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Captivate: Conversational Secrets To Be Instantly Likeable, Make Unforgettable Impressions, And Never Run Out ..., 2014

Have you ever had a conversation that changed your life? You might not realize it, but they happen all the time. Think back to the job interview you nailed (or blew). The date that went perfectly (or broke down completely.) Or the random encounter with that person who turned out to be your best friend (or the countless others that didn’t). Mere seconds of conversation have the power to alter the course of your life. It’s ...


Conversational Capacity: The Secret to Building Successful Teams That Perform When the Pressure Is On
Craig Weber

McGraw-Hill, 2013

OPEN, BALANCED DIALOGUE--THE KEY TO PEAK TEAM PERFORMANCE In a world of rapid-fire change, it's more important than ever to build teams that work well when the pressure is on—and quality communication can mean the difference between success and failure. Conversational Capacity provides the communication tools you need to ensure that your team remains on track even when dealing with its most troublesome issues, that it responds to tough ...


Stop Talking, Start Communicating: Counterintuitive Secrets to Success in Business and in Life, with a ...
Geoffrey Tumlin

McGraw-Hill, 2013

PLAY DUMB. BE BORING. DON'T SOLVE PROBLEMS. AND ABOVE ALL, DON'T BE YOURSELF. Not exactly what you'd expect to hear from a communication expert, but these counterintuitive strategies are precisely what we need to interact productively and meaningfully in today's digital world. Our overreliance on quick, cheap, and easy means of "staying connected" is eroding our communication skills. Speed steamrolls thoughtfulness; self-expression trumps ...


Robert A. Esperti, Renno L. Peterson

Quantum Press, 2012

This book is for readers of all ages who, regardless of the level of their conversational skills, would like to improve the quality, depth and scope of their relationships. The authors are nationally preeminent estate planning attorneys who have written 27 books and treatises. The thoughts and insights found in Face to Face are based on the authors’ collective 82 years of working with families, professionals and business people spending about ...


Maker Space (Rachel Peng) (Volume 2)
K. B. Spangler

AGAHF, 2014

Conspiracies, political cover-ups, acts of terrorism... As one of the first cyborgs employed by the federal government, Rachel Peng though she had already lived through it all. Then, without warning, fourteen blocks of downtown Washington D.C. are gone, blown apart by bombs unlike anything Rachel has ever seen. The evidence is even more troubling, with each new clue suggesting their own people might be behind the attack. Rachel and her ...


Golden Chinese: A Golden Key for Entry: Conversational Mandarin for Beginner-Intermediate (Volume 1)
Janie Chien Golden

Golden Language Publisher, The, 2014

“Golden Chinese: A Golden Key for Entry” is an intensive study in Chinese Mandarin with practical and interesting anecdotes in conversations. It contains simple and clear grammatical explanations, step-by-step exercises with answers; moreover, it provides unique cultural and historical introduction in each lesson. This book is for complete beginners and for those who have learned the language years before wanting to have a good review of ...


The Swish: An In Depth Look at this Powerful NLP Pattern (NLP Mastery)
Shawn Carson, Jess Marion, ...

Changing Mind, 2013

The Swish is a fundamental pattern in NLP. It is both powerful and quick in creating lasting change for clients and yourself. What most do not realize is that there is much more to the Swish than what is presented in a standard NLP class. The Swish is versatile and is valuable well beyond the coaching room. For the first time ever, this book explores in depth the principles that make the Swish work as well as providing variations of the pattern ...


Drawing Near to the Heart of God: Encouragement for Your Lifetime Journey (Navpress Devotional Readers)
Cynthia Heald

NavPress, 2012

Explore a life devoted to walking with God. As we travel through life’s struggles and joys, we face new crossroads daily that lead to different destinations. It is helpful to have someone prepare and equip you for what to expect and how to make wise choices. No matter where you are on your journey, best-selling author Cynthia Heald (Becoming a Woman Of . . . series) wants to guide and mentor you in order to draw you closer to the Father’s ...


Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us
Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

IVP Books, 2005

Fasting. Solitude. Contemplative prayer. Lectio divina. Have you heard about these practices and wanted to try them? Have you wandered from one practice to another not sure quite what to do? Are you overwhelmed by all the to-dos of your spiritual life? We have good desires--for a more intimate prayer life, perhaps, or deeper insight from God's Word--but we don't know how to get there. So we give up our pursuit, tired from wandering aimlessly, ...


Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising
M. Kent Stroman

CharityChannel Press, 2011

Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising is for anyone involved in soliciting charitable contributions for nonprofit organizations. Do you want to improve the results when you ask for charitable contributions? Have you ever wondered how to get free from assuming how to ask and guessing what to ask? Would you like to employ simple, effective, proven techniques for soliciting contributions and recruiting volunteers? ...


Lend Me Your Ears: All You Need to Know about Making Speeches and Presentations
Max Atkinson

Oxford University Press, 2005

The room darkens and grows hushed, all eyes to the front as the screen comes to life. Eagerly the audience starts to thumb the pages of their handouts, following along breathlessly as the slides go by one after the other. . . We're not sure what the expected outcome was when Power Point first emerged as the industry standard model of presentation, but reality has shown few positive results. Research reveals that there is much about this format ...


Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising
M. Kent Stroman

CharityChannel Press, 2014

What gets in the way of your face-to-face fundraising? Can’t get “in” to see a funder? Don’t know who to ask? No time for donor calls? Fear that your prospective donor might say “no”? Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising shows you how to overcome these obstacles using conversational fundraising—leading to successful one-on-one gift solicitations. Conversational fundraising is a simple, ...


Excelerate SPANISH, 2013

Motivating, realistic, fun, memorable, successful… is that how most students would describe their foreign language courses? Imagine learning SPANISH almost effortlessly as you are immersed in dynamic situations ranging from the practical to the bizarre! Equip yourself with useful expressions as you dramatize an endless variety of scenarios: attending a concert, playing soccer, riding a motorcycle, going horseback riding... Say goodbye to ...


The Olive Tree Dictionary: A Transliterated Dictionary Of Conversational Arabic (Arabic and English Edition)
J. Elihay

Minerva Instruction and Consultation, 2007

The Olive Tree Dictionary translates from Arabic to English and contains an English Arabic Index. The Dictionary contains 784 pages 9,000 entries, 17,000 phrases and an index of 14,000 English words. The Olive Tree Dictionary helps English speakers to unlock the beauty and mystery of the Arabic language. Until the creation of this unique publication, the challenge of mastering Arabic script has prevented many from communicating with ...


Acting in Commercials: A Guide to Auditioning and Performing on Camera
Joan See

Back Stage Books, 1998

Acting in commercials can be among the most important types of work for an actor, both for the valuable visibility and the regular income involved. Despite this, few actors take the time to properly adapt and apply their skills for commercial work. This revised book provides hints addressing the challenges of appearing on camera, including: how to focus performance on the selling message; understanding and exploiting advertisers' stereotypes; ...


Conversational Statistics for Business and Economics
Loyde Vanalan Jones

Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2008


How to Communicate with Confidence
Mike Bechtle

Revell, 2013

Communication is an art, and anyone--whether shy or outgoing--can improve his or her conversational skills. How to Communicate with Confidence is a straightforward guide to making good conversation that works in any situation--and works for any personality type. Highlighting the art of give and take and stressing the importance of listening, this book gives confidence to those who hesitate to strike up a conversation. Author Mike Bechtle ...


Hope from Hebrews: Daily Devotionals, 2013

As a diligent and life-long student of God's Word, Dan desired to convey to others his passion for the life-changing truths found in scripture. In his unique conversational style, he began expounding scriptural truth in a way that would be easily grasped and understood. Hope from Hebrews is a conversational journey with Our Great God. Dan's book on HOPE FROM HEBREWS is unique in that it is written stylistically as conversational prayer between ...


Conversation Strategies: Pair and Group Activities for Developing Communicative Competence
David Kehe, Peggy Dustin Kehe

Pro Lingua Associates, 2004

What are Conversation Strategies? They are techniques that help the speaker and listener keep a conversation going to its natural and desired conclusion. They are skills that supplement the linguistic and sociolinguistic skills most texts focus on: grammar, vocabulary, and usage. To develop strategic competence, students must learn the words, phrases, and conventions used as two speakers engage in the active give-and-take of conversation. These ...


A Conversational Commentary

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

One man's thoughts on the Bible in a refreshingly honest, conversational style. The Scriptures have been a source of inspiration, controversy, and dialogue for centuries. Author Titus Benton attempts to advance that dialogue to a new generation of readers--one with deep passions, intuitive sense of purpose, and a longer to be part of something bigger than themselves. He also wrestles with the tough questions, admits when he doesn't know the ...



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