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In Sickness as in Health: Helping Couples Cope with the Complexities of Illness
Barbara Kivowitz, Roanne Weisman

Roundtree Press, 2013

For those who find themselves at the intersection of lifetime love and overwhelming obligation, the right path is often painful and difficult to find. When illness invades the couple relationship, partners ask themselves and each other some really hard questions: "What do I want to do for this person whom I have loved for many years?" "How much of my life do I give up to take care of my beloved?" "How do I sit by my beloved's side and watch her ...


The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God

Penguin Audio, 2011

Based on his most popular sermon series, New York Times best-selling author Timothy Keller delivers an extraordinarily insightful look at the keys to happiness in marriage. Few subjects are as compelling-or as endlessly variable-as love and marriage. The Bible is filled with references to husbands and wives, from the story of Adam and Eve to advice in the New Testament, each open to interpretation. In The Meaning of Marriage , Timothy ...


A Tomb on the Periphery

Gival Press, 2011

Honorable Mention: 2009 London Book Festival for Fiction. This novel a mix of crime, ghost story and portrait of the protagonist continues Domini’s tales in contemporary Southern Italy, in the manner of his last novel Earthquake I.D. "If a change scenery and pace is what you're looking for in a summer read, look no further. John Domini provides an earthy, fast-paced novel set amid the underground antiquities market and immigrant communities ...


Making Things Work: Solving Complex Problems in a Complex World
Yaneer Bar-Yam


SUPERANNO The science of complexity has revolutionized our understanding of everything from the brain to the economy to the weather. This reference shows how it can change the way we approach our most persistent social problems by introducing key concept Title: Making Things Work Author: Bar-Yam, Yaneer Publisher: Necsi Knowledge Pr Publication Date: 2005/05/30 Number of Pages: 306 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress:


FIRE: How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation
Dan Ward

HarperBusiness, 2014

Noted military technology expert Dan Ward's manifesto for creating great products and projects using the methods of rapid innovation. Why do some programs deliver their product under cost, while others bust their budget? Why do some deliver ahead of schedule, while others experience endless delays? Which products work better—the quick and thrifty or the slow and expensive? Which situation leads to superior equipment? With nearly two decades ...


Rigorous Reading: 5 Access Points for Comprehending Complex Texts (Corwin Literacy)
Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher

Corwin, 2013

"With Rigorous Reading Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey have provided literacy educators who are committed to successfully raising the bar with solutions that make sense.  The book is masterfully developed with an extensive reach across many grade levels in terms of defining what it means to provide intentional instruction and teaching text complexity.  The five access points are discussed pragmatically with evidence of a solid research base ...


The Wisdom of the Chakras: Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life

Lantern Books, 2010

The Wisdom of the Chakras is the result of Ellen Tadd’s years of spiritual exploration and counseling work. She shows how the chakra system functions in everyday life, how our thoughts, words, and actions affect this system, and how the chakras in turn shape us. She also provides practical exercises that can be integrated easily into daily life to heal each chakra and attain the alignment needed for a healthy and spiritual life. The author ...


Coming to Our Senses: Perceiving Complexity to Avoid Catastrophes
Viki McCabe

Oxford University Press, 2014

In Coming to Our Senses , cognitive scientist Viki McCabe argues that prevailing theories of perception, cognition, and information cannot explain how we know the world around us. Using scientific studies and true stories, McCabe shows that the ecological disasters, political paralysis, and economic failures we now face originate in our tendency to privilege cognitive processes and products over the information we access with our perceptual ...


A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting
Dr. David Abudram

E Yarok Ba Yam, 2013


Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truths for Life's Complexities (BK Life)
Eileen McDargh

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2007

Whether you are a world-weary worker juggling the demands of a hectic life or a seeker of soul-satisfying experiences, this deceptively simple book is your key to refresh, renew, rethink and recharge. From an unexpectedly arduous backpacking trip, Eileen McDargh discovers truths from the experience. Deep in grime, grit, and grace-filled mornings, she finds insights for business, for relationships, for family, for life, and for the soul. ...


Middle East Rules of Thumb: Understanding the complexities of the Middle East
Steven Carol

iUniverse, 2008

Middle East Rules of Thumb is of interest to anyone that seeks a better understanding of the complexities of the Middle East-its history, politics, diplomacy, and culture. Through the 50 rules and their appendices, Professor Steven Carol offers a realistic historical perspective on this important region. As has been constantly pointed out by such media monitors as Honest Reporting, Palestine Media Watch, and CAMERA, Middle East issues can often ...


Dallas Glitz, 2012

Dana Parker and her best friend, Jackie, are both stylists at an upscale Dallas beauty salon, “Gerard’s, in the heart of the city. Follow their journey of laughter and gripping heartache on their mission of finding "Mr. Right" at all the enticing "hot spots" in Dallas. The salon drama is hyped as they prepare for the biggest event of the year, The Annual Crystal Ball, as their lives entwine with those of their glitzy clientele and ...


Object-Process Methodology
Dov Dori

Springer, 2002

Object-Process Methodology (OPM) is an intuitive approach to systems engineering. This book presents the theory and practice of OPM with examples from various industry segments and engineering disciplines, as well as daily life. OPM is a generic, domain independent approach that is applicable almost anywhere in systems engineering.


Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, 2012

Dialogue Mapping presents a powerful new approach to meetings and collaboration, in which collective intelligence is achieved through framing powerful questions and conducting a comprehensive and creative exploration of their possible answers. In the first part of Dialogue Mapping, Jeff Conklin introduces the key concepts: • Wicked problems: you must come up with solutions in order to understand what the problem really is . . . what the real ...


Vocabulary Is Comprehension: Getting to the Root of Text Complexity (Corwin Literacy)
Laura Robb

Corwin, 2014

Here is a reading riddle:  What knowledge always precedes high-level text comprehension and yet seldom is given sufficient instructional time?  The answer:  Word knowledge.   Our students can’t understand texts without knowing what words mean. It’s that simple. Meanwhile, in our rush toward complex texts, somehow we forget to put a new systematic vocabulary plan in place. In  Vocabulary Is Comprehension , Laura Robb provides the ...


Waging War on Complexity Costs: Reshape Your Cost Structure, Free Up Cash Flows and Boost Productivity by ...
Stephen A. Wilson, Andrei Perumal

McGraw-Hill, 2009

Shed Revenue-Draining Complexity Costs by Thirty Percent! “This is an ambitious book packed with insight and fresh thinking. Separating good from bad complexity costs is a critical task facing companies today, and the authors provide a compelling roadmap for solving the problem.” Michael B. McCallister, President and CEO, Humana Inc. “ Waging War on Complexity Costs examines an incredibly important and often overlooked aspect of ...


Approximation Algorithms
Vijay V. Vazirani

Springer, 2004

Covering the basic techniques used in the latest research work, the author consolidates progress made so far, including some very recent and promising results, and conveys the beauty and excitement of work in the field. He gives clear, lucid explanations of key results and ideas, with intuitive proofs, and provides critical examples and numerous illustrations to help elucidate the algorithms. Many of the results presented have been simplified ...


Essays on Life Itself
Robert Rosen

Columbia University Press, 1999

Compiling twenty articles on the nature of life and on the objective of the natural sciences, this remarkable book complements Robert Rosen's groundbreaking Life Itself --a work that influenced a wide range of philosophers, biologists, linguists, and social scientists. In Essays on Life Itself , Rosen takes to task the central objective of the natural sciences, calling into question the attempt to create objectivity in a subjective world and ...


Leading Organization Design: How to Make Organization Design Decisions to Drive the Results You Want
Gregory Kesler, Amy Kates

Jossey-Bass, 2010

Praise for Leading Organization Design "Designing organizations for performance can be a daunting task. Kesler and Kates have done an admirable job distilling the inherent complexity of the design process into manageable parts that can yield tangible results. Leading Organization Design provides an essential hands-on roadmap for any business leader who wants to master this topic." —Robert Simons, Charles M. Williams Professor of Business ...


Independent Component Analysis: A Tutorial Introduction (A Bradford Book)
James V. Stone

A Bradford Book, 2004

Independent component analysis (ICA) is becoming an increasingly important tool for analyzing large data sets. In essence, ICA separates an observed set of signal mixtures into a set of statistically independent component signals, or source signals. In so doing, this powerful method can extract the relatively small amount of useful information typically found in large data sets. The ...



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