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The Dilemma
Penny Vincenzi

Overlook TP, 2008

Penny Vincenzi's fiction has won a growing legion of admirers. Overlook is proud to bring into paperback her fifth novel--and most popular book yet. Glamour has called her "the doyenne of the modern blockbuster." Francesca Channing is a woman on top of an empire. As the third wife of business tycoon Bard Channing, Francesca is blessed with every possible material luxury. Now, all Francesca has to do to keep her marriage alive, her children ...


The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
Michael Pollan

Penguin, 2007

One of the New York Time s Book Review 's Ten Best Books of the Year Winner of the James Beard Award Author of #1 New York Times Bestsellers In Defense of Food  and Food Rules Today, buffeted by one food fad after another, America is suffering from what can only be described as a national eating disorder. Will it be fast food tonight, or something organic? Or perhaps something we grew ourselves? The question ...


The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business
Clayton M. Christensen

HarperBusiness, 2011

“Absolutely brilliant. Clayton Christensen provides an insightful analysis of changing technology and its importance to a company’s future success.” —Michael R. Bloomberg “This book ought to chill any executive who feels bulletproof —and inspire entrepreneurs aiming their guns.” — Forbes The Innovator’s Dilemma is the revolutionary business book that has forever changed corporate America. Based on a truly radical ...


The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat, Young Readers Edition
Michael Pollan

Dial, 2009

The New York Times bestseller that’s changing America’s diet is now perfect for younger readers “What’s for dinner?” seemed like a simple question—until journalist and supermarket detective Michael Pollan delved behind the scenes. From fast food and big organic to small farms and old-fashioned hunting and gathering, this young readers’ adaptation of Pollan’s famous food-chain exploration encourages kids to consider the ...


The Protestant's Dilemma: How the Reformation's Shocking Consequences Point to the Truth of Catholicism
Devin Rose

Catholic Answers, 2014

What if Protestantism were true? What if the Reformers really were heroes, the Bible the sole rule of faith, and Christ s Church just an invisible collection of loosely united believers? As an Evangelical, Devin Rose used to believe all of it. Then one day the nagging questions began. He noticed things about Protestant belief and practice that didn t add up. He began following the logic of Protestant claims to places he never expected it to go ...


The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail (Management of Innovation and Change)
Clayton M. Christensen

Harvard Business Review Press, 2013

An innovation classic. From Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos, Clay Christensen’s work continues to underpin today’s most innovative leaders and organizations. The bestselling classic on disruptive innovation, by renowned author Clayton M. Christensen. His work is cited by the world’s best-known thought leaders, from Steve Jobs to Malcolm Gladwell. In this classic bestseller—one of the most influential business books of all time—innovation ...




Lynn is young and beautiful and she has her whole life ahead of her. fleeing a stalker ex lands her in Detroit. As she is rebuilding her life, she is swept off her feet by handsome ex drug lord, who himself is experiencing a family tragedy. but when fate beats all odds will Arron have second thoughts? will his decision bring forth a new tragedy? gripping and emotional, will leave you with wonder!


The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup (Kauffman Foundation ...
Noam Wasserman

Princeton University Press, 2013

Often downplayed in the excitement of starting up a new business venture is one of the most important decisions entrepreneurs will face: should they go it alone, or bring in cofounders, hires, and investors to help build the business? More than just financial rewards are at stake. Friendships and relationships can suffer. Bad decisions at the inception of a promising venture lay the foundations for its eventual ruin. The Founder's Dilemmas is ...


The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage
Al-Anon Family Group Head Inc

Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, 1986

Every aspect of a relationship takes on the nature of a dilemma when one or both partners are alcoholic. Here, the relatives and friends of alcoholics openly and honestly talk about their marriages and dealing with problems primarily involving sex, communication, maturity, feelings, personalities, security, and independence. Together, these Al-Anon members encourage the reader to "let the understanding, love, and peace of the [Al-Anon] program ...


The Dilemma

Ms. Sheila Rosemarie Limontas, 2014

College sweethearts, Samuel Lim and Samantha Li'mon . He's Korean American and she's Haitian-Cuban American. They loved in secret, got pregnant in secret, agreed to marry in secret! The problem, their last secret wasn't with each other! Follow Sam and Sami on a journey of love,faith, hurt and hopefully happiness!


Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice (Ethics in Crime and Justice)
Joycelyn M. Pollock

Cengage Learning, 2013

Packed with current, real-world examples, ETHICAL DILEMMAS AND DECISIONS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE offers comprehensive, balanced, and practical coverage of ethics across all three arms of the criminal justice system: the police, the courts, and corrections. Readers not only find coverage of the philosophical principles and theories that are the very foundation of ethical decision-making, but also the latest challenges and issues in criminal ...


A Perfect Dilemma (A Perfect Secret Book 3), 2014

The one secret she can't stand to keep is the one she can't afford to tell. The perfect little rich girl, River Pearl Sutton has always done what her family expected of her. She'd become the perfect little beauty queen, the perfect child model and now her global success locks her into a life she never really chose. Coming home for the summer to prepare for the Founder's Day Festival, a celebration of her lauded ancestor, she is tasked by her ...


A Moral Dilemma: A Romantic Comedy Chick Lit Story, 2014

"…A Moral Dilemma is a British romantic comedy that will make you laugh out loud! Anyone who enjoys Chick Lit will love this!..." Think you would never date a married man? ... Think again! Rebecca Hardy isn't a naturally deceptive person, but it seems her boyfriend might be—and when she theatrically catches him cheating, she decides she’s had it with these modern-day men who can’t commit. She has even less regard for these ...


The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage

AL-Anon, 1980



Dilemma of a Ghost and Anowa
Ama Ata Aidoo

Longman, 1995

These two witty and perceptive social dramas are sympathetic and honest explorations of the conflicts between the individualism of westernised culture and the social traditions of Africa. Both plays have been performed throughout the world.


Ladybug Girl and the Dress-up Dilemma
Jacky Davis

Dial, 2014

Ladybug Girl gets dressed up for Halloween in the newest hardcover addition to the New York Times bestselling series.   It is Halloween and Lulu must decide on a costume. Should she be Ladybug Girl or something new? She tries many different costumes, but nothing seems right. Maybe she'll think of the perfect costume as she enjoys the autumn day with her family by pumpkin picking and going on a hayride. But it isn't until Lulu and ...


Dilemmas in Educational Leadership: The Facilitator's Book of Cases
Donna J. Reid

Teachers College Press, 2014

In this book, educational consultant and group coach Donna Reid argues that popular vehicles for improving school cultures and student achievement, such as professional learning communities and critical friends groups, too often fail because the participants are unaware or unwilling to make the required changes for successful collaboration and change. To assist facilitators and group leaders, the author presents narrative cases that examine the ...


Noah Willoughby

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Though surrounded by people on a daily basis, Chuck is a miserably lonely man, desperately seeking companionship and affection. Not only does his shy personality make him reluctant to approach others, but he also harbors a secret side of himself that he’s tried to suppress and forget for many years. This secret side fills him with a kind of self-loathing, and he unknowingly makes himself unapproachable to others around him. However, this all ...


Pete Rose: An American Dilemma
Kostya Kennedy

Sports Illustrated, 2014

"Kennedy's book on the tarnished and enigmatic Rose is exceptional. Like the best writing about sport--Liebling, Angell--it qualifies as stirring literature. I'd read Kennedy no matter what he writes about." --Richard Ford Pete Rose played baseball with a singular and headfirst abandon that endeared him to fans and peers, even as it riled others--a figure at once magnetic, beloved and polarizing. Rose has more base hits than anyone in history, ...


The Dilemmas of Corrections: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Waveland Pr Inc, 2006

Improving on its highly regarded predecessor, this new edition takes a multifaceted, well-rounded approach—addressing philosophical and historical perspectives on corrections as well as contemporary social and legal issues. Twenty-nine new selections (plus five retained from the previous collection) provide insight on the evolving philosophy behind punishment and imprisonment and address the historical evolution of corrections. Insights into ...



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