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Bushwhacked: Wild Women of Alaska

The Story Vault, 2014

He doesn't remember what she can't forget... Out of all the lakes bush pilot Jesse Bohen could have crash landed on, why did it have to be recluse Erich Sloan's? Their encounter four months ago was like a scene out of one of his bestselling thrillers. But Sloan's hostile behavior ever since has Jesse wishing his delirious words that night had been a work of fiction so she could close the book on them too. Stranded in Sloan's cabin with a ...


Newhall Shooting - A Tactical Analysis: Survival Lessons from One of Law Enforcement's Deadliest Shootings
Michael E. Wood

Gun Digest Books, 2013

Newhall Shooting - A Tactical Analysis is the definitive story of the most deadly law enforcement shooting of the modern era. This painstakingly researched and detailed study identifies vital lessons for modern day law enforcement officers and armed citizens, covering critical issues including: Mindset Stress-induced physiological changes Tactics Equipment Detailed diagrams, first-release crime scene photos, and insightful analysis ...


VOYAGEERS - The Multiplaner - DISNEYLAND Adventure Saga - Book One

MouseWait Publishing, 2013

"You have been selected to join Walt Disney's Voyageers!" What if  you  were selected to join Disneyland's secret society of time travelers? Two abused and neglected orphans suddenly gain access to the Main Street Realm, the home of the VOYAGEERS. Their lives are about to change as they realize their new home is the Main Street Hotel on Main Street, U.S.A., and that they are a part of an alliance dedicated to keeping Walt's dream ...


Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America's Deadliest Rock Concert
John Barylick

UPNE, 2012

On February 20, 2003, the deadliest rock concert in U.S. history took place at a roadhouse called The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island. That night, in the few minutes it takes to play a hard-rock standard, the fate of many of the unsuspecting nightclub patrons was determined with awful certainty. The blaze was ignited when pyrotechnics set off by Great White, a 1980s heavy-metal band, lit flammable polyurethane “egg crate” foam sound ...


Deadliest Cast Member
Kelly Ryan Johns

MouseWait Publishing, 2013

Disneyland fans--this book is for you! Take a white-knuckle ride through Disneyland history with the  Season One Compilation  of the hit series  Deadliest Cast Member . Discounted to $6.99 for a limited time. Contains  all six Episodes  (over 120,000 words) plus bonus content including "Jack's Favorites," a lost Food Network audio transcript with Giada De Laurentiis outlining Jack Duncan's favorite things to eat at the Disneyland ...


Deadliest Cast Member - Disneyland Interactive Thriller Series - EPISODE FOUR (Jack Duncan) (SEASON ONE Book ...

MouseWait Publishing, 2013

SEASON ONE COMPILATION  with  Bonus Content  is available at a significant discount! Get all six Episodes plus special bonus content here: J ack Duncan is ru nning out of time . Witness surprises, action, betrayal, an epic fairy-tale proposal, and a deeper look into the brilliant mind of Walt Disney.  Dig deep into Disneyland History, US History, and Disney lore as you learn new things about the ...


Deadliest Cast Member - Disneyland Interactive Thriller Series - EPISODE THREE (Jack Duncan) (SEASON ONE Book ...

MouseWait Publishing, 2013

SEASON ONE COMPILATION  with  Bonus Content  is available at a significant discount! Get all six Episodes plus special bonus content here: AN INTERACTIVE FAMILY FRIENDLY THRILLER AT DISNEYLAND! Discover what Fortune Red, Fowler's Harbor, the golden spike, and Kurt Russell have in common in Episode Three of Season One.  JOIN THE ADVENTURE as we rapidly approach the unforgettable ...


The Deadliest Game, 2014

A New Psychological Thriller from H E Joyce. "I'm very particular about the books I choose to read. Books have to have several elements (great plot, suspenseful build-up, likeable and believable characters, a touch or more of romance, and a gripping finale) to grab me and hold my attention for very long. The author did just that!" "Just like Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’, HE Joyce’s ‘The Deadliest Game’ starts in a low-key way and ...


Reel Trouble: Wild Women of Alaska

The Story Vault, 2014

A man satisfied with his 'catch and release' type of dating, until he meets the strong-willed woman he can't throw back. And you thought the men were wild... From Tiffinie Helmer, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Wild Men of Alaska, comes the first in the series, Wild Women of Alaska. This time he's fishing for forever... From the moment Treat meets the new Deputy Chief of Dutch Harbor Seana Brogan, he's caught, and that's before she ...


Deadliest Catch
Larry (EDT) Erickson

Meredith Books, 2008


100 Deadliest Things on the Planet
Anna Claybourne

Turtleback Books, 2012

Packed full of the deadliest things on Earth! The world is a dangerous place; everywhere you look there is something deadlier than the last. There are animals that can use an arsenal of deadly weapons--teeth, claws, stinging spines, powerful pincers, or scary suckers--to fight, hunt, or defend themselves. There are natural disasters--from towering tsunamis to massive volcanic eruptions--that can destroy whole cities in the blink of an eye. ...


Deadliest Cast Member - Disneyland Interactive Thriller Series - EPISODE FIVE (Jack Duncan) (SEASON ONE Book ...

MouseWait Publishing, 2013

SEASON ONE COMPILATION with Bonus Content is available at a significant discount! Get all six Episodes plus special bonus content here: Explore Walt Disney's hidden tunnels, a secret workshop under the abandoned Skyway Station, and watch Walt Disney unveil his greatest invention. Jack Duncan's desperation mounts as he struggles to find the bomb. This pivotal Episode changes everything--prepare yourself for a fast paced ...


Disease: The Extraordinary Stories Behind History's Deadliest Killers
Mary Dobson

n/a, 2014

The compelling and sometimes frightening stories of 30 deadly diseases and of humanity's efforts to combat them.


Fireweed: Wild Women of Alaska

The Story Vault, 2014

He kidnapped her but she took him hostage. He's an escaped convict... Sentenced for a murder he didn't commit, West McAllister is wanted dead or alive. On the run with a statewide issued manhunt for his capture, he won't last long unless he finds shelter. But what he finds is the one woman who tempts him at the worst possible time. She rehabilitates wild animals... Wildlife veterinarian Briar Levine gets along better with wild animals than ...


The Gladiators: History's Most Deadly Sport
Fik Meijer

St. Martin's Griffin, 2007

Superfit, muscled, and macho, gladiators were hero-worshipped for their skills and courage as they fought to the death, yet despised for their humble status. For over six cruel centuries, tens of thousands died in the blood soaked arenas of Rome and its colonies, watched by enthralled crowds screaming for violence. Professor Fik Meijer has ingeniously pieced together their true stories from contemporary evidence, describing the gladiators' ...


The Lassa Ward: One Man's Fight Against One of the World's Deadliest Diseases

St. Martin's Press, 2009

Ross Donaldson is one of just a few who have ventured into dark territory of a country ravaged by war to study one of the world’s most deadly diseases. As an untried medical student studying the intersection of global health and communicable disease, Donaldson soon found himself in dangerous Sierra Leone, on the border of war-struck Liberia, where he struggled to control the spread of Lassa Fever. The words, “you know Lassa can kill you, ...


National Geographic Readers: Deadliest Animals
Melissa Stewart

National Geographic Society, 2011


The Deadliest Lie
June Trop

Bell Bridge Books, 2013

She's a brilliant alchemist-with a talent for solving mysteries. Miriam bat Isaac is a budding scholar in first-century Ce Alexandria, though her dreams seem doomed. Who in her household or among her father's Shabbat guests stole the scrolls containing the Alchemical League's valuable formulas? Perhaps the thief was even her frantic father, on the cusp of financial ruin, eager for Miriam to end her dalliance with a handsome jeweler and marry ...


On Thin Ice: Breakdowns, Whiteouts and Survival on the World's Deadliest Roads. Hugh Rowland with Michael Lent
Hugh Rowland

Orion, 2011

Every year a fleet of men travel to the Arctic Circle, a region heavily endowed with natural resources. Locating the abundance of natural gas, conflict-free diamonds and gold is relatively easy - but extracting and transporting these goods is another matter entirely. The truckers picked to deliver these precious commodities spend two months traveling hundreds of miles on a naturally formed road of ice. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the ...


Twister Tales: Unraveling Tornado Myths, 2014

Did you know the Tornado Warning false alarm rate is 70%? It's straight from the National Weather Service.'s not nearly as bad as it sounds. Find out why in "Twister Tales: Unraveling Tornado Myths". Find out what Doppler radar can (and can't) tell you. What's the connection between green skies and tornadoes? Why driving away from a tornado may not always be a bad thing to do... The Top 10 Deadliest tornadoes in the ...



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