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Beautiful Death: The Art of the Cemetery (Penguin Studio Books)
Dean Koontz

Penguin Studio, 1996

In the spirit of Halloween comes a compelling meditation on mortality by an evocative world-class photographer and by the bestselling master of the mystery thriller. From the history of the 19th century European municipal cemetery to the grave of an Italian couple whom "death shall not divide", Beautiful Death is a many-faceted tribute to an eternally fascinating subject. 130 color photos.


Cemetery Stories: Haunted Graveyards, Embalming Secrets, and the Life of a Corpse After Death
Katherine Ramsland

It Books, 2001

Never look at a grave the same way again Admit it: You're fascinated by cemeteries. We all die, and for most of us, a cemetery is our final resting place. But how many people really know what goes on inside, around, and beyond them? Enter the world of the dead as Katherine Ramsland talks to mortuary assistants, gravediggers, funeral home owners, and more, and find out about: Stitching and cosmetic secrets used on mutilated bodies ...


If The Stones Could Speak: A Guide to the Shapes and Symbols in your Local Cemetery
Ryland Brown M.Ed.

Gateway Seminars, 2014

Where did the idea of being buried "six feet under" come from? Why are hands sometimes pointed upward and sometimes pointed downward on a tombstone? These and other questions are answered in If The Stones Could Speak. If The Stone Could Speak is a guide to the shapes and symbols in your local cemetery.


Rest in Peace: A History of American Cemeteries (People's History)
Meg Greene

21st Century, 2007

From unsanitary pits to today's "green" cemeteries, Rest in Peace explores the evolution of burial practices and how they reflect the history and culture of the United States. Interspersed with primary source quotations and fascinating photographs, the book offers an unusual window in to the expression of American cultural identity across the ages.


Stories Told In Stone: Cemetery Iconology
Gaylord Cooper

MOTES, 2009

STORIES TOLD IN STONE: Cemetery Iconology is subtitled 'A Manual for Genealogy Research' for many reasons. From graveyard to cemetery, author and certified genealogist Gaylord Cooper explains definitions, symbols and sources beneficial in the study of genealogy, culture and history. Readers of many backgrounds will find this both a useful tool for research and a fascinating read for simple curiosity. Sometimes artfully ornate, sometimes ...


Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography

Gibbs Smith, 2004

Certain symbols abound in modern Western culture that are instantly recognizable: the cross signifies Christianity, the six-pointed Star of David is revered by Jews, the golden arches frequently means it's time for lunch. Other symbols, however, require a bit of decoding-particularly those found in cemeteries. Cemeteries are virtual encyclopedias of symbolism. Engravings on tombstones, mausoleums and memorials tell us just about everything ...


The American Resting Place: 400 Years of History Through Our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds
Marilyn Yalom

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008

A sweeping history of America as seen through its gravestones, graveyards, and burial practices, stunningly illustrated with eighty black-and-white photographs Cemeteries and burial grounds, as illuminated by an acclaimed cultural historian, are unique windows onto our religious, ethnic, and deeply human history as Americans. The dedicated mother-son team of Marilyn and Reid Yalom visited hundreds of cemeteries to create The American ...


Cemetery Crawl - A Journey into History: Taking a walk through history with a sense of humor. Prostitutes, ..., 2014

A "Cemetery Crawl" is usually comprised of a group of intellectuals following a Historian through an old graveyard. The Historian recounts the history of well known people who are buried in the Cemetery. This is a good way to get out into the sun and learn something about the past at the same time. A good Cemetery Crawl can teach you all about The Old West, prominent pioneers, gun fighters, ladies of the evening, brothels, politicians, ...


Cemeteries and Gravemarkers: Voices of American Culture

Utah State University Press, 1992

Cemeteries house the dead, but gravemarkers are fashioned by the living, who record on them not only their pleasures, sorrows, and hopes for an afterlife, but also more than they realize of their history, ethnicity, and culture. Richard Meyer has gathered twelve original essays examining burial grounds through the centuries and across the land to give a broad understanding of the history and cultural values of communities, regions, and American ...


Beyond Grief: Sculpture and Wonder in the Gilded Age Cemetery
Cynthia Mills

Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2014

Beyond Grief explores high-style funerary sculptures and their functions during the turn of the twentieth century. Many scholars have overlooked these monuments, viewing them as mere oddities, a part of an individual artist's oeuvre, a detail of a patron's biography, or local civic cemetery history. This volume considers them in terms of their wider context and shifting use as objects of consolation, power, and multisensory mystery and wonder. ...


Remember Me/ Within The Walls Of Bonaventure Cemetery

Vera Turner, 2012

First in a series of 4 of Southeastern historical victorian-era cemeteries. Remember Me is more than just pictures, it is the stories behind the memorials that makes this book different from what is currently available on this popular cemetery. A historical photographic look at the people who once called Savannah, Georgia their home and who now rest in one of the most visited cemeteries in the United States; Bonaventure. Bonaventure has ...


The Photo Book of Cemeteries and Graveyards. Images of graves, tombs, cemeteries, epitaphs, crypts, ...

Internal Arts, 2014

Image contents Ancient Cemetery Old Church with ancient graves Crucifixes in rural graveyard Old cemetery Hammer house theme St john cemetery Modern Burial ground Angel watching over snow covered tombs Langförden lower saxony, Germany Creevykeel stones circles in Ireland Cross with graves karori cemetery Crypt South tyrol val venosta cemetery Day of the dead, China French graveyard Ancient stone graves ...


Cemetery Girl
David Bell

NAL Trade, 2011

Four years after Tom and Abby's 12-year-old daughter vanishes, she is found alive but strangely calm. When the teen refuses to testify against the man connected to her disappearance, Tom decides to investigate the traumatizing case on his own. Nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover.


The Cemetery, 2015

She grieves for her boyfriend who has died at the tender age of sixteen. As she visits his grave and kneels by the headstone she knows their love will never die.


Dead Voices: #2 (A Bridgeton Park Cemetery Book), 2014

When Nick Borja asks his psychic friend, Cassie Valentine, for her opinion on a haunted bed and breakfast, Cassie is left with a slew of questions: Who haunts the mansion, and why? What happened in the small back room that makes it the crux of the haunting? Why has Aaron Jacoby, the caretaker’s young son, become so ill after moving to the premises? Most of all, why is her boyfriend, Michael Penfield, suddenly acting like an alien ...


Eyes Within the Cemetery, 2013

If moving wasn't already bad enough, Marcus' new house doesn't have a backyard, it has a graveyard. He didn't want to believe ghosts, ghouls, and zombies lived back there. Marcus didn't want to think the cemetery was haunted. But when he spots two glowing Eyes Within the Cemetery he won't have a choice but to confront an unspeakable evil living right outside his bedroom.


Cemetery Girl: Book One: The Pretenders (The Cemetery Girl Trilogy)
Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden

InkLit, 2014

CEMETERY GIRL: THE PRETENDERS Charlaine Harris, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the Harper Connelly Mysteries, and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden present an original graphic novel illustrated by acclaimed comic book artist Don Kramer—first in a brand-new trilogy. She calls herself Calexa Rose Dunhill—names taken from the grim surroundings where she awoke, ...


The Prague Cemetery
Umberto Eco

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade, 2011

The #1 international bestseller, from Umberto Eco, author of The Name of the Rose “Vintage Eco . . . the book is a triumph.” – New York Review of Books Nineteenth-century Europe—from Turin to Prague to Paris—abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Jesuits plot against Freemasons. Italian republicans strangle priests with their own intestines. French criminals plan bombings by day and celebrate Black Masses at night. Every ...


Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide

Mark Masek, 2011

For more than 100 years, Hollywood Forever Cemetery has been one of the premier burial locations for entertainment celebrities, studio executives and members of the Hollywood film community. Today, it’s one of the top tourist destinations for fans who want to pay their respects to their favorite stars. “Hollywood Forever Cemetery: The Unauthorized Guide” is the most complete and comprehensive directory to find the final burial locations ...


Cemetery Dance (Agent Pendergast series)
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Grand Central Publishing, 2014

Pendergast--the world's most enigmatic FBI Special Agent--returns to New York City to investigate a murderous cult. William Smithback, a New York Times reporter, and his wife Nora Kelly, a Museum of Natural History archaeologist, are brutally attacked in their apartment on Manhattan 's Upper West Side . Eyewitnesses claim, and the security camera confirms, that the assailant was their strange, sinister neighbor--a man who, by all ...



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