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Evaluability assessments of five rural economic development programs: A synthesis (Accountability and ...
George W Mayeske

Extension Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1992

North America is truly Michael Collins's heart of darkness. And it is a territory mapped with infinite precision in this new novel of murder and menace set in the frozen wastes of a winter town on the shores of Lake Michigan. Twenty years ago, when Frank was five, his parents burned to death in this former mining town. Now, his uncle is dead too, shot by a mysterious stranger. When Frank hears that the stranger bears the name of a man who died ...


Why Nobody Believes the Numbers: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Population Health Management
Al Lewis

Wiley, 2012

Why Nobody Believes the Numbers introduces a unique viewpoint to population health outcomes measurement:   Results/ROIs should be presented as they are, not as we wish they would be.  This viewpoint contrasts sharply with vendor/promoter/consultant claims along two very important dimensions: (1)      Why Nobody Believes presents outcomes/ROIs achievable right here on this very planet… (2)   …calculated using actual data ...


Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High ...

McGraw-Hill, 2012

In today’s market, playing it safe is not an option Lead your company to sustainable success by taking the RIGHT RISKS The business world is in flux, and you have to think and act quickly in order to stay competitive. But the last thing you want to do is make reckless business decisions. You have to find the middle ground. You have to take SMART RISKS. In this groundbreaking book, leadership expert Doug Sundheim explains how to find ...


Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy - The Special Education Survival Guide
Peter W. D. Wright, Pamela Darr Wright

Harbor House Law Pr, 2001

In Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, Pete and Pam Wright teach you how to plan, prepare, organize -- and get quality special education services. In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you learn about * Your child's disability and educational needs * Creating a simple method for organizing your child's file * Devising a master plan for your child's special education * Roles of experts: consultants and evaluators * Writing SMART IEP ...


Carrots and Sticks Don't Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement with the Principles of RESPECT

McGraw-Hill, 2010

Dr. Paul Marciano, a leading behavioral psychologist and business consultant empowers organizations and engages employees through his renowned RESPECT Model. Written for supervisors, managers, business owners, HR professionals and leaders at every level responsible for increasing the engagement of their employees. Filled with proven, real-world strategies to improve the seven drivers of engagement: Recognition: Empowerment, Supportive Feedback, ...


Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around

Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2011

As companies reorganize and reengineer, thousands of people are finding themselves tossed into management every day. “You may go to bed as a member of the team and wake up to find yourself suddenly in charge,” says Matuson. The key to success is managing effectively both up and down the line of the organization. And Suddenly in Charge provides this unique approach with two books in one: read it one direction and you’ll find all the tips ...


Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success
Dean R. Spitzer

AMACOM, 2007

Accurately measuring performance - of individuals, departments, projects, and initiatives - is the single best way to ensure strong, sustainable results. But many organizations have flawed or inconsistent measurement systems, which can lead to disaster. "Transforming Performance Measurement" helps organizations maximize the value of their performance measurement approaches.


Risk to Succeed: Essential Lessons for Discovering Your Unique Talents and Finding Success

McGraw-Hill, 2012

A NEW BUSINESS PARABLE FOR OUR TIMES According to the laws of the jungle, a baby elephant can survive only if it stands on its own in the first few hours after being born. These laws also apply to your own survival--and ultimate success--in the business world today. From Ricky Cohen, educator, entrepreneur, and renowned CEO of The Conway Organization, comes an inspiring new business parable for our unprecedented times. It is the story of a ...


Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business, ...

McGraw-Hill, 2013

You're constantly challenged to grow your business, increase productivity, and improve quality--all while reducing or keeping budgets flat. So what's a managerto do. You've streamlined processes. You've restructured. You’ve sought customer and employee feedback. You've tried everything. Now, try something that works. Profit from the Positive is a practical, groundbreaking guide for business leaders, managers, executive coaches, and human ...


Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations

McGraw-Hill, 2012

Achieve long-term business success—without sacrificing quarterly profits Triple Crown Leadership provides a step-by-step model for building organizations that are Excellent (high performing), Ethical (transparent), and Enduring (stands the test of time). It explains how to protect your organization’s values, reputation, and profitability by focusing not only on culture, but organizational character; seeking solutions to challenges from ...


Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence

McGraw-Hill, 2013

This groundbreaking book includes Winning Insights from...JPMorgan * The Container Store * Fossil * KidKraft * National Motor Club * Sears * Southwest Airlines * The Hartford * UCLA Health Center * and more! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy, especially in today's highly complex and competitive world of business. But there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to business success . . . it's called the Art of ...


The Evolution of Physics
Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld

Touchstone, 1967

Clear and concise explanations of the development of theories explaining physical phenomena.


The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership: Achieving and Sustaining Excellence through Leadership Development

McGraw-Hill, 2011

The Missing Link to Toyota-Style Success—LEAN LEADERSHIP Winner of the 2012 Shingo Research and Professional Publications Award “This great book reveals the secret ingredient to lean success: lean leadership. Not only is it a pleasure to read, but it is also deep and enlightening. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in lean: it’s both an eye opener and a game changer.” —Michael Ballé, Ph.D., coauthor of ...


You Should Test That: Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales and Profit or The Art and Science of ...
Chris Goward

Sybex, 2013

Learn how to convert website visitors into customers Part science and part art, conversion optimization is designed to turn visitors into customers. Carefully developed testing procedures are necessary to help you fine-tune images, headlines, navigation, colors, buttons, and every other element, creating a website that encourages visitors to take the action you seek. This book guides you through creating an optimization strategy that supports ...


Magic of Speech Evaluation: Gain World Class Public Speaking Experience by Evaluating Successful Speakers, 2014

What if you could get more public speaking experience after 10 hours of reading a book than the majority of speakers get after 10 months of speaking from stage? After reading Magic of Speech Evaluation you will have acquired the experience of applying the most effective public speaking techniques used by 1000 of the world’s best speakers in various contexts. You will be able to clearly see what makes each speech effective and what can improve ...


The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative
Christopher J. H. Wright

IVP Academic, 2006

Winner, 2007 Christianity Today Missions/Global Affairs Book Most Christians would agree that the Bible provides a basis for mission. But Christopher Wright boldly maintains that mission is bigger than that--there is in fact a missional basis for the Bible! The entire Bible is generated by and is all about God's mission. In order to understand the Bible, we need a missional hermeneutic of the Bible, an interpretive perspective that is in tune ...


The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging ...

McGraw-Hill, 2012

Solve business problems, uncover new opportunities, and ignite innovation using the newest collaborative technologies The Collaborative Organization gives you a strategic approach to building, implementing, and using social and collaborative technologies—such as those created by Jive and Yammer—to create innovative products, solve business problems, and create new processes that will foster lasting success and growth. Jacob Morgan ...


The Outstanding Organization: Generate Business Results by Eliminating Chaos and Building the Foundation for ...

McGraw-Hill, 2012

Winner of The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award! After two decades in the trenches of helping companies design and build better, more efficient operations, Karen Martin has pinpointed why performance improvement programs usually fail: Chaos, the sneaky but powerful force that frustrates customers, keeps business leaders awake at night, and saps company morale. In The Outstanding Organization , Karen offers a toolbox for ...


Return on Sustainability: How Business Can Increase Profitability and Address Climate Change in an Uncertain ...
Kevin Wilhelm

FT Press, 2013

This book highlights the risk of inaction for businesses when it comes to climate change, but also contains best practices to allow them to capitalize on the numerous business opportunities that climate change presents, including increased profitability, enhanced brand value, and improved shareholder relations.  The first section contains practical actions and real-world case studies of companies, such as Yakima, Sun Microsystems, and Lockheed ...


Coaching for Breakthrough Success: Proven Techniques for Making Impossible Dreams Possible

McGraw-Hill, 2013

A powerful new coaching method from Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creator Jack Canfield! Conveying his one-of-a-kind insight in the friendly, supremely organized way that has made him a household name, Canfield teams up with development guru Peter Chee to deliver the 30 top coaching principles you can put to use right away. Coaching for Breakthrough Success introduces the groundbreaking Situational Coaching Model, which provides coaches ...



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