporation, 2012


Christine Feehan 3 Carpathian novels

Jove, 2011

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA



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