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The Singer/The Song/The Finale (The Singer Trilogy 1-3)
Calvin Miller

IVP Books, 1992

Hundreds of thousands have already thrilled to this extraordinary retelling of a life unmatched in human history. Through the story of the Singer, his Song and his battles with the World Hater, Calvin Miller has created a book full of life. Now, in one volume, you can find a powerful tale of incarnation and redemption.


Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers
Warren Talbot, Betsy Talbot

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Dream Save Do is an Action Plan to make Some Day a reality. You yearn for something more: to travel the world, start your own business, create art, or change the world. Maybe you are fuzzy on the details, but you know you want something different. You want to make your own rules for a change, but you aren't quite sure how to start - much less how to pay for it. What you need is An Action Plan for Dreamers . Betsy and Warren felt the ...


Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, Second Edition (Resources for Changing Lives)
Paul David Tripp

P & R Publishing, 2001

Book annotation not available for this title. Title: Age of Opportunity Author: Tripp, Paul David Publisher: Presbyterian & Reformed Pub Co Publication Date: 2001/07/01 Number of Pages: 291 Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: 2001034350


The Three "Only" Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination
Robert Moss

New World Library, 2007

Have you ever said something was only a dream, only a coincidence, or only your imagination? In this book you'll discover that these ''only'' things can be keys to finding and living your bigger story. You'll learn to tap into the nine powers of dreaming, the nine rules of coincidence, and the seven uses of imagination. You'll be inspired by stories of how innovators and world changers have used these gifts, and you'll learn wonderful games to ...


Niya, Rainbow Dreams (The Dreamers Book 1)


Do you know who you are? Are you comfortable in your skin? Outed by her best friend in front of the whole neighborhood, Niya is trying to come to terms with being a lesbian, and it isn’t easy. Although everyone around her seems to know the secret she is trying to hide, she is still battling the fact that she likes girls. Filled with dreams of becoming a rap star, she must first learn to accept who she really is before taking over the music ...


Night Song
Beverly Jenkins

Avon, 2009

A Traitorous Heart . . . Cara Lee Henson knows no soldiercan be trusted to stay in one place—and thatincludes handsome Sergeant Chase Jeffersonof the Tenth Cavalry. Dallying withthe dashing man in blue could cost the pretty, independent Kansas schoolteacher herjob and her reputation. So Cara is determinedto repel Chase’s advances—even thoughher aloof facade barely masks hersmoldering desire. A Blazing Passion . . . Never before has ...


The Dream Engine (Volume 1)
Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant

Realm & Sands, 2014

A truth terrible enough to bury for a millennium… A mysterious boy calling in her sleep… A secret city that shouldn’t exist… When Eila Doyle first sees the strange boy beckoning in whispers from somewhere deep in her imagination, she questioned her sanity. She was used to seeing strange things with her eyes closed — that’s what Eila did all day while strapped to the Blunderbuss, Building whatever the Ministry of ...


From Dreamer to Dreamfinder
Ron Schneider

Bamboo Forest Publishing, 2012

Ron Schneider takes you on a journey through 40 years of personal triumph and corporate challenges. It's an intimate look into the creative worlds of Disney, Universal, and Six Flags Magic Mountain; a no-holds-barred memoir filled with wild characters and wilder concepts, complete with a step-by-step guide to how the magic is made!


You're Made for a God-Sized Dream: Opening the Door to All God Has for You
Holley Gerth

Revell, 2013

If you have a desire in your heart that just won't disappear... If you don't want to let fear get the best of you... If you're not sure what to do... Help is on the way.  We all long to live with more purpose, passion, and joy. Yet in the middle of our hectic lives, the God-sized dreams that have the potential to lead us into all God has planned for us are the ones that tend to get lost. With her intimate, approachable style ...


The Big Book of Angel Tarot: The Essential Guide to Symbols, Spreads, and Accurate Readings
Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine

Hay House, Inc., 2014

In The Big Book of Angel Tarot, best-selling authors Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine follow up their groundbreaking work Angel Tarot Cards with the definitive guide to the mystical art of tarot. By removing the fear, worry, and secrecy from the process, Doreen and Radleigh are reintroducing the world to this language of the Divine, without diminishing any of the amazing accuracy and detailed information that tarot is known for.   In this ...


Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 2: Surprise Endings / Island Dreamer / A Heart Full of Hope (Books 4-6)
Robin Jones Gunn

Multnomah Publishers, 2006

The first nine books in the popular Christy Miller series are now available in three treasured volumes! Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn packs each one with enough action, romance, and drama to keep you reading and wanting more. It all starts the summer Christy vacations on a California beach and meets two friends who change her life forever. But after moving across the country with her family, Christy must begin her sophomore year of high ...


Walt Dreamers Me
Joseph Patrick Cosgrove

Golden Additions, 2013

“I cannot imagine living in a world without Walt Disney.” Joe Cosgrove Walt Disney’s life long journey comes to life as breaking news headlines that entertain and engage dreamers of all ages. This novel storytelling is based on Joe’s firsthand experience as well as from friends and mentors who worked closely with Walt during the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Readers will enter the circle of nearness of Walt Disney’s life journey as he ...


G-Dog and the Homeboys: Father Greg Boyle and the Gangs of East Los Angeles
Celeste Fremon

University of New Mexico Press, 2008

Father Gregory J. Boyle, SJ, is a native of Los Angeles, a Jesuit priest, and founder of Homeboy Industries, an economic development and jobs program begun in 1988 for at-risk and gang-involved youth. "A great many kids in my neighborhood don't plan their futures; they plan their funerals." G-Dog and the Homeboys presents the story of Boyle's unconventional ministry and its extraordinary successes. In this expanded, updated edition, Celeste ...


NIYA 2: Dreamer's Paradise (The Dreamers)

Gifted Publications, 2014

Love, true love, is the ruler of all things. Once you have acquired a taste for it… nothing else will ever satisfy your palate or taste the same. Niya has already proven that she would kill for Jamilla, which should make their bond unbreakable. But when the dopamine fades and she is faced with her own demons, rescuing Jamilla from her problems just won’t be enough to fill the void she has always felt within. What will happen when family ...


The Dreamer, The Schemer & The Robe (The Amazing Tales of Max & Liz, Book Two)
Jenny L. Cote

AMG Publishers, 2009

Winner of the 2010 Gold Award from the Readers Favorite Book Review and Awards! After saving Noah and family from the evil stowaway Charlatan aboard the ark in The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud, heroes Max and Liz, along with faithful mates Kate and Al, earn immortality and a directive from God to serve as His envoys for pivotal points in human history. They have waited for centuries for a word from the Maker; now they learn they are to work ...


Usted puede sanar su vida
Louise L. Hay

Ediciones Urano, 1992

This "New York Times" bestseller has sold over 1.5 million copies. Its key message--if you are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.


Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHD

Hazelden, 2012

Learn to tap the skills and talents unique to those with ADHD and enhance your ability to succeed socially, academically, and in your career. An inability to focus, impulsiveness, misbehavior, frequent daydreaming, and a predisposal to addiction are frequently referenced traits of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But what about the gifts of ADHD? In Movers, Dreamers, and Risk Takers, Kevin Roberts, author of Cyber Junkie, ...


The Dragon Dreamer
J S Burke

Lind Press, 2014

The Dragon Dreamer is a fast-paced adventure with flying dragons, an undersea world, and an unexpected friendship. It’s a young adult science fantasy for ages 8 to adult. Arak can quest for hours in trance, his mind far away. He is different, a worthless dreamer, tormented by other young dragons. Finally Arak leaves the clan, flying far over the sea, and crashes on a remote ice floe. He suffers serious injuries and the loss of his ...


Kingdomality: An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management
Sheldon Bowles, Richard and Susan R. Silvano

Hyperion, 2005

'By nature, by instinct, by personality, people react differently and use different techniques and ways of dealing with a situation. Success in the future will come to those who see people as unique individuals, with unique talents. Rather than just selecting people with the right skills, winning organizations will be those that also focus on selecting people with the skills who are also suited by temperament to complete the task successfully. ...


Strong-Willed Child or Dreamer?

Thomas Nelson, 1996

Your child may be a sensitive dreamer if: he forgets to follow instructions, no matter how clear and simple, she craves praise and positive attention, yet refuses to conform to what's expected, he tells more than his share of fibs and tall tales. If you recognize these actions in your child, you know the frustration of turning to parenting experts for advice only to find the systems don't work, the rules don't stick and strong boundary setting ...



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