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Ireland: A Novel
Frank Delaney

Harper Perennial, 2008

In the winter of 1951, a storyteller, the last practitioner of an honored, centuries-old tradition, arrives at the home of nine-year-old Ronan O'Mara in the Irish countryside. For three wonderful evenings, the old gentleman enthralls his assembled local audience with narratives of foolish kings, fabled saints, and Ireland's enduring accomplishments before moving on. But these nights change young Ronan forever, setting him on a years-long pursuit ...


The Last Apprentice: I Am Alice (Book 12)
Joseph Delaney

Greenwillow Books, 2014

The twelfth volume in the Last Apprentice series, the internationally bestselling fantasy adventure books that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture, Seventh Son . Told from the point of view of Alice, best friend—and true love—to Tom, the spook's last apprentice. Alice is the most powerful witch in the world, and she ventures into the dark itself. Will she return? Alice Dean's destiny is intertwined with Tom Ward's. But he's going ...


Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage
Molly Wizenberg

Simon & Schuster, 2014

In this funny, frank, tender memoir and New York Times bestseller, the author of A Homemade Life and the blog Orangette recounts how opening a restaurant sparked the first crisis of her young marriage. When Molly Wizenberg married Brandon Pettit, he was a trained composer with a handful of offbeat interests: espresso machines, wooden boats, violin-building, and ice cream–making. So when Brandon decided to open a pizza restaurant, Molly ...


Learning Legal Reasoning: Briefing, Analysis and Theory (Delaney Series Book 1)
John Delaney

John Delaney Pubns, 2011

This widely used book in many printings begins with answers to forty commonly asked questions of first-year law students. It specifies a six-step approach to briefing a case with specific guidelines for accomplishing each step. The process of briefing cases is then demonstrated with excellent and poor briefs of increasing complexity. Emphasis is placed initially on the techniques of briefing as an introduction to the learning of legal reasoning, ...


The Last Apprentice: Fury of the Seventh Son (Book 13)
Joseph Delaney

Greenwillow Books, 2014

The thirteenth—and final—book in the internationally bestselling fantasy adventure series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son . Finally, Tom Ward, the spook's last apprentice, will confront the Fiend for the last time. A stunning conclusion to the acclaimed series! Tom Ward has battled boggarts, ghasts, witches, dark gods, and the most terrifying creatures to roam the earth. He's allied with the witch assassin ...


A New Darkness
Joseph Delaney

Greenwillow Books, 2014

The first book in a chilling new trilogy from the author of the internationally bestselling Last Apprentice series! Tom Ward is an apprentice no longer—he is a full-fledged spook battling boggarts, witches, and other creatures of the dark. First in a three-book arc that introduces brand-new readers to Joseph Delaney's haunting world. Tom Ward is the Spook, the one person who can defend the county from bloodthirsty creatures of the dark. But ...


Cold Killing: A Novel
Luke Delaney

William Morrow Paperbacks, 2013

Luke Delaney takes the thriller genre to new heights with his debut crime novel, Cold Killing —an unforgettable and haunting duel between a seasoned detective and a brilliant serial killer. Detective Inspector Sean Corrigan finds the body of a brutally murdered young man in his own South London flat. Corrigan takes the case and soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless and clever serial killer who changes ...


Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.
Rob Delaney

Spiegel & Grau, 2014

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY E! ONLINE Funniest Person on Twitter—Comedy Central Comedy Awards #Swollen with new material   Rob Delaney is a father, a husband, a comedian, a writer. He is the author of an endless stream of beautiful, insane jokes on Twitter. He is sober. He is sometimes brave. He speaks French. He loves women with abundant pubic hair and saggy naturals. He has bungee jumped off of the Manhattan ...


The Last Apprentice: Seventh Son: Book 1 and Book 2
Joseph Delaney

Greenwillow Books, 2014

Book 1 and Book 2 of the best-selling fantasy adventure series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son ! Read Book 1, Revenge of the Witch , and Book 2, Curse of the Bane , in one volume! A major motion picture phenomenon and an international bestseller, The Last Apprentice will haunt you—and terrify you—and keep you coming back for more. This volume includes Book 1, Revenge of the Witch , and Book 2, Curse of ...


The One-And-Only Delaney (Hopscotch Hill School)
Valerie Tripp

American Girl, 2005

The One-And-Only Delaney (Hopscotch Hill School)


The Ultimate Merger (Hot Latin Men)

Delaney Diamond, 2012

Two workaholics slow down long enough to find love when they least expect it. Renaldo da Silva is on the verge of entering the U.S. market with the purchase of a hotel in downtown Chicago. After working hard for several days straight, he heads to a local bar and sees a woman who instantly makes him reconsider how to spend his evening. When another one of her male counterparts unfairly becomes the lead on a project, Sabrina Porter leaves work ...


The Last Apprentice: The Seventh Apprentice: A Novella

Greenwillow Books, 2015

A blood-curdling original novella from the world of the internationally bestselling fantasy adventure series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son ! This short novella stars the Spook's seventh apprentice, a boy named Will Johnson. Will is a seventh son of a seventh son, the perfect candidate to train as the Spook's apprentice . . . but Will is lazy. Mr. Gregory is giving him one last chance to shape up or be sent ...


Perfect (Johnson Family) (Volume 2)
Delaney Diamond

Delaney Diamond, 2014

Does the end justify the means? Cyrus Johnson is rich, powerful, and used to getting his way. When his estranged wife shows up at his office demanding a divorce once and for all, he not only refuses, he makes a demand of his own. Daniella Barrett-Johnson has little bargaining power where Cyrus is concerned, and he’s already used his vast financial resources to prolong their divorce and keep her tied to him. Her only hope is to give him what ...


Bones on the Bayou: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Short Story (Sarah Booth Delaney Mysteries Book 15)

KaliOka Press, 2014

Christmas is six days away—and Sarah Booth Delaney has her hands full! To honor a group of international investors, Shaw, Mississippi, resurrects the old custom of drifting miniature, lighted Christmas floats down Silver Bayou. The Italian delegation from Venice may bring much-needed new jobs and commercial opportunities to this small, struggling Delta town. Among the investors is notorious womanizer, Enzo Aceto. Handsome, witty, and ...


The Temptation of a Good Man (Hawthorne Family Book 1)

Delaney Diamond, 2011

Can true love be found after one night of passion? Celeste Burton goes out with her girlfriends to celebrate turning thirty and winds up spending an unforgettable night with the man of her dreams. One week later, as a favor, she attends a wedding with a friend as his date and is shocked when she sees Roarke again. Roarke Hawthorne despises cheating. Cheating tore apart his family years ago. When the physics professor sees the woman he ...


Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice, Book 3)
Joseph Delaney

Greenwillow Books, 2008

As the weather grows colder and the nights draw in, the Spook and his apprentice Tom Ward must be even more vigilant in their battles against the boggarts, witches, and ghosts roaming the county. When they receive an unexpected visitor, the Spook decides it is time to move to his winter house in Anglezarke. It is a bleak, forbidding place, full of witches and secrets. Tom hears rumors of menacing creatures stirring on the moors nearby, including ...


How to Do Your Best on Law School Exams
John Delaney

John Delaney, 2012

How To Do Your Best on Law School Exams shows you, step-by-step, how to practice and excel at the two core law-exam tasks: spotting issues and resolving them with succinct lawyerly arguments. This popular and widely recommended Book emerged from teaching countless courses and grading thousands of exams over many years at the New York University Law School and at the City University Law School. In building-block detail, it shows you how to ...


CORAL (A Romance Trilogy, Book 1), 2014

CORAL - A Romance Trilogy (Book 1) What if you had to face your deepest, darkest fears for the one thing you truly want? When Coral Stevens is given the shocking news that her boss is selling the company, she instantly feels like her controlled, uncomplicated world is being thrown upside down. The she meets her new boss to be, the enigmatic Tristan Freeman. Deeply troubled by how attracted she is to him, she warns him to stay away, that she's ...


A Hard Man to Love (Hawthorne Family Book 2)

Delaney Diamond, 2012

Hating him is easy. Loving him is hard. Derrick Hoffman never quite got over not having a relationship with his biological father. The woman he was seeing is pregnant, and there’s no way he’s going to let her raise his child without him—even if it means coercing her into marriage. Eva Jacob made the mistake of falling in love with Derrick, a man she knows is incapable of love. After their breakup, she discovers she’s pregnant. ...


Fire and Ice: Book One: Burned

Kiara Delaney, 2014

Meet Kellan Haines...he's full of angst, with his bad boy looks, and a bad attitude to match. He can't wait until the day he can get out of the small, sleepy town he feels trapped in. Working at the local bar is only a means to an end. Enter Hailey Dawson, the feisty firecracker that has the unfortunate privilege of working side by side with Kellan nearly every day. Desperately needing the money to pay for her mother's medical bills, Hailey ...



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