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Beyond Neutral: Quilts Inspired by Nature's Elements
John Q. Adams

That Patchwork Place, 2014

Join adventurous quilter John Q. Adams on a bold exploration of quilting color palettes. In these striking graphic designs, he draws inspiration from nature—wind, water, earth, leaf, sky, grass, lava, coral, and stone—to open up exciting new combinations of color and fabric. Find 16 fabulous projects suitable for all skill levels Create beautiful effects by moving beyond neutral-colored background fabrics Enjoy clear illustrations and ...


200 Fair Isle Designs: Knitting Charts, Combination Designs, and Colour Variations
Mary Mucklestone

Search, 2011

Knitters will first learn to read colour charts and then gain the confidence to use the patterns to create their own stunning projects and garments. A unique "selector" at the beginning of the book makes it easy to choose a design you like. Organised by row and stitch count, each of the patterns is accompanied by an easy-to-follow chart indicating both the pattern stitches and the colours used, and each sample is shown charted in an alternative ...


Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits: Innovative Flavor Combinations, Plus Homemade Versions of Kahlúa, ...
Andrew Schloss

Storey Publishing, LLC, 2013

What do you get when you add flavors and sweetener to vodka, brandy, whiskey, or rum? Homemade liqueurs! You’ll be delighted by how easy it is to make your own versions of popular brands such as Bailey’s, Triple Sec, and Kahlúa, as well as dozens of original flavor combinations. Andrew Schloss shows you the basic techniques for making a liqueur – typically as simple as combining fruit with liquor and sugar, letting the mixture sit for a ...


Fine Foliage: Elegant Plant Combinations for Garden and Container
Karen Chapman, Christina Salwitz

St. Lynn's Press, 2013

Foliage comes in a mind-boggling variety of color, shape and growth habit. But which ones complement each other and work best for the many garden situations people have? Fine Foliage gives the home gardener 60+ examples of plant combinations that work for every purpose, whether in sun or shade, path or meadow, porch or poolside. Each plant combination is introduced with an on-site photograph and “Why This Works” text, accompanied by ...


Feeding Baby: Simple Approaches to Raising a Healthy Baby and Creating a Lifetime of Nutritious Eating

Cedar Fort, Inc., 2014

Healthy nutrition is the best way to ensure your baby's life is off to a healthy start! This ultimate guide to preparing wholesome foods for your infant includes everything you need to keep baby's tummy full and your whole family healthy and happy. Inside you'll find Over 80 recipes for nutritious and delicious baby foods Helpful tips for picky eaters Nutritional info on which foods are best for baby Advice on how to establish ...


Carol Doak's Creative Combinations w/ CD: Stunning Blocks & Borders from a Single Unit 32 Paper-Pieced Units ...
Carol Doak

C&T Publishing, 2013

Carol Doak is back with something new for paper piecers! Learn how the same rectangular unit can work in dramatically different ways in the blocks and borders of your quilt. If you haven’t tried paper-piecing yet, you’ll discover how quickly and easily your quilt comes together with Carol’s foundation piecing technique. She provides tips for tools and fabrics, plus plenty of inspiration. Try Carol’s inspiring quilt projects to learn ...


Knit Your Own Zombie: Over 1,000 Combinations to Rip 'n' Reassemble for Horrifying Results
Fiona Goble

Adams Media, 2012

Join the legions of The Crafting Dead! From your traditional living-dead moaners to the hard-partying Zombie Rock Star and deliciously evil Zombie Chef, each one of these creatures is easy to knit and hard to kill. Best of all, every piece of every zombie is held together with Velcro strips and snap fasteners, so there are endless variations of Undead legions to discover. We've included some mashup pages to get you started (including a deadly ...


Prayer Book/Hymnal Combination - Black
Church Publishing


This is the standard Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church together with The Psalter or Psalms of David according to use in the Episcopal Church in the United States authorized in 1979. Included is the normative edition of The Hymnal 1982 for all who sing, choir and congregation alike, containing all hymns and service music. Genuine leather, gold edges, ribbon markers, gift ...



HarperAudio, 2007

In Scranimals , you will find the fragrant Rhinocerose and the cunning Broccolions, and, if you are very, very quiet, you'll spot the gentle, shy Pandaffodil. So put on your pith helmet and join Jack Prelutsky for an adventure you will never forget!


The Stasi File: Opera and Espionage - A Deadly Combination

Peter Bernhardt, 2013

Dust from the demolished Berlin Wall has barely settled, the East German police state is teetering on the edge of collapse, and Stasi General HOLGER FRANTZ will stop at nothing to save it. Caught in his intrigue are two unlikely heroes: American lawyer ROLF KELLER, recently divorced, fresh off the bottle, and mysteriously dispatched by his senior law partner to coordinate document drops by a defecting Stasi agent, and aspiring opera diva SYLVIA ...


The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English: Your guide to collocations and grammar. Third edition revised by ...

John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2010

Speak and write perfect English! • BBI teaches you how to combine words with words to form phrases (so you can say “ mortgaged to the hilt ; I want something badly ”). • BBI also teaches you how to combine words into structures to form clauses and sentences (so you can say “I want you to go = What I want is for you to go ”). • So BBI helps you with both vocabulary and grammar. • BBI shows you important vocabulary ...


A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting
Dr. David Abudram

E Yarok Ba Yam, 2013


Sun Sign, Moon Sign
Charles Harvey

Thorsons, 1994

Discover the key to your unique personality through the 144 sun-moon combinations.


Exercises for the Violin in Various Combinations of Double-Stops (for Violin)
Roland Vamos

Carl Fischer, 2012

The most direct way to describe the essence of the concept and benefits of these exercises for the aspiring violinist is to simply quote one of its students, as well as the creator himself. From Rachel Barton Pine: Vamoss double-stop exercises fill a void in the literature of technical exercises for violinists and violists. Today there are many classic books with thirds, sixths, octaves, etc., by such composers as Schradieck, evcik, Flesch, and ...


Three Keys to Self-Understanding: An Innovative and Effective Combination of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ...
Pat Wyman

Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 2002

Self-discovery can be an elusive process. Some people never fully express their true personalities because of obstacles from the past. Others float through life with a set of defense mechanisms that seem adequate until something happens to shake that pattern. In her groundbreaking work, Pat Wyman combines three psychological techniques to create a successful method of personal integration. The foundation of the work is a comparative exploration ...


The Eureka Method: How to Think Like an Inventor

McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, 2011

Fuel your "Eureka!" moments and become a successful inventor Envision breakthrough new products using the proven methods and applied reasoning techniques of today's successful inventors. The Eureka Method: How to Think Like an Inventor lays out a systematic approach to innovation. Discover how to look at social developments and trends to find new ways of combining and improving existing technologies and systems. Plain-language examples of ...


Juicing Recipes For Oranges (Benefits Of Juicing Book 2), 2013

Orange Juice Lovers Can experience tasty orange juice combinations by adding other fruits and vegetables Compare The Differences A description of the differences in blenders and juicers Choose one of the three ways to get started eat more fruits and vegetables juice your fruits and vegetables blend your fruits and vegetables What Readers Are Saying This is a wonderful book that will tell you and show you (through pictures) all you ...


Draw and Paint Realistic Horses: Projects in Pencil, Acrylics and Oills
Jeanne Filler Scott

North Light Books, 2011

Saddle up for some creative fun! The pure beauty and spirit of horses makes them a favorite subject for artists. With the friendly instruction in this book, rendering these magnificent animals is both achievable and fun, even for beginners. Step by step, Jeanne Filler Scott shows you how to draw and paint the elegant lines, graceful movements and unique personalities that capture your heart. 12 start-to-finish projects cover a variety of ...


Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant: And Other Poems

HarperAudio, 2007

What do you get when you cross...a toaster with a toad? A tuba with a baboon? A clock with an octopus? A hat with a chicken? An umbrella with an elephant? Why, a pop-up toadster, a tubaboon, the clocktopus, a hatchicken, and the bold umbrellaphant. And what do you get when you cross this book with a kid? Why, a happy kibook!


Plant by Numbers: 50 Houseplant Combinations to Decorate Your Space
Steve Asbell

Cool Springs Press, 2014

The inspirational DIY guide for painting a stunning portrait in houseplants. Hot Pink Limeade, Café Au Lait, Raspberry Margarita . . . wait, are we talking about plants here? It's not often that we think of decorative houseplants as 'delicious', but in Plant by Numbers , there's no denying that author Steve Asbell makes his debut as a "gourmet chef" of the floral color palette. With his unique and fun recipe-style approach, visually ...



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