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La Philosophie dans le boudoir: Les Instituteurs immoraux (French Edition)
Marquis de Sade

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

Cet ouvrage se présente comme une série de dialogues retraçant l’éducation érotique et sexuelle d’une jeune fille de 15 ans. Une libertine, Mme de Saint-Ange, veut initier Eugénie « dans les plus secrets mystères de Vénus ». Elle est aidée en cela par son frère (le chevalier de Mirvel), un ami de son frère (Dolmancé) et par son jardinier (Augustin).


Masterpieces of Erotic Photography

Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, 1977

compilation of photographers erotic photography


Le Potentiel Erotique de ma Femme (Folio) (French Edition)
David Foenkinos

Gallimard Education, 2005

Après avoir collectionné, entre autres, les piques apéritif, les badges de campagne électorale, les peintures de bateaux à quai, les pieds de lapin, les cloches en savon, les bruits à cinq heures du matin, les dictons croates, les boules de rampe d'escalier, les premières pages de roman, les étiquettes de melon, les œufs d'oiseaux, les moments avec toi, les cordes de pendu, Hector est tombé amoureux et s'est marié.Alors, il s'est mis ...


Simply Scarlet (The Scarlet Erotique Series) (Volume 3)
Sai Marie Johnson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

In this thrilling finale of the Scarlet Erotique Series Camille de Clervaux, Jeremiah St. Clair, Andre` DuPointe, and Julien von Beirutt's lives begin to unwind, spinning into a messy quad relationship where something has to give. Will Camille finally get her happily ever after, or will the ominous men involved in her life strip her of all dignity, hope, and faith? The Third, and Final Part of The Scarlet Erotique Series. 


Simply Rouge (The Scarlet Erotique Series) (Volume 2)
Sai Marie Johnson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

This is the second book in The Scarlet Erotique Series by Author Sai Marie Johnson: Camille de Clervaux's delving into her husband's tastes for BDSM gets even riskier in this second edition to the Scarlet Erotique Series. When a new stranger comes into the scene Cami finds herself set back and wondering if everything she presumed about Andre` DuPointe was all she thought it to be and the chemistry between Camille and this new stranger isn't just ...


Erotique Noire/Black Erotica

Anchor, 1992

A collective work of art whose time has come. Of lasting value for all lovers of literature and the erotic, this is a glorious, groundbreaking celebration of black sensuality, including works by Alice Walker, Ntozake Shange, and many more.


Erotic Art
Angelika Muthesius, Gilles Neret, ...

Taschen, 1998

A fine art hardcover from Taschen that focuses on the naughty habits!


267 Conseils Pour Devenir Le Meilleur Coup De Sa Vie (French Edition)
Eve O.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009

267 techniques simples et efficaces pour rendre votre copine accro au sexe ou collectionner les fuckfriends.


Picasso Erotique (Art & Design)
Pablo Picasso

Prestel Publishing, 2001

The career of the greatest painter of the 20th century was played out in the shadow of Eros - and of Thanatos. At the age of eight Picasso's drawings already displayed a precocious interest in the female form, and in the days leading up to his death he was still working obsessively on sketches of the female sex. At the turn of the century the young Picasso created drawings and watercolours inspired by the bordellos of Barcelona which he ...


Jean-Luc Marion: A Theo-logical Introduction
Robyn Horner

Ashgate Pub Co, 2005

Jean-Luc Marion is one of the leading Catholic thinkers of our time: a formidable authority on Descartes and a major scholar in the philosophy of religion. This book presents a concise, accessible, and engaging introduction to the theology of Jean-Luc Marion. Described as one of the leading thinkers of his generation, Marion's take on the postmodern is richly enhanced by his expertise in patristic and mystical theology, phenomenology, and modern ...


1940-1945 Annees Erotiques T01 (French Edition)
P. Buisson

Livre de Poche, 2011


Erotique: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography

Thunder's Mouth Press, 1998

Artists have celebrated the beauty of the female form for over 20,000 years. Since the invention of the camera, however, erotic photography has gained a popularity unlike any other medium. The strong reactions to these images attest to their enduring power, and books that collect such images are perennial bestsellers worldwide. In "Erotique," over 200 color, duotone, and black-and-white photographs guide the viewer through the techniques, ...


Fabliaux Erotiques (Ldp Let.Gothiq.) (French Edition)

Livre de Poche, 1993


1940-1945 Annees Erotiques T02 (French Edition)
P. Buisson

Livre de Poche, 2011


Erotique: Masterpieces of Erotic Art
Michelle Olley

Carlton Books, 2011

This high-quality publication showcases the finest examples of modern erotic art--from Picasso's explicit sexual sketches to the 1960's pop-art stylings of Allen Jones to cutting-edge new media work. With generous samplings of erotic illustrations, pin-ups, surreal and comic art from the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as provocative peeks into painting, sculpture, and graphic design, Erotique is a testament to human sexuality and ...


Uwe Ommer: Erotische Photographien Erotic Photographs Photographies Erotiques

Benedikt Taschen, 1990


Simulating Sex: Aesthetic Representations Of Erotic Activity
Steve Bachmann


Published in collaboration with "The New Orleans Art Review" in conjunction with the ACORN Cultural Trust, SIMULATING SEX collects NOAR articles that pertain to artistic renditions of erotic activity. Written over a span of 20 years, these essays cover a broad array of topics, ranging from the novels of Stendhal, Mary McCarthy and D.H. Lawrence; the art of Picasso, Klimt, and Mapplethorpe; the music of Madonna, Mozart, and Liz Phair; the sex ...


"l'intelligence érotique ; faire vivre le désir dans le couple"
Esther Perel



Rod Ashford

Carlton Books Ltd, 1999

Illustrated throughout, this book shows how erotic photography has evolved since the mid 19th century gi ving a view of developing techniques, styles and fashions. '


Le Phénomene érotique
J.L. Marion

Grasset, 2003



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