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Daniel Palmer

Kensington, 2014

"If you've somehow missed reading Daniel Palmer, it's time to -- pardon the pun -- get Desperate." --Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author Brimming with suspense and unrelenting twists, acclaimed author Daniel Palmer's latest thriller delves into the waking nightmare of a well meaning couple whose biggest--and most ordinary--dream has gone terrifyingly awry. . . Gage Dekker still blames himself for the car accident that claimed ...


Desperate Sons: Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and the Secret Bands of Radicals Who Led the ...
Les Standiford

Harper, 2012

“Popular history in its most vital and accessible form. Standiford has recovered the mentality of America’s first group of young radicals, the Sons of Liberty, and tells their story with flair and grace.” —Joseph J. Ellis, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Founding Brothers Les Standiford’s Last Train to Paradise , the fascinating true account of the building of a railroad “across the ocean” from Miami to Key West, is already a ...


Desperate (Novella): A Western Historical Romance (Lipstick and Lead series Book 1)

Virtual Bookseller, 2014

Bounty Hunter Women - They Always Get Their Man With the death of their father, the McKenzie sisters, Meg, Annabelle and Ruby find themselves penniless and need a way to earn their keep. They try the normal ways for women to earn a living in a small western town and Meg even asks Sheriff Zach Gillespie to marry her. But when that doesn’t work, they have no choice but to take up their father’s profession, bounty hunting. They quickly put ...


Desperate, 2013

A powerful, well-respected attorney manipulates a small town into believing the wife he tortures causes her own injuries. One dark and brutal year later, he murders her father and claims it was her during one of her violent rages. Having nothing left to lose, or protect, she escapes and finds refuge with a local cop whose secret threatens to destroy her delicate trust in him. Without him, though, she has no chance of survival. The longer she ...


The Darcy's Desperate Measures: Pride and Prejudice Continues, 2015

Darcy and Elizabeth have settled down at Pemberley to begin their life of wedded bliss. With the arrival of guests, they find their happiness interrupted as Darcy wants to protect Elizabeth from the cruel intentions he suspects from Miss Bingley and some uninvited guests. Not long after the guests arrive, Darcy discovers distressing information that could damage the love and trust that Elizabeth has in him. In order to protect his marriage, ...


Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe
Sarah Mae, Sally Clarkson

Thomas Nelson, 2013

Desperate is for those who love their children to the depths of their souls but who have also curled up under their covers, fighting back tears, and begging God for help. It's for those who have ever wondered what happened to all their ideals for what having children would be like. For those who have ever felt like all the "experts" have clearly never had a child like theirs. For those who have prayed for a mentor. For those who ever felt ...


Desperate Justice (Marc Kadella Legal Mysteries Book 2)

Dennis Carstens, 2013

Marc Kadella is back and he has a new client. His antagonist on the Hennepin County bench, Judge Gordon Prentiss has been accused of a murder. Despite his lack of respect for Marc, Prentiss wants him to represent him because he is innocent and knows Marc will fight hard for him. Marc's initial reaction is to let Prentiss have whatever he gets but, he becomes convinced that the judge is in fact innocent so he agrees to take the case. A criminal ...


Desperate Marriages: Moving Toward Hope and Healing in Your Relationship
Gary D Chapman

Northfield Publishing, 2008

Countless couples today face major marital struggles. But the story doesn't have to end there.  Dr. Gary Chapman communicates genuine hope for every marriage--even for those with deeply rooted wounds.  Chapman provides positive steps for dealing with spouses who are: Workaholics Controlling Uncommunicative Physically, verbally, or sexually abusive Unfaithful Alcoholic or drug-abusing Depressed Irresponsible


Desperate (Harris Trilogy Book One) (The Harris Trilogy 1)

Black Horse, 2014

Despair was all Kate Monroe had ever known. Every member of her family had perished in tragic situations. Kate wondered how she would ever survive alone on her small farm in Durham, North Carolina during one of the most heartbreaking times in American History, the Civil War. Meanwhile, her treacherous neighbor, Bob Lewis attempted to force Kate into marriage. Kate detested him and refused to succumb to his advances. She cut her long, gorgeous ...


A Desperate Fortune
Susanna Kearsley

Sourcebooks Landmark, 2015

Beloved New York Times bestselling author Susanna Kearsley delivers a riveting novel that deftly intertwines the tales of two women, divided by centuries and forever changed by a clash of love and fate. For nearly three hundred years, the cryptic journal of Mary Dundas has kept its secrets. Now, amateur codebreaker Sara Thomas travels to Paris to crack the cipher. Jacobite exile Mary Dundas is filled with longing-for freedom, for adventure, ...


Duchess By Night (Desperate Duchesses)
Eloisa James

Avon, 2008

A Mischievous Charade . . . Harriet, Duchess of Berrow, is tired of her title and the responsibilities that come along with it. Enough with proper tea parties and elegant balls; what Harriet really wants is to attend an outrageous soiree where she can unleash her wildest whims and desires. But to attend such an event—especially if the event in question is Lord Justinian Strange's rollicking fete, filled with noble rogues and rotters, risqué ...


Desperate Remedies, 2012

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchesses)
Eloisa James

Avon, 2009

No man can resist Jemma's sensuous allure . . . Except her own husband! Wedding bells celebrating the arranged marriage between the lovely Duchess of Beaumont and her staid, imperturbable duke had scarcely fallen silent when a shocking discovery sent Jemma running from the ducal mansion. For the next nine years she cavorted abroad, creating one delicious scandal after another (if one is to believe the rumors). Elijah, Duke of Beaumont, did ...


Divorced, Desperate and Dangerous (Divorced and Desperate Book 4)

BookEnds, LLC, 2014

This novella originally appeared in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance anthology Three Southern Beaches . Reese Morris has run away from home. She’s left behind her adoring but overbearing grandmother, her broken heart . . . and most importantly, the no-good Texan jerk who broke it. She told him her secrets. He told her lies. He was nothing more than an undercover cop wanting one thing—and it wasn’t her—he was ...


Desperate Duchesses
Eloisa James

Avon, 2007

Welcome to a world of reckless sensuality and glittering sophistication . . . of dangerously handsome gentlemen and young ladies longing to gain a title . . . of games played for high stakes, including—on occasion—a lady's virtue. A marquess's sheltered only daughter, Lady Roberta St. Giles falls in love with a man she glimpses across a crowded ballroom: a duke, a game player of consummate skill, a notorious rakehell who shows no interest ...


Year of Desperate Struggle: Jeb Stuart and His Cavalry, from Gettysburg to Yellow Tavern, 1863-1864
Monte Akers

Casemate, 2015

By the summer of 1863, following Chancellorsville, it was clear to everyone on both sides of the Civil War that the Army of Northern Virginia was the most formidable force Americans had ever put in the field. It could only be “tied” in battle, if against great odds, but would more usually vanquish its opponents. A huge measure of that army’s success was attributable to its cavalry arm, under Major General J.E.B. Stuart, which had literally ...


Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love
Sally Clarkson

Tyndale Momentum, 2015

Do you ever long for days full of joy and energy—days that bring out the best version of you rather than leave you exhausted? Do you sometimes catch yourself wishing life was more impactful and fulfilling? In a world that’s moving so fast, it’s easy to lose your sense of purpose. So now is the time to make each moment of your ordinary, everyday, beautiful existence count. It’s time to own your life. Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life is ...


Desperate Voyage
John Caldwell

Sheridan House, 1991

In May 1946 John Caldwell set out to sail from Panama to Sydney to reunite with his wife who he hadn't seen for more than a year. Eager to reach his destination and unable to secure any other form of transport, he had to resort to singlehanded seamanship. After an ignominious scene in the harbor, where a tangled anchor led him to take an early dip, he spent ten days learning the rudiments of navigation and sailing from a book, before embarking ...


Desperate Measures (Steamy Bareback Romance)

Nikki Wild, 2015

Nineteen-year-old sweet and untouched Savannah Higgins is tired of being treated like a child. She’s off to college in just a month, but before then, she wants one more chance at rebellion . Covering up her tracks means she’ll have to enlist the help of her nosy, naughty neighbor , but his help comes with a price: he wants to take her hard and without protection . Savannah can’t deny the lust building inside of her. She has ...


Desperate Passage: The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West
Ethan Rarick

Oxford University Press, 2009

In late October 1846, the last wagon train of that year's westward migration stopped overnight before resuming its arduous climb over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, unaware that a fearsome storm was gathering force. After months of grueling travel, the 81 men, women and children would be trapped for a brutal winter with little food and only primitive shelter. The conclusion is known: by spring of the next year, the Donner Party was synonymous with ...



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