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Miss Nelson Is Missing!
Harry G. Allard Jr.

HMH Books for Young Readers, 1985

The kids in Room 207 were misbehaving again. Spitballs stuck to the ceiling. Paper planes whizzing through the air. They were the worst-behaved class in the whole school. So begins this quirky classic, first published in 1977 and still relevant today as a lighthearted reminder to show our appreciation to those we value. The students don’t proffer a shred of respect for their good-natured teacher Miss Nelson, but when the witchy substitute ...


A Perfect Plan (A Billionaire in Disguise), 2012

Parker and Russell Davis, identical twins, were used to swapping places in the business world, but drew the line when it came to fooling women. They're successful, rich, sexy, and used to tackling any problems that come their way. But when a beautiful woman shows up threatening to ruin their plans for a big business venture, the twins know they'll have to break the rules. Emily Carson isn't going to stand by while Davis Enterprises destroys ...


No Place for a Dame

Montlake Romance, 2013

Beautiful, bold, and brilliant Avery dreams of becoming a member of the Royal Astronomical Society—and the only way she can join the all-male society is to disguise herself as a boy. After helping Giles, Lord Strand, escape a disastrous engagement, she is certain he will assist in her daring masquerade. No lady would ever come up with such a preposterous scheme, and no gentleman would accept…but fortunately for Avery, Giles is no gentleman. ...


Miracles in Disguise (The Trampled Rose Series), 2013

What do you do when the pain of your past leaves you feeling so unworthy, that any hope of a future crumbles right before your eyes? Since Kristina Talbot can remember, she’s tried to earn the love of men in her life, only to be hurt in the process. On the heels of her abusive husband’s death, Kristina Talbot leaves New York and heads to New Mexico to try and get her life headed down a new road – one that doesn't include a man. Even ...


Wife in Disguise

Harlequin HQN, 2013

A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME… Josie Fitzgerald Scott was athletic, competitive and stubborn as sin—until an accident changed her life. Now she simply sought closure with unforgettable Del Scott—the man she'd once lovingly wed, passionately bedded, then contrarily fled…. Amazingly, Del didn't recognize Josie's reconstructed contours. Yet her sexy ex-husband seemed oddly, instantly drawn to this soft, delicate "stranger," despite her new ...


Sorority Pledge 1: A Devil in Disguise (Sorority Pledge Saga)

Pink Cocktail Publishing, 2014

NOTE FROM THE DOM, LOGAN THORNDIKE: Poor sorority pledge, Addison Montgomery, lands in a world of trouble and heat when she's caught chucking eggs at my father's mansion on Halloween at the demand of her sisters. When she accepts a trip over my knee as her punishment, we get swept up in a delicious power exchange and a squall of tumultuous passion.  But given our limited experience, diving into untested lusts may be way too hot for us to ...


Rae Falling: An Erotic Romance, Episode #1 (Billionaires in Disguise: Rae)

Hot Rocks Publishing, 2014

One wild quickie with a sexy stranger will change Rae’s life forever. Rae Stone is majoring in psychology so that she can open a clinic for autistic kids, but when her scholarship is yanked because she failed an impossible statistics course, she thinks she’s out of luck and doomed to return to her poverty-stricken hometown. Because she has three weeks of college freedom left, she goes to an upscale party and has a wild quickie with a ...


Falling Hard: A Romance, Episode #1 (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy)

Hot Rocks Publishing, 2014

Sometimes, falling in love means falling hard. Lizzy has been drifting, trying to make a life for herself after failing at her life goal that was decided for her when she was five years old. She's been having a good time in college and working at The Devilhouse, but something is missing in Lizzy's life, a very obvious something. At a Devilhouse party, she meets Theo, a handsome, bright lawyer who wants to takes things slowly, too darn ...


Forbidden Disclosure (A Billionaire in Disguise Book 1)

Gossamer Publishing, 2012

Newly Edited! Francesco Giordano wants to retire and turn over his shipping empire to his only son Daniel. But the young, gorgeous, and sexy Daniel is more interested in fast cars, the family jet, and bedding women. When Francesco decides the best way to make his son grow up is to change his identity and move him away from his Manhattan penthouse, Daniel's world begins to rock. Sent to a little town in Tennessee, stripped of his family name ...


The Breadwinner
Deborah Ellis

Groundwood Books, 2001

The Breadwinner brings to life an issue that has recently exploded in the international media — the reality of life under the Taliban. Young Parvana lives with her family in one room of a bombed-out apartment building in Kabul, Afghanistan. Because he has a foreign education, her father is arrested by the Taliban, the religious group that controls the country. Since women cannot appear in public unless covered head to toe, or go to school, or ...


The Scarecrow King: A Romantic Retelling of the King Thrushbeard Fairy Tale

Jill Myles, 2013

Princess Rinda of Balinore knows of only one way to get her cold father’s attention – to be an obnoxious, spoiled princess. When she finds out that the king plan to marrying her off to a far-flung nobleman, she puts on her best bratty show in front of the entire court. But Rinda’s plan backfires, and she soon finds herself married to the most ineligible man ever. Her new husband is monastery raised, poor as dirt, and a traveling minstrel. ...


Blessing in Disguise (Red River of the North Book #6)

Bethany House Publishers, 2007

She Had Told Him She Was Headed for Blessing. Why Would He Not Take Her There? The Bjorklund family has received word that Augusta Bjorklund is on her way from Norway to join them in North Dakota. When the train arrives in the town of Blessing with no Augusta aboard, the worried family hopes she will be on the train in the morning. But only her trunk arrives, so Bridget Bjorklund insists that Hjelmer, Augusta's brother, go find her. ...


The Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA

William Morrow Paperbacks, 2009

From the author of Argo comes an unforgettable behind-the-scenes story of espionage in action. In the first ever memoir by a top-level operative to be authorized by the CIA, Antonio J. Mendez reveals the cunning tricks and insights that helped save hundreds from deadly situations. Adept at creating new identities for anyone, anywhere, Mendez was involved in operations all over the world, from "Wild West" adventures in East Asia to Cold War ...


Knight's Prize (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Book 3)

Glynnis Campbell, 2012

THE WARRIOR MAIDS OF RIVENLOCH: Damsels in shining armor...riding to the rescue! Deirdre, Helena, and Miriel, three kick-arse Scots wenches known as The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch, aren’t about to become any man’s chattel, until they meet heroes who are strong enough to tame their wild ways and worthy enough to win their wayward hearts. KNIGHT’S PRIZE: by Glynnis Campbell - writing as Sarah McKerrigan Miriel of Rivenloch may ...


The Reluctant Billionaire, A BBW Billionaire Romance

Saverie Books, 2014

***$2.99 for a limited time*** When BBW Sophie begins her new job as chef in William Blackwell's mansion, she wants a new start. Her last job led to a romance with her billionaire boss which ended in heartbreak. This time, she swears she'll stay away from workplace romance...a vow that's put to the test when she meets the enigmatic Rhys, one of the mansion's gardeners. William "Rhys" Blackwell might be a billionaire, but he still loves ...


The Heidi Heckelbeck Collection: A Bewitching Four-Book Boxed Set: Heidi Hecklebeck Has a Secret; Heidi ...
Wanda Coven

Little Simon, 2013

Make some magic with this collection of four Heidi Hecklebeck stories in one bewitching boxed set. Read about Heidi Heckelbeck’s first day at school in Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret , where she meets a meanie, makes a friend, and reveals her big secret: she’s actually a witch! Then Heidi casts a spell on mean-girl Melanie right before the school play in Heidi Heckelbeck Casts a Spell . Next in Heidi Heckelbeck and the Cookie Contest , ...


A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss
Jerry L. Sittser

Zondervan, 2004

An expanded edition of this classic book on grief and loss---with a new preface and epilogue Loss came suddenly for Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a tragic car accident claimed three generations of his family: his mother, his wife, and his young daughter. While most of us will not experience such a catastrophic loss in our lifetime, all of us will taste it. And we can, if we choose, know as well the grace that transforms it. A Grace Disguised ...


The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals
Missy Chase Lapine

Running Press, 2007

Parents will do almost anything to get their kids to eat healthier, but unfortunately, they’ve found that begging, pleading, threatening, and bribing don’t work. With their patience wearing thin, parents will “give in” for the sake of family peace, and reach for “kiddie” favorites-often nutritionally inferior choices such as fried fish sticks, mac n’ cheese, Pop-sicles, and cookies. Missy Chase Lapine, former publisher of Eating ...


Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food
Jessica Seinfeld

William Morrow, 2008

It has become common knowledge that childhood obesity rates are increasing every year. But the rates continue to rise. And between busy work schedules and the inconvenient truth that kids simply refuse to eat vegetables and other healthy foods, how can average parents ensure their kids are getting the proper nutrition and avoiding bad eating habits? As a mother of three, Jessica Seinfeld can speak for all parents who struggle to feed their ...


A Billionaire in Disguise, Books 1-3

Gossamer Publishing, 2013

The first three books in the popular contemporary romance series, "A Billionaire in Disguise," are now being brought to you in this special collection. Forbidden Disclosure, Book 1 A Perfect Plan, Book 2 The Wrong Side of Midnight, Book 3 Read about love, romance, power, passion, big money, and tiny white lies. Or not so tiny... What could possibly go wrong? Want a friend or relative to enjoy A Billionaire in Disguise series? This is a ...



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