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Gary LaFontaine

Lyons Press, 1989

Introduces tested patterns and details strategies on how best to fish larvae, pupae, and adult flies.


Doing Business in 21st-Century India: How to Profit Today in Tomorrow's Most Exciting Market
Gunjan Bagla

Business Plus, 2008

By now, you probably know that India has the second-fastest growing economy in the world. That the spending power of its middle class is rapidly increasing and its population is eager to acquire Western conveniences. And that new opportunities abound in its many emerging sectors. But buyer (or seller) beware--India is not simply "the new China." Important cultural differences and other hurdles can make for a challenging business landscape for ...


The Zombie Chronicles 4: Emergence, 2012

Nick is all alone, a situation he has no one to blame for but himself. Six years ago his father had left him and his sister, vowing to return to them…and he never had. But Bill had; remote and sullen at losing his best friend, Bill made little effort to raise his best friend's son, isolating himself with his new job: Being a soldier. Unhappy and left to his own devices Nick found himself in trouble at 16 and the lifetime exemption from the ...


The Emergence of Bipolar Disorder: A Mother's Perspective

Casper Publications, 2013

The Emergence of a Bipolar Disorder: A Mother’s Perspective by Maureen Murdock informs the reader about the early signs of bipolar disorder in an adolescent or young adult from a mother who has been through this journey with her son. The book describes what’s involved in a mental health crisis, the trauma of a first hospitalization and facts and figures about bipolar disorder, the fastest growing brain illness in children today. According ...


The Next Evolution - Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management: The Emergence One Method for Total ...
Thomas Luke Jarocki

Brown & Williams Publishing, 2011

Just about every project professional agrees that "success" today is not just about being "on time, within budget, and according to scope" but one in which there is successful organizational change and the broad organizational adoption of project outputs and deliverables.  However, because the project management and organizational/behavioral change management disciplines are often practiced as seperate entities, the road to success often ...


Package Design Workbook: The Art and Science of Successful Packaging
John Silva, Steven DuPuis

Rockport Publishers, 2008

The Art and Science of Successful Packaging This new addition to the series will provide readers with a thoughtful packaging primer that covers the challenges of designing packaging for a competitive market in a very hardworking and relevant way. The book will address all aspects of the creative process including choosing a package format, colors and materials, final finishes, and special considerations such as awkward objects and ...


Today,Tomorrow, and Yesterday: Emergence Of A Shadow (Volume 1)
Peter Tsaoussis

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

TODAY, TOMORROW, AND YESTERDAY: Emergence of a Shadow With his long dark hair and steel blue eyes, Andrea Domani possesses a quiet mystique that fits perfectly with his lifestyle as a vogue designer in Milan. However, a windfall set the stage on a series of bewitch- ing and preternatural events that rapidly unfold into a story where preconceptions are challenged and upended, and people are either transformed or destroyed as they ...


Hatch Guide for Western Streams
Jim Schollmeyer

Frank Amato Publications, 2003

Paperback: 196 pages Publisher: Frank Amato Publications (June 1, 2003) Language: English


An Unbroken Bond: The Untold Story of How the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald Families Faced the Tragedy of 9/11 and ...

Emergence Press, 2011

On September 11th, 658 men and women at Cantor Fitzgerald found themselves trapped together in One World Trade Center. None would make it out alive. Among them was Edie Lutnick's brother Gary, whom she had raised when their parents died at an early age. This is the story of the victims, the families and how they came together bonded by a tragic fate. But the story doesn't end there. In the aftermath of the attacks, Edie answered the call from ...


The World's Newest Profession (Cambridge Studies in the Emergence of Global Enterprise)

Cambridge University Press, 2006

In The World's Newest Profession, Christopher McKenna offers a history of management consulting in the twentieth century. Although management consulting may not yet be a recognized profession, the leading consulting firms have been advising and reshaping the largest organizations in the world since the 1920s. This groundbreaking study details how the elite consulting firms, including McKinsey & Company and Booz Allen & Hamilton, expanded after ...


Ethical Empowerment: Virtue Beyond the Paradigms

Emergence Books, 2014

Ethical Empowerment: Virtue Beyond the Paradigms presents an ethical theory designed to encourage ethical thinking from multiple perspectives that go beyond ideology and dogma. By so doing it develops an understanding of ethics and morality that transcends rigid or inapplicable rules by returning to the principle of universal love. The result is an ethical framework for unconventional ideas and research that challenges traditional beliefs that ...


Replete, 2011

They call themselves the Replete, a group of powerful corporate leaders whose greed has grown into a need they would kill to satisfy. They're making billions with a scheme so grand, so insidious, that stopping them could upset the entire economy. Dr. Roger Morgan is a rare expert in emergent systems--birds forming flocks, drivers forming traffic, investors forming a market. In the right hands his powerful methods help optimize our world. In the ...


Celestial Teachings: The Emergence of the True Testament of Jmmanuel (Jesus)
James W. Deardorff

Wild Flower Pr, 1990

In this well-reasoned book, meteorologist James Deardorff makes a compelling argument for the authenticity of , an ancient scroll that suggests that the origin of the Christian New Testament may well be extraterrestrial. Dr. Deardorff's arguments are always sound and often dramatic; such as the observation that stars don't point-UFO beams do. Deardorff shows how the original teachings were altered over time and finally transformed into the ...


The Blended Church; The Emergence of Multicultural Christianity
Dehner Maurer

Thorncrown Publishing, 2010

There is a new move of God sweeping across this great country. America is seeing a new face arise within the church. It's the emergence of the mulitcultural church - a church that looks like heaven, from every tribe, tongue, race and nation. It's the church of unified nations in Christ. It has been prophesied about, dreamed of, preached on, and now is manifesting. The Multicultural church is our reply to racism and the blueprint for reaching the ...


Hot Spots: Why Some Teams, Workplaces, and Organizations Buzz with Energy - And Others Don't
Lynda Gratton

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2007

Bestselling author Lynda Gratton - a world-renowned authority on business strategy - takes an extensive look at ""Hot Spots"" -- places and times where cooperation flourishes, resulting in productivity and excitement. Now, these previously unexplained flares of ideas and innovation are thoroughly examined, as Gratton shows how to develop of ""Hot Spots"" within ones own environment.


Struggle for the Holy Land: Arabs, Jews and the Emergence of Israel
William Hare

Madison Books, 1996

A comprehensive historical study of the Middle East covering 3,500 years, from the Fertile Crescent to the creation of Israel. Written in a narrative historical style reminiscent of Theodore H. White and Arthur Schlessinger Jr., history is examined through the lives of the ndividuals shaping it, larger than life figures such as Muhammad, T.E. Lawrence, Winston Churchill, David Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and ...


Diné Bahane': The Navajo Creation Story
Paul G. Zolbrod

University of New Mexico Press, 1987

This is the most complete version of the Navajo creation story to appear in English since Washington Matthews' Navajo Legends of 1847. Zolbrod's new translation renders the power and delicacy of the oral storytelling performance on the page through a poetic idiom appropriate to the Navajo oral tradition. Zolbrod's book offers the general reader a vivid introduction to Navajo culture. For students of literature this book proposes a new way of ...


An Emergence of Green
Katherine V. Forrest

Harrington Park Press, 2005

A REISSUE OF THIS GROUNDBREAKING AND BESTSELLING LESBIAN FICTION CLASSIC The reissue of Katherine V. Forrest's timeless story of all-out war between a man and a woman for the body and soul of the woman they both desire. In the 1980s, the politics of feminism were just beginning to gain mainstream awareness. In this fast-paced novel, first published in 1986, Lambda Award winner Katherine V. Forrest nurtured a new genre of fiction: the lesbian ...


The Amphibians Are Coming! Emergence of the 'Gator Navy and its Revolutionary Landing Craft, Vol. 1 ...
William L. McGee, Foreword by John A. Lorelli

BMC Publications, 2000

The first volume in William L. McGee's acclaimed Pacific war trilogy is a detailed history of the revolutionary World War II landing craft and the unsung heroes who manned them. Exhaustive research, hundreds of interviews, and a point-blank writing style capture the very essence of the amphibious assignments in the World War II 'Gator Navy. From the Back Cover The primary objective of Volume I is to provide a close-up look at the most ...



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