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David R. Palmer

Bantam Books, 1984

mass market paperback book


Emergence: A Superhuman Detective Novella (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 1)

Wandering Word Press, 2014

Breaking News: New superhero found, capable of raising the dead! Officer Darby Shaw, Kansas City Bendex Police Department, is a good cop. Reliable, mostly level-headed, she's the backup everyone wants. But she longs to be a detective. While she waits for her exam results, Officer Shaw arrives at the scene of what should be a domestic disturbance. Instead, she finds the common law wife dead—and her killer husband not twenty feet away. ...


Emergence: Labeled Autistic
Temple Grandin, Margaret M. Scariano

Warner Books, 1996

A true story that is both uniquely moving and exceptionally inspiring, Emergence is the first-hand account of a courageous autistic woman who beat the odds and cured herself. As a child, Temple Grandin was forced to leave her "normal" school and enroll in a school for autistic children. This searingly honest account captures the isolation and fears suffered by autistics and their families and the quiet strength of one woman who insisted on a ...


Emergence: Contemporary Readings in Philosophy and Science (Bradford Books)

A Bradford Book, 2008

Emergence, largely ignored just thirty years ago, has become one of the liveliest areas of research in both philosophy and science. Fueled by advances in complexity theory, artificial life, physics, psychology, sociology, and biology and by the parallel development of new conceptual tools in philosophy, the idea of emergence offers a way to understand a wide variety of complex phenomena in ways that are intriguingly different from more ...


Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence
Barbara Marx Hubbard

Hampton Roads Publishing, 2012

What can we expect from the future? According to visionary and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, we will see a new type of human emerge in the world. She calls this the Universal Human, and it could be the key to our survival as a species. The Universal Human is connected through the heart to the whole of life, evolving consciously and helping to co-create a new kind of spiritual path, something we've never experienced before, but which is perfect ...


The Emergence of Everything: How the World Became Complex
Harold J. Morowitz

Oxford University Press, 2004

When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts--indeed, so great that the sum far transcends the parts and represents something utterly new and different--we call that phenomenon emergence. When the chemicals diffusing in the primordial waters came together to form the first living cell, that was emergence. When the activities of the neurons in the brain result in mind, that too is emergence. In The Emergence of Everything , one of ...


Bound to be Tamed (Emergence)

Samhain Publishing, Ltd., 2014

She’s agreed to meet their demands…but can they meet her halfway? Emergence, Book 2 Stephanie Parkins has decided to take a chance. After a whirlwind week under the tutelage of two hot Doms who make her feel more than she’s ever experienced, she’s taking up the ultimate exercise in trust: quitting her job to put herself completely in their capable hands. Even when it pushes her way beyond her comfort zone. Aiden Collins and ...


Emergence: From Chaos To Order (Helix Books)
John H. Holland

Basic Books, 1999

In this important book, John H. Holland dramatically shows us that the “emergence” of order from disorder has much to teach us about life, mind and organizations. Creative activities in both the arts and the sciences depend upon an ability to model the world. The most creative of those models exhibits emergent properties, so that “what comes out is more than what goes in.” From the ingenious checkers-playing computer that started beating ...


Emergence - A Post Apocalyptic Novel (Humanity Abides)
Carol Bird

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

In book two of the Humanity Abides series, Mark Teller, Lori, Chris and Aaron and over two hundred other survivors of a devastating nuclear war struggle to live in a world gone mad. Driven from their shelter by unimaginable creatures they begin the arduous task of rebuilding civilization in a hidden valley of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Forced to learn new skills and gain experience before winter descends upon them, they use knowledge they ...


Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software
Steven Johnson

Scribner, 2002

A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK A VOICE LITERARY SUPPLEMENT TOP 25 FAVORITE BOOKS OF THE YEAR AN ESQUIRE MAGAZINE BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR In the tradition of Being Digital and The Tipping Point, Steven Johnson, acclaimed as a "cultural critic with a poet's heart" (The Village Voice), takes readers on an eye-opening journey through emergence theory and its applications. Explaining why the whole is sometimes smarter than the sum of ...


Generative Emergence: A New Discipline of Organizational, Entrepreneurial, and Social Innovation
Benyamin Lichtenstein

Oxford University Press, 2014

How do organizations become created? Entrepreneurship scholars have debated this question for decades, but only recently have they been able to gain insights into the non-linear dynamics that lead to organizational emergence, through the use of the complexity sciences. Written for social science researchers, Generative Emergence summarizes these literatures, including the first comprehensive review of each of the 15 complexity science ...


Bound to be Taken (Emergence)

Samhain Publishing, Ltd., 2014

She’s theirs for a weekend. Will they be hers for a lifetime? Emergence, Book 1 Stephanie Parkins doesn’t date—ever. After years of watching her mother’s antics, men are off her menu. But the truth is, now she needs one, and fast. Proving she’s approachable is the only way her bosses will promote her to a position that requires her to work directly with the public. Restaurateurs Aiden Collins and Dane Whitman need a ...


Emergence, Complexity, and Self-Organization: Precursors and Prototypes (Exploring Complexity)

ISCE Publishing, 2010

Emergence, Complexity, and Self-Organization have become vital focuses of interest not only in the fields of science and philosophy but also in the wider worlds of business and politics. This book presents a series of essays by thinkers who anticipated the significance of those issues and laid the foundations for their current importance. Readers of this book will encounter the important and varied figures of Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, ...


Emergence and Convergence: Qualitative Novelty and the Unity of Knowledge
Mario Bunge

University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 2014

Two problems continually arise in the sciences and humanities, according to Mario Bunge: parts and wholes and the origin of novelty. In Emergence and Convergence , he works to address these problems, as well as that of systems and their emergent properties, as exemplified by the synthesis of molecules, the creation of ideas, and social inventions. Along the way, Bunge examines further topical problems, such as the search for the mechanisms ...


Strong Emergence
Nelson Mangione

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

On a wintery early evening in cold, hard Memphis, the chase is on for a murderous bank robber with a secret – one he is willing to offer his life to reveal. The fugitive, a Nigerian with a terroristic past, is on a special mission for Allah, or so he believed until he uncovered the lie that turned his world upside-down. Across town, an apparently middling and reckless playboy doctor is starting his shift in the emergency room. But he has a ...


Emergence (Archsussa Melissa Book 1), 2012

Her life destroyed in the Second Apocalypse, Melissa sets out alone to become an Archsussa and save her family, but gains weight as a result of the need to remain awake continuously for training. When she comes across Richard and his scientists, will Melissa find acceptance or rejection because she is an overweight Archsussa? Why does Richard's brother Vincent take a liking to her, and what dark power does he hide? And why does the young girl in ...


Emergence (The Chosen)

Bramagioia Enterprises, 2012

***A 42 page short story prequel in The Chosen Series*** **The Chosen Shorts can be read out of order** Even before Jake’s birth, Emma Thompson focused all her energy on providing a safe and sheltered world for her two-year-old son. The life she’d always wanted as a child—a loving mother and financial security. But another “incident” had has led to Jake’s expulsion from his second daycare center in two weeks, and now her accounting ...


A World in Emergence: Cities and Regions in the 21st Century
Allen J. Scott

Edward Elgar Pub, 2014

' This is vintage Allen Scott, but also a tour d'horizon of the state of urban studies, 2012, by one of its foremost global practitioners: compulsory reading. ' - Peter Hall, University College London, UK ' In this book, Allen Scott enriches his longstanding research into the ways in which city-regions function as the main economic engines of global capitalism. The end result is a seminal synthesis of how city-regions are increasingly enchained ...


Emergence and Embodiment: New Essays on Second-Order Systems Theory (Science and Cultural Theory)

Duke University Press Books, 2009

Emerging in the 1940s, the first cybernetics—the study of communication and control systems—was mainstreamed under the names artificial intelligence and computer science and taken up by the social sciences, the humanities, and the creative arts. In Emergence and Embodiment , Bruce Clarke and Mark B. N. Hansen focus on cybernetic developments that stem from the second-order turn in the 1970s, when the cyberneticist Heinz von Foerster ...



DarkFuse, 2013

Following the death of his wife, Jack lives alone on the northeast coast of England. But this year, something worse than isolation and loneliness stalk the bay in front of his home. When his grandson Paul comes to stay, they find intricately crafted cones of sand jutting from the beach, and a tautness in the air affecting their sleep patterns. And then something else arrives...something that may want to trouble much more than their dreams. ...



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