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Considering the Horse: Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned
Mark Rashid

Spring Creek Press, 1993

Mark Rashid’s entertaining stories will introduce you to quiet solutions for resolving training problems from the horse’s point of view. Topics include ground manners, picking up feet, headshyness, trailer loading, mounting problems, balking, and head tossing. If you are about to buy a horse and definitely if you are about to sell your horse because of problems, or even if you only wish you owned a horse, this book will give you a whole new ...


Considering Divorce?: Critical Things You Need To Know
Melinda Eitzen, Joanna Jadlow, ...

iUniverse, 2013

The decision to divorce is not an easy one and is often a very diffi cult and confusing topic. Th is book, Considering Divorce by Melinda Eitzen, Joanna Jadlow, and Brenda Lee Roberts, is designed to help you through this tough decision-making process. If you or someone you know is considering divorce, this is the book for you. Covering the entire process, from making the decision and the various divorce methods available to moving out of the ...


Considering Certification? Your Guide To Making The Decision
Mickie Rops, 2009

Mickie Rops, A Widely Regarded Certification Expert And Advisor, Answers Your Questions About Certification And Provides Detailed Guidance On How To Decide If Your Organization Should Create Such A Program. What Are The Credentialing Options? Which Is Right For Your Organization? How Do You Conduct A Feasibility Analysis? How Do You Write A Business Plan? How Do You Set Up The Governance Structure? What Staffing Do You Need? These Are Just A ...


Considering God's Creation Student Book

Eagle's Wing, 2004

Children's Workbook, A creative biblical approach to natural science. Includes wonderful hands-on projects and exercises!


Considering the Horse: Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned, Second Edition
Mark Rashid

Skyhorse Publishing, 2014

Own an unruly horse? Thinking about purchasing a horse but don’t exactly know what to expect once you do? Ever wondered what and how a horse thinks? In Considering the Horse , Mark Rashid tells stories that provide horse owners and potential buyers with the best training solutions—straight from the horse’s mouth. And in the second edition of this classic of natural horsemanship literature, Rashid includes a new introduction and adds new ...


The Essential Homebirth Guide: For Families Planning or Considering Birthing at Home
Jane E. Drichta, Jodilyn Owen, ...

Gallery Books, 2013

Birthing is a miraculous time when you and your baby will work together to bring about life. As you finally cradle your precious newborn in your arms, you should know deep in your soul that every decision that brought the two of you to this special moment was yours. More families than ever are choosing to birth at home. Midwives Jane E. Drichta and Jodilyn Owen answer questions about the kind of care, support, and information you need as you ...


Considering Cultural Difference (A Longman Topics Reader)
Pauline Uchmanowicz

Longman, 2003

Part of the “Longman Topics” reader series, Considering Cultural Difference features multiethnic writing from contemporary U.S. authors centered around issues of ritual, representation, and rights.    This brief collection of readings examines cultural identity and difference with respect to race, class, gender, and nationality. Thought-provoking selections ask students to think about timely and relevant issues: integration in ...


Considering Marriage [June Hunt Hope for the Heart]: Are You Fit to Be Tied
June Hunt

Rose Publishing (CA), 2013

Learn as much as possible about yourself, your future mate, and God's purpose for marriage before you tie the knot! You will find godly guidance about choosing a life partner, assessing readiness for marriage and entering a lifetime commitment with confidence and joy. Discover God's design for the marriage partnership as well as how to develop healthy expectations and wisdom about whom you let into your heart. A vibrant, healthy marriage is ...


Stanislaski's Bundle 1 of 2: Considering Kate\Convincing Alex\Falling for Rachel (Stanislaskis)

Silhouette Special Releases, 2014

Beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts delivers three classic novels in her unforgettable Stanislaski family saga. Considering Kate Kate Stanislaski Kimball had turned her back on glamour and fame, and she'd come home to begin a new life. The only thing more perfect than the beautiful—dilapidated—building she'd bought for her new dance school was Brody O'Connell, the frustrating and surprisingly fascinating ...


Considering Watchmen: Poetics, Property, Politics (Comics Culture)
Andrew Hoberek

Rutgers University Press, 2014

 Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s Watchmen has been widely hailed as a landmark in the development of the graphic novel. It was not only aesthetically groundbreaking but also anticipated future developments in politics, literature, and intellectual property.  Demonstrating a keen eye for historical detail, Considering Watchmen gives readers a new appreciation of just how radical Moore and Gibbons’s blend of gritty realism and formal ...


Considering God's Creation Set 2006 (Considering God's Creation)
Susan Mortimer

Eagle's Wings, 2006

A creative in-depth encounter with natural science from a biblical perspective. Adaptable for Second to Seventh Grade. A gigantic 270-page book plus Teacher's Manual with free audio CD!


Considering Genius: Writings on Jazz
Stanley Crouch

Basic Civitas Books, 2007

Stanley Crouch-MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient, co-founder of Jazz at Lincoln Center, National Book Award nominee, and perennial bull in the china shop of black intelligentsia-has been writing about jazz and jazz artists for more than thirty years. His reputation for controversy is exceeded only by a universal respect for his intellect and passion. As Gary Giddons notes: “Stanley may be the only jazz writer out there with the kind of ...


Natural Medications for Psychiatric Disorders: Considering the Alternatives

LWW, 2008

Updated for its Second Edition, this book is the only reference to focus exclusively on natural medications in psychiatry. Eminent psychiatrists from the Massachusetts General Hospital and other leading institutions examine current scientific and clinical data on the applications, effectiveness, and safety of natural psychotropics and acupuncture. Quick-reference tabular appendices list indications, contraindications, dosages, combinations, and ...


Race/Gender/Class/Media 3.0: Considering Diversity Across Content, Audiences, and Production
Rebecca Ann Lind

Pearson Education, 2012

Updated in its 3rd edition, Lindâ s Race/Gender/Class/Media contains 51 readings that help readers to think critically about issues of race and gender in the media. The readings address a multitude of topics in three major sectionsâ Audience, Content, and Productionâ and approach the matter of race and gender in the media from rhetorical, social scientific, and critical/cultural perspectives. The author places strong importance to ...


What to Consider If You're Considering University: New Rules for Education and Employment
Ken S. Coates, Bill Morrison

Dundurn, 2014

Going to university used to be a passport to future success, but that's no longer the case. For some students, it's still a good choice that leads to a successful career after graduation, but for many their degrees are worthless pieces of paper. Choose the wrong program and graduation is more likely to lead to disillusionment and debt than a steady paycheque. Yet parents, guidance counselors, and politicians still push higher education as if ...


Considering Kate (Stanislask Book 6)

Silhouette Special Releases, 2011

She'd turned her back on glamour and fame and Kate Stanislaski Kimball had come home to begin a new life. The only thing more perfect than the beautiful--dilapidated--building she'd bought for her new dance school was Brody O'Connell, the frustrating, surprisingly fascinating contractor she'd hired for the renovation. A man didn't often come across a woman as gorgeous, sensuous, provocative...and utterly irritating as Kate. But Brody was ...


The Rhetorical Power of Popular Culture: Considering Mediated Texts
Deanna D. Sellnow

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2009

Can television shows like Desperate Housewives, popular songs like Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me, advertisements for Samuel Adams beer, and films such as Harry Potter help us understand rhetorical theory and criticism? The Rhetorical Power of Popular Culture is chock full of familiar examples like these to make rhetorical theory and criticism accessible, relevant, and meaningful to readers. Author Deanna Sellnow offers a step-by-step introduction ...


Considering Surrogacy: The Facts, 2011

Surrogacy is an amazing gift that one person can give a couple that are not able to have children of their own. The surrogacy process is time consuming and often fraught with pitfalls along the way. But for many couples and the women prepared to be surrogates, the resulting child makes all of the issues associated with surrogacy seem irrelevant. After all we are talking about producing a new life here. A very wanted life, and it is for this ...


Considering the Great Commission: Evangelism and Mission in the Wesleyan Spirit
W. Stephen Gunter, Phillip Meadows, ...

Abingdon Press, 2005

A comprehensive guide to the theology and practice of evangelism within the Wesleyan tradition.


Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content, and Producers (2nd Edition)
Rebecca Ann Lind

Pearson, 2009

Race/Gender/Media contains 43 readings that help readers to think critically about issues of race and gender in the media. The readings address a multitude of topics in three major sections–Production, Content, and Audience–and approach the matter of race and gender in the media from rhetorical, social scientific, and critical/cultural perspectives. The author places a strong emphasis on introducing the material in the book and orienting ...



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