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Introduction to International Relations: Theories and Approaches
Robert Jackson, Georg Sørensen

Oxford University Press, USA, 2010

Updated in light of current international events and ongoing debates in the subject, this highly readable and systematic introduction to the principal theories of international relations combines incisive and original analysis with a clear and accessible writing style. NEW TO THIS EDITION * Expands coverage of Social Constructivism in Chapter 6 * Links Chapter 10: Key Issues in Contemporary IR, more closely with the theoretical chapters * ...


Lenses on Reading: An Introduction to Theories and Models
Diane H. Tracey EdD, Lesley Mandel Morrow PhD

The Guilford Press, 2006

This accessible text provides an extensive survey of the major theories and models that influence reading instruction and research. Readers learn why theory matters in designing and implementing high-quality instruction; how to critically evaluate the assumptions and beliefs that guide their own work with students; and the benefits of approaching everyday teaching situations from multiple theoretical perspectives. Every chapter features ...


Early Childhood Education, Postcolonial Theory, and Teaching Practices in India: Balancing Vygotsky and the ...
Amita Gupta

Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

Conceptualized within a socio-cultural constructivist and postcolonial paradigm, the book explores a definite tension between “Western” theories of child development and the “Indian” ways of being and thinking. This book also provides a richly descriptive and relatively unexamined account of the culturally complex and multi-dimensional relationship that exists in urban India between formal teacher education, early childhood classrooms, ...


Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon
Robin S Eubanks

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon provides the necessary information to confront what is intended to be a wholesale transformation of the US economy and our society without any of our consent. Author and attorney Robin S. Eubanks lays out what was supposed to remain hidden until it was too late to stop the sought 'irreversible change.' She tells us: If Education is a means to an End, what is the Real Vision for ...


Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design

Peachpit Press, 2013

Who are history's most influential graphic designers? In this fun, fast-paced introduction to the most iconic designers of our time, author John Clifford takes you on a visual history tour that’s packed with the posters, ads, logos, typefaces, covers, and multimedia work that have made these designers great. You’ll find examples of landmark work by such industry luminaries as El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko, A.M. Cassandre, ...


Political Liberalism
Professor John Rawls

Columbia University Press, 1995

Revising and continuing the idea of justice and fairness in A Theory of Justice, Rawls poses the question of how a stable and just society of free and equal citizens can live in concord when deeply divided by reasonable and incompatible doctrines. With its distinctive form of liberalism----resting on an idea of free public reason---- Political Liberalism yields new insights into the question of justice in our pluralistic society.


Social Constructionism
Vivien Burr

Routledge, 2003

This accessible, yet scholarly, textbook aims to introduce students to the area of social science theory and research that has come to be known as social constructionism. Using a variety of examples from everyday experience and from existing research in areas such as personality, sexuality and health, the basic theoretical assumptions of social constructionism are clearly explained. Key debates, such as the nature and status of knowledge, truth, ...


Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book by Artists and Critics (California Studies in the History of Art)
Herschel B. Chipp

University of California Press, 1984

Gathers interviews, articles, letters, and manifestos dealing with Postimpressionism, symbolism, fauvism, Expressionism, and cubism.


Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective

Yale University Press, 2008

New in paperback   Artist Lee Bontecou (b. 1931) became widely known in the 1960s and 1970s for her welded steel sculptures and plastic and epoxy molded assemblages—powerful constructions that evoked natural phenomena and organic biological life as well as machines and instruments of war.   This critically acclaimed book—available for the first time in paperback— reevaluates the career of this highly influential artist and focuses ...


Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling
Jeffrey T. Guterman

Amer Counseling Assn, 2006

Book by Jeffrey T. Guterman


The New Digital Shoreline: How Web 2.0 and Millennials Are Revolutionizing Higher Education
Roger McHaney

Stylus Publishing, 2011

Two seismic forces beyond our control – the advent of Web 2.0 and the inexorable influx of tech-savvy Millennials on campus – are shaping what Roger McHaney calls “The New Digital Shoreline” of higher education. Failure to chart its contours, and adapt, poses a major threat to higher education as we know it. These forces demand that we as educators reconsider the learning theories, pedagogies, and practices on which we have depended, ...


The 30-Second Encyclopedia of Learning and Performance: A Trainer's Guide to Theory, Terminology, and Practice
David H. Miles

AMACOM, 2003

Learning professionals may love those 500-page textbooks, but they're not exactly light reading. Trainers on the go crave a portable reference packed with bite-sized, self-contained topics conveniently arranged for quick access and adaptable to a myriad of instructional situations. They'll be thankful for "The 30-Second Encyclopedia of Learning and Performance", which presents hundreds of terms, processes, and methodologies in one place. Readers ...


A Guide to Effective School Leadership Theories
Matthew Lynch

Routledge, 2012

Educational administrators know that leadership requires hundreds of judgments each day that require a sensitivity and understanding of various leadership strategies. Bridging the gap between the academic and practical world, A Guide to Effective School Leadership Theories provides an exploration of ten dominant leadership strategies to give school leaders a solid basis in theory and practical application. Demonstrating the advantages and ...


Creating and Sustaining the Constructivist Classroom
Bruce A. Marlowe, Marilyn L. Page

Corwin, 1997

Marlowe and Page bring together constructivist theory and step-by-step guidance to make constructivism work in your classroom.


Rawls (The Routledge Philosophers)
Samuel Freeman

Routledge, 2007

In this superb introduction, Samuel Freeman introduces and assesses the main topics of Rawls' philosophy. Starting with a brief biography and charting the influences on Rawls' early thinking, he goes on to discuss the heart of Rawls's philosophy: his principles of justice and their practical application to society. Subsequent chapters discuss Rawls's theories of liberty, political and economic justice, democratic institutions, goodness as ...


Inquire Within: Implementing Inquiry-Based Science Standards
Douglas J. Llewellyn

Corwin, 2001

The author teaches a method of learning in science that is inquiry-based and that involves a process of asking questions, exploring, and making the connections that lead to understanding and discovery.


Rationality in Economics

Cambridge University Press, 2007

The principal findings of experimental economics are that impersonal exchange in markets converges in repeated interaction to the equilibrium states implied by economic theory, under information conditions far weaker than specified in the theory. In personal, social, and economic exchange, as studied in two-person games, cooperation exceeds the prediction of traditional game theory. This book relates these two findings to field studies and ...


Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry
Thomas A. Schwandt

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2001

Intended as a guide to the terms and phrases that partially shape the nature, purpose, logic, meaning, and methods of the practices called qualitative inquiry, this new edition has 110 additional new terms as well as new key references for every entry. These key references help acquaint readers with the complexity of the issues behind the concepts examined in the book. In addition, most of the entries have been expanded and clarified to enhance ...


The Art of Teaching Science: Inquiry and Innovation in Middle School and High School
Jack Hassard, Michael Dias

Routledge, 2008

The Art of Teaching Science emphasizes a humanistic, experiential, and constructivist approach to teaching and learning, and integrates a wide variety of pedagogical tools. Becoming a science teacher is a creative process, and this innovative textbook encourages students to construct ideas about science teaching through their interactions with peers, mentors, and instructors, and through hands-on, minds-on activities designed to foster a ...


Klee (Mega Square)

Parkstone International, 2014

An emblematic figure of the early 20th century, Paul Klee participated in the expansive Avant-Garde movements in Germany and Switzerland. From the vibrant Blaue Reiter movement to Surrealism at the end of the 1930s and throughout his teaching years at the Bauhaus, he attempted to capture the organic and harmonic nature of painting by alluding to other artistic mediums such as poetry, literature, and, above all, music. While he collaborated with ...



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