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A Conflict of Interest
Adam Mitzner

Pocket Books, 2012

Now in mass market paperback, the stunning debut novel of suspense from a “gifted writer” with a “long and successful career ahead of him” ( Publishers Weekly , starred review). At thirty-five, criminal defense attorney Alex Miller is the youngest partner at New York City’s most prestigious law firm, with the life he’s always dreamed of. When Alex’s father suddenly passes away, Alex is introduced to Michael Ohlig, a rich and ...


Conflict of Interest

Montlake Romance, 2012

Mary Ellen Carey, an attorney and newly divorced suburban mom of three, finds her quiet, humdrum life suddenly disrupted by David Anderson, her eighteen-year-old client. By representing his minor criminal case, she is dragged into a world of crime and international intrigue. Gerard Fitzgerald, better known as Fitz, is a Newark policeman, the coach of Mary Ellen's son's soccer team, and a man she finds arrogant and paternalistic. Fitz becomes her ...


The Fear Of Conflict Treatment: How To Overcome Your Fear Of Conflict And Express Yourself With Confidence ..., 2014

Discover How To Overcome Your Fear Of Conflict And Express Yourself with Confidence for Life ! Today only, get this Kindle book for just $1.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how you would be able to overcome the fear of conflict and perform better; not just at the workplace but in life as a whole. After all, for some, these ...


Sworn To Conflict: Courtlight #3, 2013

Ciardis Weathervane fought for the living dead and won. But worse than taking on a mass murderer, was her discovery that she had been deceived by her friends. Now she needs to not only fight a war in the North and survive, but also decide where she stands in the midst of competing sides. A threat to all she holds dear lies in the North and her heart is not the only thing she might lose. A massive army awaits in the mountain pass, surging ...


The Slaver Wars: Galactic Conflict

Raymond L. Weil Publications, 2014

Over 120,000 copies of the Slaver Wars Series have been sold. The Slaver Wars Book 6 Fleet Admiral Streth has left Rear Admiral Jeremy Strong the difficult task of holding the system of Careth until he can return with a relief fleet. Jeremy is facing impossible odds as the Hocklyns and AIs gather a massive force to crush his fleet and the defenses he has put in place around the bear’s home planet. Cut off from the Federation, Jeremy and ...


The Power of Positive Confrontation: The Skills You Need to Handle Conflicts at Work, at Home, Online, and in ...
Barbara Pachter

Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2014

When slighted, misunderstood, cut in front of, annoyed, taken advantage of, or treated rudely, most people avoid their bosses, ignore coworkers, change hairdressers, complain to friends, pound their fists, or rant on social media. They often miss the most positive, effective alternative of all: confronting positively. Now, for everyone who was never taught or never realized that between "bully" and "wimp" is a range of behavior that is positive, ...


The High-Conflict Couple: A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guide to Finding Peace, Intimacy, and Validation
Alan E. Fruzzetti

New Harbinger Publications, 2006

You hear and read a lot about ways to improve your relationship. But if you've tried these without much success, you're not alone. Many highly reactive couples—pairs that are quick to argue, anger, and blame—need more than just the run-of-the-mill relationship advice to solve their problems in love. When destructive emotions are at the heart of problems in your relationship, no amount of effective communication or intimacy building will fix ...


Conflict Management for Faith Leaders
Houston E. Thompson

Beacon Hill Press, 2014

Is conflict a dirty word? Does it bring to mindimages of disagreement, fights, and shatteredrelationships? For ministry leaders, the likelihoodof conflict comes with the job, but the result doesnot have to be destructive.Conflict Management for Faith Leaders is abouthandling conflict in a way that is positive andconstructive. With this book readers will discovermultiple techniques for assessing and managingconflict and learn guidelines for ...


The Conflict Pivot: Turning Conflict into Peace of Mind
Tammy Lenski

MyriaccordMedia, 2014

If you’ve been told not to take conflict personally, you only have half the story. Conflict in business and personal relationships can be deeply personal. The key to your freedom is knowing why certain conflicts get their hooks into you, and what you can do to liberate yourself. This is a book about finding that key in order to resolve nagging conflict and prevent inconsequential conflict from cluttering your life. In The Conflict Pivot, ...


Conflicts: 15 Masterpieces of Struggle and Conflict with Exercises to Make You Think (Goodman's Five-Star ...
Burton Goodman

SRA/McGraw-Hill, 1993

Motivate students with high-interest fiction from master authors Motivate struggling readers with high-interest stories at ten reading levels Improve vocabulary and comprehension skills Encourage writing in response to reading One of our classic best-sellers, Goodman's Five-Star Stories , supplements any literature curriculum or stands on its own by providing interesting fiction at just the right reading levels. ...


Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology (14th Edition)
James Spradley Late, David W. McCurdy

Pearson, 2011

Demonstrate the nature of culture and its influence on people’s lives.   For over 40 years, the best-selling Conformity and Conflict has brought together original readings and cutting edge research alongside classic works as a powerful way to study human behavior and events.   Its readings cover a broad range of theoretical perspectives and demonstrate basic anthropological concepts.  The Fourteenth ...


Interpersonal Conflict
William Wilmot, Joyce Hocker

McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages, 2013

Interpersonal Conflict explains the key dynamics of personal conflicts that we all face. Written for courses such as Communication and Conflict, Interpersonal Conflict, Conflict Management, Conflict and Negotiation, and Conflict in Personal Relationships, this textbook examines the central principles of effective conflict management in a wide variety of contexts--whether at home or on the job. Its combination of up-to-date research and examples ...


A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles
Thomas Sowell

Basic Books, 2007

In this classic work, Thomas Sowell analyzes the two competing visions that shape our debates about the nature of reason, justice, equality, and power: the “constrained” vision, which sees human nature as unchanging and selfish, and the “unconstrained” vision, in which human nature is malleable and perfectible. He describes how these two radically opposed views have manifested themselves in the political controversies of the past two ...


Resolving Everyday Conflict
Ken Sande, Kevin Johnson

Baker Books, 2011

Ken Sande, author of the bestselling classic The Peacemaker, has long been a trusted resource on the topic of conflict resolution. In Resolving Everyday Conflict, Sande distills his message to the essentials, quickly equipping readers with the tools they need to bring peace to their relationships. Everyone encounters conflict-whether it be with a coworker, family member, friend, or complete stranger. And yet we all desire harmony in our ...


Conflict Free Living: How to Build Healthy Relationships for Life
Joyce Meyer

Charisma House, 2012

Why Is Life So Difficult? Interpersonal conflict is causing serious damage and difficulties in our lives. Its destructive effects are straining marriages, embittering our children, and causing discord in our churches. Even our daily commute is often affected by hostility and aggression.   What if things could be different? What if every area of your life (yes, even your morning commute) could be free from conflict and ...


Everything Is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution
Diane Musho Hamilton

Shambhala, 2013

Using mindfulness to work with and resolve the inevitable interpersonal conflicts that arise in all areas of life. "Wonderfully engaging, perceptive, and wise."—William L. Ury, co-author of Getting to Yes Conflict is going to be part of your life—as long as you have relationships, hold down a job, or have dry cleaning to be picked up. Bracing yourself against it won’t make it go away, but if you approach it consciously, you can ...


Conflict of Interest (Joe Dillard Series) (Volume 5)
Scott Pratt

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

A six-year-old girl is kidnapped from her bed in Tennessee's oldest town. The ransom note demands millions. In this fifth installment of the highly-acclaimed and best selling Joe Dillard series, Dillard is hired to represent the parents of a child who has gone missing. As the clock ticks, Dillard desperately tries to find the little girl, but the return of his wife's dreaded disease and the stunning appearance of his father combine to push ...


An Intimate War: An Oral History of the Helmand Conflict, 1978-2012
Mike Martin

Oxford University Press, 2014

An Intimate War tells the story of the last thirty-four years of conflict in Helmand Province, Afghani- stan as seen through the eyes of the Helmandis. In the West, this period is often defined through different lenses - the Soviet intervention, the civil war, the Taliban, and the post-2001 nation-building era. Yet, as experienced by local inhabitants, the Helmand conflict is a perennial one, involving the same individuals, families and groups, ...


Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom
Lisa Delpit

New Press, The, 2006

Winner of an American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Award and Choice Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Book Award, and voted one of Teacher Magazine’s “great books,” Other People’s Children has sold over 150,000 copies since its original hardcover publication. This anniversary paperback edition features a new introduction by Delpit as well as new framing essays by Herbert Kohl and Charles Payne. In a radical ...


Negotiation Manipulation Moves: Smart And Acceptable Manipulation Tactics You Can Employ To Turn The ..., 2014

Manipulation book description Drawing from his vast experience in the field of negotiation, Asaf Shani offers in this book, ‘Negotiation Manipulation Moves’ strategies that will make you a better negotiator. 'Better' in the sense that you'll be able to maximize your bottom line results along with retaining, and even increasing, the other side's satisfaction while still sticking to your ethical code. By understanding the mechanism of ...



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