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Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz
Rudolf Höss

Da Capo Press, 1996

SS Kommandant Rudolph Höss (1900–1947) was history's greatest mass murderer, personally supervising the extermination of approximately two million people, mostly Jews, at the death camp in Auschwitz, Poland. Death Dealer is a new, unexpurgated translation of Höss’s autobiography, written before, during, and after his trial. This edition includes rare photos, the minutes of the Wannsee Conference (where the Final Solution was decided and ...


The Dealer (CHERUB)
Robert Muchamore

Simon Pulse, 2011

CHERUB agents are highly trained, extremely talented--and all under the age of seventeen. For official purposes, these agents do not exist. They are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists, hack into crucial documents, and gather intel on global threats—all without gadgets or weapons. It is an extremely dangerous job, but these agents have one critical advantage: adults never suspect that teens are spying on them. In THE DEALER James is on ...


Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age
Michael A. Hiltzik

HarperBusiness, 2000

In the bestselling tradition of The Soul of a New Machine, Dealers of Lightning is a fascinating journey of intellectual creation. In the 1970s and '80s, Xerox Corporation brought together a brain-trust of engineering geniuses, a group of computer eccentrics dubbed PARC. This brilliant group created several monumental innovations that triggered a technological revolution, including the first personal computer, the laser printer, and the ...


Peter Madsen

powerHouse Books, 2013

"The criminal class is a more exact cross-section of humanity than any trade could be." —Luc Sante, The Believer Weed, coke, heroin, molly, promethazine, crack, PCP, LCD, opium, hashish, mushrooms, and countless other illicit substances flood the streets of New York City where they are consumed as quickly as they can be delivered. For Dealers , street reporter Peter Madsen set out across New York City—from staid Gramercy ...


Death Dealer: How Cops and Cadaver Dogs Brought a Killer to Justice
Kate Clark Flora

New Horizon Press, 2014

When the hunters become the hunted, life for law enforcement officials and their families in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, turns upside-down. It takes a months-long investigation by police, search and rescue dogs and their handlers to catch a suspected serial killer. Death Dealer is a gripping true crime story of committed investigators from two countries and their cooperation in the relentless pursuit of a brutal murderer. It’s ...


Art Dealers The
Alan Jones

Clarkson Potter, 1984

The Art Dealers sheds new light on what people in the business of art do, what skills they rely on, and how dealers have changed modern ideas of what art is. Major figures from the past five decades of art dealership speak out in this collection of in-depth interviews, discussing their relationships with artists and revealing the significant role dealers play in establishing artists' careers. Included are interviews with legends like Betty ...


Doctor Dealer: The Rise and Fall of an All-American Boy and His Multimillion-Dollar Cocaine Empire
Mark Bowden

Grove Press, 2000

Doctor Dealer is the story of Larry Lavin, a bright, charismatic young man who rose from his working-class upbringing to win a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, earn Ivy League college and dental degrees, and buy his family a house in one of Philadelphia's most exclusive suburbs. But behind the facade of his success was a dark secret -- at every step of the way he was building the foundation for a cocaine empire that would grow to ...


Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One (Vintage)
Edward O. Thorp

Vintage, 1966

New York Times Bestseller   Edward O. Thorp is the father of card counting, and in Beat the Dealer he reveals the revolutionary point system that has been successfully used by professional and amateur card players for two generations. From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, the tables have been turned and the house no longer has the advantage at blackjack.           Containing the basic rules of the game, proven winning strategies, how ...


Dealer's Move (The Dealer Trilogy Book 1)

Dr. Cicero Books, 2013

‘Excellent . . . Once you start you won’t want to stop’ Sun FRIENDSHIP. MURDER. REVENGE. It starts simply. The Nutting brothers kill the Dealer’s friend. The Dealer plans to punish them with a classic rip-off. Then it gets more complicated. Because the Nuttings are into this far deeper than even the Dealer could have guessed ... From London to France to a stunning showdown in the Scottish Highlands, Dealer’s Move is a haunting ...


Dealer's Choice: At Home With Purveyors Of Antique And Vintage Furnishings
Craig Kellogg

Architecture Interiors Press, 2011

Dealers of antiques and vintage furnishings are the ultimate design trendsetters, setting the styles that are followed by decorators, manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers. With extensive knowledge of design history and an instinct for sniffing out undiscovered treasures and diamonds in the rough, the leading dealers hand-pick the furniture, artwork and objects that personalize the spaces we inhabit. In their own homes, these dealers have the ...




Some people sell products......other people sell services.......she sold lives. Elise Johnson was a sperm dealer. She ran a fertility clinic that catered to the best and the brightest, servicing successful, middle aged, mothers who where without men, yet wanted the best child possible. All donors were carefully screened, and only superior candidates were allowed to enter, like some fertility version of Harvard. The sperm that was accepted ...


Dorm Room Dealers: Drugs and the Privileges of Race and Class
A. Rafik Mohamed, Erik D. Fritsvold

Lynne Rienner Pub, 2011

Why do affluent, upwardly mobile college students - who have everything to lose and little to gain - choose to sell drugs? Why do law enforcement officers largely overlook drug dealing on college campuses? With rich, lively details, A. Rafik Mohamed and Erik Fritsvold deliver unprecedented insight into the world of college drug dealers - and offer an important corrective to the traditional distorted view of the US drug trade as primarily ...


The New Lombard Street: How the Fed Became the Dealer of Last Resort
Perry Mehrling

Princeton University Press, 2010

Walter Bagehot's Lombard Street , published in 1873 in the wake of a devastating London bank collapse, explained in clear and straightforward terms why central banks must serve as the lender of last resort to ensure liquidity in a faltering credit system. Bagehot's book set down the principles that helped define the role of modern central banks, particularly in times of crisis--but the recent global financial meltdown has posed unforeseen ...


Hazen's Broker-Dealer Regulation in a Nutshell, 2d
Thomas Hazen

West Academic Publishing, 2011

This title is designed to provide an introduction and overview of broker-dealer regulation in the securities markets. It covers broker-dealer front office and back office issues as well as market regulation generally. It gives you with an understanding of basic concepts and the underlying regulatory scheme, providing an explanation of broker-dealer regulation generally, sales practices, analysts' conflicts of interest, civil liabilities, and ...


Dealer's Choice (Wild Cards XI)
George R.R. Martin

Bantam, 1992

As the final battle between the Nats and Bloat rages on Ellis Island, the Turtle throws in the towel, Modular Man switches sides, Reflector faces defeat, and assassins reach Bloat's chamber.


The Death Dealer
Heather Graham

Mira, 2009

The Poe Killings… A string of homicides is mirroring the author's macabre stories. And Genevieve O'Brien's mother is next. Genevieve knows all about nightmares. She herself survived two months as a psychopath's prisoner. And now this new menace stalks the city. Spooked by the bizarre slayings, she turns to P.I. Joe Connolly, her past rescuer, friend and…hopefully something more, if he would just quit avoiding her. At first Joe isn't even ...


eBay Coin and Currency Dealer Newsletter - June 2012, 2012

Newsletter for sales of eBay Coins and Currency.


A Dealer's Guide To Recovery And Growth In Today's Market
Joe Verde

Joe Verde, 2009

A step-by-step guide for every automotive dealer and management team that guarantees a fast recovery and continued growth, year after year.


Antique Mall Profits: For Dealers and Dabblers

Learning Curve Books, 2014

Whether you already operate an Antique Mall booth or another type of antique business this book is designed with one purpose in mind: to help antique dealers make the connection between their inventory and their money. Inventory - buying it, pricing it, displaying it, and selling it - is at the core of a dealers "business puzzle". Dealers who fail to grasp inventory essentials will struggle and risk failure, and it won't be because they can't ...


Dope Dealers Reflection: Skin Deep

Broken Mirrors Publication, 2014

Who am I? What exactly am I a reflection of? They say beauty is only skin deep. How can you expect me to understand that when sometimes my soul feels just as black as my skin? I hate myself. I am use to being looked right passed. I am use to being a nobody. Then suddenly one day this black nobody became noticeable by one of Harlem's most paid Dope Dealer, Rico, who claimed he seen my true beauty. He made me see myself differently. I was somebody ...



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