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Collapse (The Yellow Flag Series)

Anchor City Publishing, 2013

In 2016, the United States government made a last-ditch effort to ensure the American dream. The citizens, however, did not have the same vision. When 40 year-old Tess, a widowed mother and nursing home administrator, is forced to comply with the REEP Program and receives notice that all government funding for all residents has been cut, she is faced with making decisions that stretch her moral standards. Doug, a fuel truck driver, sees ...


Moscow, December 25, 1991: The Last Day of the Soviet Union
Conor O'Clery

PublicAffairs, 2011

The implosion of the Soviet Union was the culmination of a gripping game played out between two men who intensely disliked each other and had different concepts for the future. Mikhail Gorbachev, a sophisticated and urbane reformer, sought to modernize and preserve the USSR; Boris Yeltsin, a coarse and a hard drinking “bulldozer,” wished to destroy the union and create a capitalist Russia. The defeat of the August 1991 coup attempt, carried ...


The Prepper's Handbook - Second Edition: A Guide To Surviving On Your Own (The Survival Triangle Series)
Bryan Foster aka Zion Prepper, Camden Foster aka Zion Prepper Jr.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

This edition of The Prepper's Handbook has over 100 pages of new and updated information with the original Prepper's Handbook cover design. My other books include Sheltering-In-Place, The Christian Prepper's Handbook - Second Edition, and The Prepper's Survival Guide - An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire. Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF). The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). Without Rule Of Law (WROL). This is what ...


The Prepper's Handbook - Second Edition: A Guide to Surviving on Your Own
Bryan Foster, Zion Prepper, ...

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

This edition of The Prepper's Handbook contains a new cover design and over 100 pages of new and updated information . See my other books which include Sheltering-In-Place, The Christian Prepper's Handbook - Second Edition, and The Prepper's Survival Guide - An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire. Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF). The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). Without Rule Of Law (WROL). This is what Preppers ...


Jingling Our Change (Liberty Dying Series)

Ponker Press, 2013

For over 40 years, Bloom’s been kicked around by the hard knocks of life. Events cascade into chaos as she tries to help her friends survive the infrastructure collapse. Polite society experiences a massive correction. Struggling through violent clashes and heartbreaking decisions, the small group grows strong bonds as they work together to hold on to their food, guns and property as the government reaches in to take what they want by ...


America's Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great Depression

AVA Publishing, 2006

By the early 90s, a raging bull market was delivering spectacular returns, causing some to believe that a market collapse and subsequent depression would soon appear. As a result of these fears, some exited the capital markets altogether. Thereafter, the Internet took off causing the market bubble to swell, many high-tech stocks with seemingly limitless valuations. Over the course of its 13-year stretch, the market appreciated by over 600 ...


American Meltdown: Book Two of The Economic Collapse Chronicles, 2014

Written from a Christian constitutional worldview, American Meltdown, Book Two of The Economic Collapse Chronicles uses dystopian fiction to take an in-depth look at the economic and political trends that have taken America to the edge of bankruptcy. The book assesses the current course of the nation and projects it into the near future. In Book Two, America has entered into a full scale financial meltdown. The members of the Bair family do the ...


The Skinny on the Housing Crisis: What Every Homeowner and Homebuyer Needs to Know

Rand Media Co, 2009

Well finally someone has taken a new approach to a non-fiction book. THE SKINNY ON THE HOUSING CRISIS: What Every Homeowner and Homebuyer NEEDS TO KNOW!!! is, well, skinny. This 168 page book is 2/3 illustrated with stick people and 1/3 text. The point is that less can be more and that it is time for writers and publishers to value the reader s time and attention span. The Skinny is about a very serious subject how America dragged itself into ...


Collective Retribution

Storehouse Entertainment, 2013

The United States of America is a nation on the brink of collapse. With high unemployment, religious extremism, partisan politics, and civil unrest, mixed with the uncertainty of the global financial markets, it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. Some countries are poised, troops at the ready, waiting for this day and the opportunity to seize it all. Levi Nirschell, family man, rancher, patriot, and NSA operative has ...


The Coming Collapse of the American Republic: And what you can do to prevent it
Robert A. Hall

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

The Coming Collapse of the American Republic draws together extensively-researched details about four threats which are combining to destroy the future for our grandchildren: 1. The incomprehensible debt and unfunded financial liabilities of all levels of government; 2. The threat of uncontrolled, illegal immigration to our economy and culture; 3. The asymmetric war imposed on us by Islamic Jihadists; and, 4. The rise of China as a competitive ...


Life Rules: Nature's Blueprint for Surviving Economic and Environmental Collapse

New Society Publishers, 2012

Corporate capitalism has ravaged the planet the same way HIV ravages the human body, triggering a critical mass of cascading environmental, economic, social, and political crises. Economic and climate instability, collapsing ecosystems, peak fossil fuels, and devastating resource wars—if the Earth were a patient, her condition would be critical. Life Rules offers a comprehensive analysis of our present circumstances, combined with a holistic ...


Survivalist Magazine Issue #4 - Collapse Medicine, ...

CDI Publications, Inc., 2012

Table of Contents Collapse Medicine:How to Suture Wounds - Dr. Bones A Medical Education for Every Age - Lisa Bedford Making and Using a Colloidal Silver Generator - Mat Stein The Folding Utility Knife as an EDC Tool - Steve “Sasquatch” Mayka The Next Super Bug - Mat Stein Daily Habits to Boost Your Immune Function - Brian Jones, PHD. Basic Survival Hygiene - Chance Sanders How to Build a Blowout Kit - Dave White Treating Chronic Disease ...


Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

CCB Publishing, 2011

If there was an unexpected emergency, do you have a 72-hour emergency kit stored in your car that will get you home safely? And when you arrive will there be enough food, water and medical supplies to see you and your loved ones past a short-term or long-term crisis? If the answer is no, Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes offers common sense, drama-free advice on food storage, preparedness goods and getting your home ...


The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church
Malachi Martin

Putnam Pub Group (T), 1981

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church_ by the late traditionalist Roman Catholic priest Father Malachi Martin is a fascinating account of the history of the church progressing from the earliest beginnings to Constantine's eventual relationship with the church during the reign of Pope Silvester I up until the post Vatican II popes and Pope John Paul II.


Vodka Shot, Pickle Chaser: A true story of risk, corruption and self-discovery amid the collapse of the ...
David A. Kalis

Forward Motion Publishing, 2014

For David, graduating from college was a matter of course, but figuring out what to do next with his life turns into a paralyzing decision. On a whim, he decides to travel to the Soviet Union. His loose plans call for a thirty-day tour of Leningrad, but after finding himself caught up in the middle of a coup d’état that destabilizes the country, he ends up staying abroad for two and a half tumultuous years. From surviving perilous run-ins ...


FREE FALL (Marcus King Series)

On The Spot Books, 2013

"This promises to be an addictive series that will fire your anticipation for the next book. And the next. Remarkable work." Amazon Reviewer A secret society.  A stolen government file.  A vengeful plan to topple a country. FREE FALL -  Marcus King is invited to join the Omega Group-a hidden order tasked with protecting the United States from outside influence and manipulation. But during one of his initial meetings, he's ...


11th Hour Preparedness - 2nd Edition, 2013

Infrastructure is the network of services and supply that we have grown dependent on. What do we do when it fails us? How will you live when you can't trust the water and the grocery stores are empty? Are you prepared to keep your family healthy, fed, and safe during disruptions of social controls that can happen because of acts of nature, terror, or economic collapse? 11th Hour Preparedness will assist you to evaluate your unique ...


Gardener Winter (American Apocalypse), 2012

Decades after the economic collapse, Gardener is an aging legend now working as a contractor in the post-apocalyptic American Southwest. Gardener finds himself caught in the middle of a small town under siege on his way to a routine assignment. Here familiar faces reappear, and the calculated killer that champions children and underdogs tests his hell-bent desire to go out in a blaze of glory against his luck once again.


The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA

Byliner Inc., 2011

"College athletes are not slaves," writes Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Taylor Branch in "The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA." "Yet to survey the scene—corporations and universities enriching themselves on the backs of uncompensated young men, whose status as 'student-athletes' deprives them of the right to due process guaranteed by the Constitution—is to catch the unmistakable whiff of the plantation." Branch, ...


Bless the Bees: The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What You Can Do to Stop It

Amazon Digital Services, 2013

The Bees are Facing Extinction.  Find out why and what you can do about it. "This is a very important book and one that belongs in the hands of everyone who cares about ecology and the preservation of the bee population, and that in turn means the preservation of life as we know it on this planet."  Grady Harp, Literary Aficionado      "Bless the Bees" is not a book just about bees. It is a book about us - ...



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