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Blood Pressure Management in Stroke and in Elderly Hypertensives: Blood Pressure Management in Acute Ischemic ...
Dimiter Hadjiev

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014

The book focuses on the blood pressure management in acute ischemic stroke and in elderly hypertensive patients- still unresolved issues. The pathophysiology and management of the transient elevated blood pressure in acute ischemic stroke are presented. Blood pressure lowering may have a detrimental effect. The ultrasound carotid disease evaluation and cerebral hemodynamics monitoring, using bedside bilateral transcranial ultrasonography, ...


MECHANICS OF NATURAL FORCE - Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity
Dimiter M Bayramov

Dimiter M Bayramov, 2013

The Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity ( ) is a conservative, engineering theory describing the workings of the Universe in terms of well understood engineering and physical systems. Bayramov develops ideas shared by some of the brightest thinkers in history. Sir Isaac Newton, Bernhard Riemann and Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky have considered gravity to be rooted in natural ether streams. Compared to the Flow Theory of ...


Beyond Hitler's Grasp: The Heroic Rescue of Bulgaria's Jews
Michael Bar-Zohar

Adams Media Corporation, 1998

On the eve of World War II, Bulgaria aligned itself with Germany and the Axis powers. As World War II progressed, Bugaria's King Boris followed all of Hitler's Jewish mandates: a newly formed pro-Nazi government quickly instituted their own version of the Nuremberg laws and secretly devised a plan for the deportation--and ultimated execution--of all of Bulgaria's 50,000 Jews.


Model Based Fuzzy Control: Fuzzy Gain Schedulers and Sliding Mode Fuzzy Controllers
Rainer Palm, Dimiter Driankov, ...

Springer, 1996

Model Based Fuzzy Control uses a given conventional or fuzzy open loop model of the plant under control to derive the set of fuzzy rules for the fuzzy controller. Of central interest are the stability, performance, and robustness of the resulting closed loop system. The major objective of model based fuzzy control is to use the full range of linear and nonlinear design and analysis methods to design such fuzzy controllers with better stability, ...


Becoming Byzantine: Children and Childhood in Byzantium (Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia)

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, 2009

Despite increased interest over the last fifty years in childhood in Byzantium, the bibliography on this topic remains rather short and generalized. Becoming Byzantine: Children and Childhood in Byzantium presents detailed information about children’s lives, and provides a basis for further study. This collection of eight articles drawn from a May 2006 Dumbarton Oaks symposium covers matters relevant to daily life such as the definition of ...


Legend of the Spear:
Jason Edwards

Blomquist/Joy, 2005

Without warning, machine-gun bullets ricochet off buildings and hit the ground, raising ugly puffs of dust in the village square. Screams of the injured and dying pierce the Easter Sunday spring air. Terror holds the heroine in momentary paralysis, and you, the reader, holding your breath. Legend of the Spear launches the reader and twenty-seven-year-old Dimiter Markovitz into a fast-moving, perilous journey of terror, intrigue, double-cross and ...


Café "The Blue Danube"
Radka Yakimov

iUniverse, 2008

In Café "The Blue Danube", Radka Yakimov, a native of Bulgaria, recalls tales that are heartfelt, reflective and insightful. The communist regimes of Eastern Europe, the fight for women's rights and trying to adapt to a new life in Canada while suspended between two worlds are towering themes in this hard-hitting book.Yakimov takes her readers to faraway places. You'll meet Mrs. Bailey, who finds herself in a strange place-right in her own ...


de Como Decidi Convertirme En Hermano Mayor (Spanish Edition)
Dimiter Inkiow

Grupo Editorial Norma, 1994


An Introduction to Fuzzy Control
Dimiter Driankov, Hans Hellendoorn, ...

Springer, 2010

Fuzzy controllers are a class of knowledge based controllers using artificial intelligence techniques with origins in fuzzy logic. They can be found either as stand-alone control elements or as integral parts of a wide range of industrial process control systems and consumer products. Applications of fuzzy controllers are an established practice for Japanese manufacturers, and are spreading in Europe and America. The main aim of this book is to ...


Air Pollution Processes in Regional Scale (Nato Science Series: IV: (closed))

Springer, 2003

An understanding of long-range transport of air pollutants in the atmosphere requires a knowledge of the relevant atmospheric dynamic and chemical processes active at the regional scale as well as the temporal and spatial distribution of emissions. Numerical modeling is the most efficient way to determine the atmospheric transport, photochemistry and deposition pathways. The book therefore discusses the physical and chemical processes that ...


Aesops Fabeln
Dimiter Inkiow

Nymphenburger Verlag, 2004


The Porcupine
Julian Barnes

Vintage, 1993

In his latest novel, Julian Barnes, author of Talking It Over and A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters , trains his laser-bright prose on the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. Stoyo Petkanov, the deposed Party leader, is placed on trial for crimes that range from corruption to political murder. Petkanov's guilt -- and the righteousness of his opponents -- would seem to be self-evident. But, as brilliantly imagined by Barnes, the ...


Advances in Fuzzy Control

Physica-Verlag Heidelberg, 2002

Model-based fuzzy control uses a given conventional or a fuzzy open loop of the plant under control in order to derive the set of fuzzy if-then rules constituting the corresponding fuzzy controller. Furthermore, of central interest are the consequent stability, performance, and robustness analysis of the resulting closed loop system involving a conventional model and a fuzzy controller, or a fuzzy model and a fuzzy controller. The major ...


Als Zeus der Kragen platzte: Griechische Sagen neu erzählt von Dimiter Inkiow von Inkiow. Dimiter (2007) ...
Inkiow. Dimiter

Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1000



Physica-Verlag, 2013


Achtung! Menschenzähnefresser.
Wolfgang Freitag, Dimiter Inkiow

Pattloch, 2003


Aesops Fabeln
Dimiter Inkiow

Nymphenburger Verlag, 2009


William Peter Blatty

Tor Books, 2011

William Peter Blatty has thrilled generations of readers with his legendary bestseller The Exorcist . Now Blatty gives us Dimiter , a riveting story of murder, revenge, and suspense. Laced with themes of faith and love, sin and forgiveness, vengeance and compassion, it is a novel in the grand tradition of Morris West’s The Devil’s Advocate and the Catholic novels of Graham Greene. Dimiter opens in the world’s most oppressive and ...


Aesops Fabeln: Oder die Weisheit der Antike von Inkiow. Dimiter (2009) Gebundene Ausgabe
Inkiow. Dimiter

Nymphenburger, 1000



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