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Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels (The Million Dollar Mysteries Book 2)

Harvest House Publishers, 2011

From award-winning author Mindy Starns Clark comes the fast-paced and inspirational Million Dollar Mystery series. Attorney Callie Webber investigates nonprofit organizations for the J.O.S.H.U.A. Foundation and awards the best of them grants up to a million dollars. In each book of the series, A young widow, Callie finds strength in her faith in God and joy in her relationship with her employer, Tom.  In book number two of The Million ...


Wind Chime Café (A Wind Chime Novel Book 1)

Sea Rose Publishing, 2014

USA TODAY Bestseller and Top 20 Kindle Bestseller Gold Medal Winner in the 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Contest for Best Contemporary Romance First Place Winner in the 2014 OKRWA International Digital Awards for Best Contemporary Romance Top Five Finalist in the 2014 Kindle Book Review Awards When single mother, Annie Malone, purchases a quirky Main Street café on Heron Island, she thinks she's finally turned her ...


Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise

Hayson Publishing, 2013

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise is a story of loss, grief, survival and the healing powers of friendship and nature. Annie is a strong-minded girl, who battles with her secretive mother to uncover the truth about her grandmother’s suicide. At nineteen, she goes against social convention and trusts and relies on Bo, her family’s African American friend and her surrogate father, as she struggles to save the fourteen summer rental cottages left to ...


Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay Saga 1-4 (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)

Jove, 2011

Welcome to Nora Roberts’s captivating saga about the lives and loves of four brothers on the windswept shores of the Chesapeake Bay… Sea Swept Cameron Quinn is coming home to say goodbye to the only father he ever loved. And he’ll have to put his fast-paced life on hold to care for the last lost boy Ray Quinn hoped to save… Rising Tides Though not born to the tradition of a waterman, Ethan Quinn has embraced the life. But now, ...



Bettie Youngs Book Publishers, 2014

When Charmaine and her husband adopted Toby, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, they figured he might need some adjusting time, but they certainly didn’t think he’d be a holy terror, beset by severe anxiety and destructive behavior that would take a miracle to curb. Turns out, Toby routinely opened and emptied closets, turned on water taps, and pulled things from the bookshelves. Oddest of all was his penchant for locking himself in the bathroom, ...


Birds of Maryland & Delaware Field Guide: Includes Washington, D.C. & Chesapeake Bay
Stan Tekiela

Adventure Publications, 2005

Learn about and identify birds using Stan Tekiela's state-by-state field guides. The full-page, color photos are incomparable and include insets of winter plumage, color morphs and more. Plus, with the easy-to-use format, you don't need to know a bird's name or classification in order to easily find it in the book. Using this field guide is a real pleasure. It's a great way for anyone to learn about the birds in your state.


Why Do They Act That Way?: A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen
Dr. David Walsh Ph.D.

Atria Books, 2005

In this national bestseller, acclaimed, award-winning psychologist Dr. David Walsh explains exactly what happens to the human brain on the path from childhood into adolescence and adulthood. Revealing the latest scientific findings in easy-to-understand terms, Dr. Walsh shows why moodiness, quickness to anger and to take risks, miscommunication, fatigue, territoriality, and other familiar teenage behavior problems are so common -- all are linked ...


Teaching with Fire: Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Teach

Jossey-Bass, 2003

Reclaim Your Fire " Teaching with Fire is a glorious collection of the poetry that has restored the faith of teachers in the highest, most transcendent values of their work with children....Those who want us to believe that teaching is a technocratic and robotic skill devoid of art or joy or beauty need to read this powerful collection. So, for that matter, do we all." ?Jonathan Kozol, author of Amazing Grace and Savage Inequalities "When ...


A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur's Guide to Oyster Eating in North America
Rowan Jacobsen

Bloomsbury USA, 2007

Passionate and playful, this is the first comprehensive guide to identifying, serving, and savoring one of America's original and most delicious foods.   Considered one of the great sensual foods since the time of ancient Rome, eaten in the United States since its earliest human habitation, oysters are now seeing an American renaissance. Like wine and cheese, they owe much of their flavor to terroir , or the specific environment in which they ...


The Most Important Fish in the Sea: Menhaden and America
H. Bruce Franklin

Island Press, 2007

In this brilliant portrait of the oceans’ unlikely hero, H. Bruce Franklin shows how menhaden have shaped America’s national—and natural—history, and why reckless overfishing now threatens their place in both. Since Native Americans began using menhaden as fertilizer, this amazing fish has greased the wheels of U.S. agriculture and industry. By the mid-1870s, menhaden had replaced whales as a principal source of industrial lubricant, with ...


Skipjack: The Story of America's Last Sailing Oystermen
Christopher White

St. Martin's Press, 2009

In Skipjack, Christopher White spends a pivotal year with three memorable captains as they battle man and nature to control the fate of their island villages and oyster fleet. Through these lively characters, White paints a vivid picture of life on a skip - jack, a wooden oystering sailboat as they dredge for oysters—a favorite staple of iconic American seafood cuisine for over a hundred years. But this last vestige of American sailing ...


Dr. Bob Arnot's Guide to Turning Back the Clock
Robert Arnot

Little, Brown and Company, 1996

In his bestselling Guide to Turning Back the Clock, Dr. Bob Arnot showed men everywhere how to look younger, feel younger, be younger Now, in his new book, he reveals the secrets of permanent weight loss for both men and women -- and gives us a breakthrough eating plan for the twenty-first century. Drawing on up-to-the-minute research in many disciplines, Arnot demonstrates that foods act like drugs on the body: some invariably promote weight ...


Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood
Taras Grescoe

Bloomsbury USA, 2009

“If you’re a seafood lover, pick up this guide to which fish are the best for our bodies and which are best for the environment.”— San Francisco Chronicle Just when opting for omega-3-rich seafood is being recognized as one of the healthiest dietary choices a person can make, the news seems to be full of stories about mercury-laden tuna, shrimp contaminated with antibiotics, and diminishing fish stocks. Is it still even good for us? ...


The Sharpie Book
Reuel Parker

International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, 1993

The Sharpie Book traces the development of the sharpie from its earliest days to the latest plywood-and-epoxy designs; gives comprehensive instructions that can be used to build sharpies of all types and sizes; and includes more than a dozen designs and plans for sharpies from 15 to 40 feet from the likes of Chapelle, Kunhardt, Munroe, Boiger, Clapham, Kirby, and the author. A sharpie is a long, narrow, flat-bottom craft that evolved in the ...


Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830
John H. Elliott

Yale University Press, 2006

This epic history compares the empires built by Spain and Britain in the Americas, from Columbus’s arrival in the New World to the end of Spanish colonial rule in the early nineteenth century. J. H. Elliott, one of the most distinguished and versatile historians working today, offers us history on a grand scale, contrasting the worlds built by Britain and by Spain on the ruins of the civilizations they encountered and destroyed in North and ...


Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body
Reginald A. Ray PhD

Sounds True, 2014

  What does it mean to "meditate with the body"? Until you answer this question, explains Reggie Ray, meditation may be no more than a mental gymnastic-something you can practice for years without fruitful results. In Touching Enlightenment, the esteemed author of six books on Buddhist history and practice guides you back to the original practice of the ...


George Washington's Great Gamble: And the Sea Battle That Won the American Revolution

International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, 2010

One shining yet overlooked moment that changed the course of the Revolutionary War In the opening months of 1781, General George Washington feared his army would fail to survive another campaign season. The spring and summer only served to reinforce his despair, but in late summer the changing circumstances of war presented a once-in-a-war opportunity for a French armada to hold off the mighty British navy while his own troops with French ...


The Butterfly & The Bull

Hadjer Publishing, 2011

A global financial crash causes the destabilization of the American government and results in a coup by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Donnie McLennan, a Scotsman with an uncanny talent, is seeking his wife Ellie who has been abducted by agents of the state. In the process, he becomes involved in a conspiracy to restore democracy to the land of the free. Donnie goes to work for the resistance movement, led by the charismatic Phaedrus. He becomes a ...


American Small Sailing Craft: Their Design, Development and Construction
Howard I. Chapelle

W. W. Norton & Company, 1951

From the author of Yacht Designing and Planning and Boatbuilding : the definitive history and survey of the great classic American small sailing craft. American Small Sailing Craft (originally published 1951) is considered the classic among small-boat builders and historians. In it Chapelle has documented many fast-vanishing working boats, making this the authoritative history of a passing maritime fleet. Illustrated throughout


Sailing With Carol: A Love Story
Ron Ieva

BookSurge Publishing, 2009

Sailing with Carol is about love and sailing; a childhood romance, separation, and reunion. First playmates, we became sweethearts until in the turmoil of the sixties, we walked diverse paths. Reunited decades later, we pursued our dreams, living an enchanted existence for twenty-one years, sailing our boats to faraway places. During those voyages Carol mastered her fears and honed the resolve she would so desperately need in the final years of ...



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