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Major Account Sales Strategy

McGraw-Hill, 1989

An Arsenal of Shrewd Tactics and Winning Strategies to Make You a Major Account Sales Success Knowing how to get to the decision maker, deal with the competition, understand buyer psychology, and service the client--these are the keys to success when you need to nail down major accounts. Now, for the first time, here's a book of practical, proven-effective strategies and tactics for the entire major account sales cycle. Based on Neil ...


Narcotics Anonymous, it works: How and why
(Narcotics Anonymous)

World Service Conference, Literature Committee Approval Literature for WSC '87, 1986

Pristine Condition. Original Review Copy from 1986. White Cover. Collectible Quality


The Hellhound of Wall Street: How Ferdinand Pecora's Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed ...
Michael Perino

Penguin Press HC, The, 2010

A gripping account of the underdog Senate lawyer who unmasked the financial wrongdoing that led to the Crash of 1929 and forever changed the relationship between Washington and Wall Street. In The Hellhound of Wall Street , Michael Perino recounts in riveting detail the 1933 hearings that put Wall Street on trial for the Great Crash. Never before in American history had so many financial titans been called to account before the public, and ...


The Parties Versus the People: How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans
Mickey Edwards

Yale University Press, 2012

America's political system is dysfunctional. While this is a widely held view, it is a problem that—so far—has proved intractable. After every election, voters discover yet again that political "leaders" are simply quarreling in a never-ending battle between the two warring tribes, the Republicans and Democrats. In this critically important book, a distinguished statesman and thinker identifies exactly how our political and governing systems ...


Testimony of Dr. John Ellis, commissioner of education, to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, April 15, ...
John Ellis

New Jersey Dept. of Education, 1992

"A stunning volume" ( Time ) and the most magnificent book on the world's trees published in years. The publication of Remarkable Trees of the World took American audiences by storm. Thomas Pakenham embarks on a five-year odyssey to most of the temperate and tropical regions of the world to photograph sixty trees of remarkable personality and presence: Dwarfs, Giants, Monuments, and Aliens; the lovingly tended midgets of Japan; the enormous ...


Defiant Heart

Penfield Publications, 2014

Two extraordinary characters. One unforgettable love story. In the spring of 1941, young Jon Meyer’s family dies in a tragic accident, and he is sent to live in a small Indiana town. He arrives to find himself unwanted and shunned. Mary Dahlgren is the mayor’s daughter. A pretty girl, she could have the pick of the boys in town, including Vernon King, the star of the vaunted high school basketball team. To the chagrin of her ...


Too Cruel, Not Unusual Enough

The Steering Committee Press, 2013

Across the United States, locked tight behind high walls of deadly electrified fences, are more than 41,000 men and women sentenced to die. These are their stories of brutality and beauty, of violence and virtue, of the neverending quest of all human beings to make sense of the lives they are leading. Life without the possibility of parole, the other death penalty, is a sentence condemned by virtually all other countries embraced here in the ...


Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
The Climbing Committee of the Mountaineers

The Mountaineers, 1963

Hardcover book that informs the reader of the basics of outdoor climbing, from ice to rock in an easy to understand way! Very well written.


Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement (Harvest Book)
John Lewis, Michael D'Orso

Harvest Books, 1999

The son of an Alabama sharecropper, and now a sixth-term United States Congressman, John Lewis has led an extraordinary life, one that found him at the epicenter of the civil rights movement in the late '50s and '60s. As Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Lewis was present at all the major battlefields of the movement. Arrested more than forty times and severely beaten on several occasions, he was one of the ...


American Standard Version Bible

Messers. Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1901

The 1901 American Standard Version - Translated from the Original Tongues - Considered to be the Most Accurate New Testament Translation. Full Size Bible: Complete with references and side notes. Sewn not glued binding, great family or reference Bible.


The Thinking Fan's Guide to the College Football Playoff
Stewart Mandel

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

In his uniquely informative and entertaining style, renowned college football writer Stewart Mandel provides a comprehensive guide to college football's new era. He examines why it took 145 years for the sport to adopt a simple four-team playoff. He demystifies the confusing rotation in which the Rose, Sugar and four other bowls will take turns hosting semifinal games. He examines the criteria selection committee members like Tom Osborne and ...


Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, Revised Edition
Robert L. Guyer

Engineering THE LAW, inc., 2003

Guide to State Legislative Lobbying is an inside look at the tools proven to win in the state legislature. It provides in detail, principles and techniques necessary for effective state lobbying. Topics include: What Is Lobbying? Assessing Your Chances of Success; Developing the Lobbying Campaign; Hiring & Working with Contract Lobbyists; Negotiating; Legislative Procedure; Lobbying Visits; Succeeding with Committees; ...


The Booster Leader: 35 Leadership Essentials for a Thriving Booster Organization
Dan Caldwell

Regen Group, LLC, The, 2014

Whether you've just accepted a leadership role in your child's booster organization or you're considering the possibility, The Booster Leader is for you. Here you will find thirty-five proven leadership essentials that are quick and easy to implement. The Booster Leader will help you lead with purpose, inspire the volunteers around you, and achieve all of your fundraising goals. You will also learn how to comply with the IRS and insulate your ...


How To Manage Your Board While Your Board Manages You, 2009

A practical guide to working effectively with a board of directors for new and experienced CEOs. This is a no-nonsense guide for CEOs and boards of directors seeking strategies for mutually improved and effective relationships, with essential information about the functions and ethos of corporate boards. There are many books written about corporate strategies and governance, but how do these provide a solid foundation for ...


ExpressWay to Growth: A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Including The Accelerators: Eight Questions ...
Nick Arvis

Presidents Advisory Committee, 2013

Do you own and operate a business? Do you want to? Are you ready to work hard and smart to live your dream? Then this straightforward, no-nonsense, and easy-to-read guidebook should be your constant companion. With more than 30 years as a business owner as well as valued confidante and adviser to other business owners, author Nick Arvis provides an especially practical route to building and running a successful company—your successful ...


The Committee for the Reburial of Liver-eating Johnston: Memoirs of a Dyslexic Teacher

Timber Butte Publishing, 2014

In 1974, Tri Robinson and his 7th grade American Literature class went on an unthinkable quest to dig up and rebury a famous mountain man. That man was John Johnston – otherwise known by his legendary name as Liver-eating Johnston, and the inspiration for the Robert Redford movie, Jeremiah Johnson. This is the remarkable story of how, against all odds, 24 twelve-year-old kids succeeded in persuading the U.S. Congress to name their class as ...


Defending Identity: Its Indispensable Role in Protecting Democracy
Natan Sharansky

PublicAffairs, 2008

Who is better prepared to confront challenges and defend principles in a volatile modern world? Those with strong national, religious, ethnic, or tribal identities who accept democracy, or democrats who renounce identity as a kind of divisive prejudice? Natan Sharansky, building on his personal experience as a dissident, argues that valueless cosmopolitanism, even in democracies, is dangerous. Better to have hostile identities framed by ...


Before You Go: A Few Sneaky-Good Questions Every Minister Must Answer Before Moving to a New Church, 2011

Who should read Before You Go? 1. All Minister/Pastor types who are thinking about changing churches. While written from the perspective a Lead Pastor, it will also be a helpful read for ministers filling other staff roles. 2. Members of search teams looking to improve their search process. It will give search teams insights into what candidates may be thinking throughout the process, as well as some deeper questions to explore during ...


Catholic Household Bless & Prayer/Rev Ed
Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy

USCCB Publishing, 2007

The newly revised Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers is the perfect resource for parents and children to explore the rich treasury of the Catholic tradition of prayer. Use Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers to: * Learn the by-hearts the essential prayers that every Catholic child and adult need to know by memory * Practice the simple form of the Liturgy of the Hours as a family * Celebrate the feasts and seasons of the Church year in ...



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