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Monarch Butterfly: Caterpillar and Butterfly Facts For Kids

Morgan Louis, 2013

Learn about the exciting life of a Monarch butterfly! Discover the life stages of this amazing creature from egg to caterpillar to a beautiful orange butterfly. Witness the transformation in your own backyard! This book was written for children that might be interested in caterpillars, butterflies, plants or just the natural world outside their window. The book explains the life cycle of a the Monarch butterfly and includes details in the ...


The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle

Philomel, 1994

THE all-time classic picture book, from generation to generation, sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds! Have you shared it with a child or grandchild in  your  life? "The very hungry caterpillar literally eats his way through the pages of the book—and right into your child's heart..." — Mother's Manual "Gorgeously illustrated, brilliantly innovative..." — The New York Times Book Review


National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly
Laura Marsh

National Geographic Children's Books, 2012

Butterflies are all around us. It's hard to believe these majestic insects with impressive wingspans and beautifully colored and patterned wings were once creepy crawly caterpillars. How in the world does this transformation happen? This level 1 Reader gives kids an up-close look at exactly how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. With bonus information including different types of butterflies and poisonous caterpillars, this reader is one of a ...


Ants: Fun Facts and Cool Pictures. Insect Photos & Insect Facts for Kids. (Animal Photo Books for Kids.), 2013

Ants. Fun Facts and Cool Pictures. Animal Photo Books for Kids. What is in the book… Fun facts. Designed for kids, but adults love’em too! Brilliant photos. Each page has a brilliant, crisp photo. Colorful pictures, taken close-up. Questions kids love (with answers!). Is that hair? Do ants notice me when I walk near them? Do ants hibernate in winter? Who is this book for… For adults who want to read to their ...


From Caterpillar to Butterfly (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)
Deborah Heiligman

HarperCollins, 1996

A caterpillar comes to school in a jar and the class watches the caterpillar each day as it grows and changes. Soon, it disappears into a hard shell called a chrysalis. Where did it go? This is a perfect beginner's guide to the mystery of metamorphosis. Named as a NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, this book explains the life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly with easy-to-follow prose from Deborah Heiligman and warm, ...


Caterpillars Don't Check Email

Xist Publishing, 2013

What do caterpillars like? Carrots? Coffee? When a caterpillar finds a little girl, she shares all of her favorite activities with it. This fun little story features 16 full-color illustrations and lyric text suitable for toddlers and and beginning readers. Find More Great Options for Kindle Kids Books! Xist Publishing Children's Books Choose from over 180 illustrated children's books!


Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown

HarperCollins, 2007

In a great green room, tucked away in bed, is a little bunny. "Goodnight room, goodnight moon." And to all the familiar things in the softly lit room—to the picture of the three little bears sitting in chairs, to the clocks and his socks, to the mittens and the kittens, to everything one by one—he says goodnight. In this classic of modern children's literature, beloved by generations of readers and listeners, the quiet poetry of the words ...


Butterflies: A Kids Book About The Monarch Butterfly-With Monarch Butterfly Pictures and Monarch Butterfly ...

Billie Regent Publications, 2013

The monarch butterfly has been called the king of the butterfly. It amazes the world with its flying strength, flying over 2,000 miles between Mexico and Canada every year. Its striking orange color makes it stand out and get attention by all observers, children and adults alike. The book is filled with monarch butterfly facts for kids and monarch butterfly pictures for kids. Children ages 7 and up should be able to read this book ...


My, Oh My--A Butterfly!: All About Butterflies (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)
Tish Rabe

Random House Books for Young Readers, 2007

With a little help from the Cat in the Hat, Sally and Dick observe a small miracle in their own backyard—the metamorphosis of an egg into a caterpillar into a chrysalis into a bright new butterfly! Along the way, beginning readers will find out how butterflies see thousands of images at once, drink nectar from flowers, avoid predators, and can be identified by size, shape, and color. Readers will also follow the amazing migration of millions ...


Garden Pests and Problems 2nd Edition (The Constant Gardener), 2014

Inside Garden Pests and Problems 2nd Edition you will find ways to fight those common garden pests using both chemical and natural strategies. Interesting topics are discussed in an easy-to-read format. Cutworms GYPSY MOTHS WHITEFLIES White Grubs Tent Caterpillars Grasshoppers Leafrollers Flea Beetles Leafhoppers Cabbage Butterflies Scroll up and click "Buy Now" to access your download in seconds!


Thank You, God, For Blessing Me (Max Lucado's Little Hermie)
Max Lucado

Thomas Nelson, 2011

Meet Little Hermie —the cutest baby caterpillar in the garden! Little Hermie’s thankful heart shows toddlers how to be thankful for God’s blessings. Little Hermie is thankful for everything God has given him. He goes through his day thanking God for his many blessings in this adorable board book with flocking on the cover! With over 5.5 million brands units sold, the new Little Hermie books open the wonderful world of the Hermie ...


Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly
Jane O'Connor

HarperCollins, 2012

Fancy Nancy thinks butterflies are simply exquisite. And that is why she can't wait for her friend Bree's Butterfly Birthday. It's going to be the fanciest birthday party ever! But when Nancy finds out she can't go because her grandparents' fiftieth anniversary party is the same day, she is furious. (Mad is way too plain for how she feels.) Will Nancy be able to overcome her disappointment?


The Very Quiet Cricket Board Book
Eric Carle

Philomel, 1997

A quiet little cricket who dreams of rubbing his wings together to make a sound just like so many other animals finally achieves his goal, in a board book edition of the classic picture book that comes complete with a chirping cricket sound. -Ingram Please Note : The sound of the cricket would be soft, going by the Title "The Very Quiet Cricket".


Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, Updated and Expanded
Douglas W. Tallamy

Timber Press, 2009

As development and subsequent habitat destruction accelerate, there are increasing pressures on wildlife populations. But there is an important and simple step toward reversing this alarming trend: Everyone with access to a patch of earth can make a significant contribution toward sustaining biodiversity. There is an unbreakable link between native plant species and native wildlife — native insects cannot, or will not, eat alien plants. When ...


Flight of the Butterflies (Penguin Young Readers, L3)

Grosset & Dunlap, 2010

Starting from the northern United States and southern Canada, millions of Monarchs converge every fall in one region in central Mexico. It's not only an amazing sight to behold for the lucky residents of the area, but also a true miracle of nature. This easy reader follows the 2,500 mile-long journey of the Monarchs, with both full color illustrations and photographs.


Butterflies Don't Chew Bubblegum!

Creative Voyagers, 2014

Butterflies Don't Chew Bubblegum is an imaginative, interactive, children's picture book. Kids will giggle at the fun, creative things bugs do with bubblegum. For example, worms jump from the trees on bubblegum parachutes and ladybugs host an upside-down tea party on gum furniture. But you'll never catch a butterfly being silly because... butterflies don't chew bubblegum! Publisher's Note: This color picture book has been sized for Kindle ...


Butterflies Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)
Jan Sovak

Dover Publications, 1992

Forty-three finely detailed, accurately rendered illustrations of pipevine swallowtail, monarch, buckeye, white admiral, olive hairstreak, California dogface, mourning cloak, great spangled fritillary, fiery skipper, painted lady, many others. Captions provide data on coloration, range, habitat, special characteristics, more. Captions by Monty Reid.


Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies: Take-Along Guide (Take Along Guides)
Mel Boring

Cooper Square Publishing Llc, 1999

An introduction to the world of insects, caterpillars, and butterflies including identification information, educational activities, and fun facts.Invites young naturalists to spot wildlife. Safety tips are provided and interesting activities are suggested.


Children's Book: Butterflies (Amazing Pictures Of Animals For Kids)(Beginner Readers eBook Series for age 2-6), 2013

Book for animal lovers in general and Butterflies lovers in particular. Each page has a picture of a Butterflies and his name in big letters that young children begin to learn to recognize the word associated with the picture. Older children can begin to hear the name of the Butterflies and learn the different types. Great for students in kindergarten and first grade to learn to read and pronounce words. The book is written with love!!! Enjoy ...


La oruga muy hambrienta: Board Book (Spanish Edition)
Eric Carle

Philomel, 2002

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is inarguably one of the most popular children's books of all time. Now, here is the Spanish board book version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar , filling an important niche for the youngest of Spanish-speaking children.



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