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The Black Dragon (Ben Alderman)
W D Newman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

With the witch defeated, the elves begin preparations to once again take up their vigil, guarding a black dragon from Crag named Zoltan. Merlin's last enchantment has kept the dragon asleep for centuries, but when Gabriel brings Hob along to inspect the dragon, the bumbling dwarf finds Merlin's staff and accidentally breaks the enchantment. Gabriel and Hob escape from the dragon into a cave that leads them into Kahzidar; the dreaded gnome mines, ...


Big Honey Dog Mysteries #1: Curse of the Scarab (Volume 1)
H Y Hanna

H Y Hanna, 2013

THE WISHING SHELF INDEPENDENT BOOK AWARDS FOR CHILDREN FINALIST Missing puppies. Deadly secrets. Serious slobber. All Honey the Great Dane ever wanted was a peaceful life - walking her human, checking Peemail at the park - but when neighbourhood puppies start disappearing, life takes a sinister turn. Why are dead scarab beetles found after each disappearance? Do the strange markings on a gravestone really spell out an ancient Egyptian ...


Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental ...
Moshe Kasher

Grand Central Publishing, 2012

Rising young comedian Moshe Kasher is lucky to be alive. He started using drugs when he was just 12. At that point, he had already been in psychoanlysis for 8 years. By the time he was 15, he had been in and out of several mental institutions, drifting from therapy to rehab to arrest get the picture. But KASHER IN THE RYE is not an "eye opener" to the horrors of addiction. It's a hilarious memoir about the absurdity of it all. When he ...


Angel Catcher
Kathy Eldon, Amy Eldon, ..., 1998

Over the past decade, this classic work has helped thousands find meaningful ways to overcome the despair of losing a loved one. Now, Angel Catcher has been revised and updated to convey its powerful message of hope to a new audience. Featuring brand new illustrations and a fresh updated look, the tasteful pages of this journal guide the user through the process of mourning and onward to a lasting sense of peace in the face of loss.


Baby Catcher : Chronicles of a Modern Midwife
Peggy Vincent, 2002

She never tired of the miracle. Each time she knelt to "catch" another baby, beloved California mid-wife Peggy Vincent paid homage to the moment when pain bows to joy, one person becomes two, woman turns to goddess, and the world moves aside to make room for one more soul. Trained as a nurse at Duke University in the early 1960s, Vincent begins working in the delivery room of a local hospital in the San Francisco Bay area. Even after ...


The Glory of Their Times : The Story of Baseball Told By the Men Who Played It
Lawrence S. Ritter

Harper Perennial, 1992

The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It


People of the Lakes (The First North Americans series, Book 6)
Kathleen O'Neal Gear, W. Michael Gear

Tor Books, 1995

Clan fighting over a powerful totemic mask has brought the Mound Builder people of the Great Lakes region to the edge of destruction. It is up to Star Shell, daughter of a Hopewell chief, to rid her people of this curse. Along with her companions: Otter, a trader; Pearl, a runaway; and Green Spider, either prophet or madman, she braves the stormy waters of the lakes to reach the majestic waterfall known as Roaring Water. She is determined to ...


40,000 to One (Volume 1)
Ben Petrick

KMP Enterprises, 2012

What if I told you that a decade ago, one of the greatest baseball prospects of his era was hitting home runs off Hall of Famers while hiding Parkinson's disease? What if I told you this is not the most amazing part of Petrick's story? When he signed a big-league contract, baseball executives and scouts uniformly predicted he would be the Rockies starting catcher for a decade. 'Think Buster Posey with speed,' says Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle, ...


Horse Diaries #2: Bell's Star
Alison Hart

Random House Books for Young Readers, 2009

Vermont, 1850s Bell’s Star is a brown Morgan colt with a white star and two white stockings. He was bred for hard work, yet he longs to run free with his human friend, Katie, on his back. But when Star helps rescue a runaway slave girl, his ideas about freedom may change forever. Here is Star’s story . . . in his own words. With exciting and knowledgeable text and lovely black-and-white art throughout—both by real horse owners—Horse ...


The Time Keeper
Kevin E. Cropp

Copper Press, 2005

Sixteen miles downstream from the birthplace of George Washington, where the Shenandoah River comes out of the Blue Ridge carrying sycamore leaves and acorns, came a gem that shone brighter than most. That gem was Linda Wails, but when she found herself living on a dead-end street, next door to a black cat and mourning doves in the bushes, she knew her life had gone awry. Maybe she was right, because at the age of thrity-eight all the black cats ...


The Ruby Tear Catcher

Summerhill Press, 2011

The Ruby Tear Catcher is the heartwarming story of an Iranian woman whose life is uprooted during the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the 1970s and 1980s. While jailed in Tehran's most-feared prison, where she's held for her father's anti-regime sentiments, Leila tells her story in flashback. She describes her childhood days in Tehran and shares her experiences as a college student in the United States, where she falls in love with Jack, only to ...


Grandmother's Dreamcatcher
Becky R. McCain

Albert Whitman & Company, 1998

When Kimmy has bad dreams, Grandmother shows Kimmy a dreamcatcher, and with a twig, beads, feathers, and leather, they begin to make one just for Kimmy. Will it work? Instructions for making a dreamcatcher appear at the end of the book. Full color.


The Dickson Baseball Dictionary (Third Edition)
Paul Dickson

W. W. Norton & Company, 2009

The expanded and now-definitive work on the language of baseball—“That rarest of sports books, a valuable reference work that provides absorbing and enlightening reading.” ( Sports Illustrated ) Hailed as “a staggering piece of scholarship” ( Wall Street Journal ) The Dickson Baseball Dictionary is the most complete resource on the lexicon of baseball in the English language. More than twenty-five years in the making, with the help ...


A Yankee Century: A Celebration Of The First Hundred Years Of Baseball's
Harvey Frommer

Berkley Trade, 2003

What better time to read about the Yankees than in 2009, when the new Yankee Stadium opens? This gift-worthy volume will capture the audience caught up in the excitement. Nothing defines America like baseball. And nothing defines baseball like the Yankees. From the team's beginnings in 1903 to their World Series championships in '96, '98, '99, and 2000, this album captures that century in words, stats, and pictures. Included are such ...


The Kid from Tomkinsville (Odyssey Classic)
John R. Tunis

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989

Right before the serious accident that ends his dream of pitching, Roy Tucker is called up from a small-town team in Connecticut to help the Brooklyn Dodgers out of a slump. Introduction by Bruce Brooks.


A Sweetness to the Soul (Dreamcatcher Series #1)
Jane Kirkpatrick

Multnomah Publishers, 2008

Based on historical characters and events, A Sweetness to the Soul recounts the captivating story of young, spirited Oregon pioneer Jane Herbert who at the age of twelve faces a tragedy that begins a life-long search for forgiveness and love. In the years that follow, young Jane finds herself involved in an unusual and touching romance with a dreamer sixteen years her senior, struggles to make peace with an emotionally distant mother, and ...


Rickey and Robinson: The Men Who Broke Baseball's Color Barrier
Harvey Frommer

Taylor Trade Publishing, 2003

Blending exclusive interviews with Rachel Robinson, Mack Robinson (Jackie's brother), Hall of Famers Monte Irvin, Duke Snider, Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella, Ralph Kiner and others, celebrated author Harvey Frommer evokes the lives of Brooklyn Dodgers manager Branch Rickey and heralded baseball player Jackie Robinson to describe how they worked together to shatter baseball's color line. Rickey and Robinson is a dual biography tracing the ...


The 33-Year-Old Rookie: How I Finally Made it to the Big Leagues After Eleven Years in the Minors
Chris Coste

Ballantine Books, 2008

Chris Coste dreamed of playing major-league baseball from the age of seven. But after eleven grueling years in the minors, a spot on a major-league roster still seemed just out of his reach–until that fateful call came from the Philadelphia Phillies in May 2006. At age thirty-three (“going on eighty”), Coste was finally heading to the big time. The 33-Year-Old Rookie is like a real-life Rocky, an unforgettable and inspirational story of ...


SQL Queries Joes 2 Pros: SQL Query Techniques For Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Volume 2 (Sql Exam Prep)
Rick A Morelan

BookSurge Publishing, 2009

Once you know the basics of the SQL language, it's time to take the next step toward specialization: query writing! All objects in SQL support the need to get data in and out of databases, and writing queries is the key to capturing the data you want. "SQL Queries Joes 2 Pros" shows you a proven roadmap that has helped many beginning SQL students get their certifications and launch their careers. If you want to get ready for MCTS certification, ...


Heads-Up Baseball : Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time
Tom Hanson, Ken Ravizza

McGraw-Hill, 1998

"This book provides practical strategies for developing the mental skills which help speed you to your full potential."---Dave Winfield What does it mean to play heads-up baseball? A heads-up player has confidence in his ability, keeps control in pressure situations, and focuses on one pitch at a time. His mental skills enable him to play consistently at or near his best despite the adversity baseball presents each day. "My ability to ...



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