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Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud?: A Computer Guy Examines The Evidence For Forgery
John Woodman

Bright Horizon Press, 2011

The Book That Will Reshape How Americans Understand The Barack Obama "Birther" Controversy! Even after Barack Obama's release of an official long-form birth certificate online, a Gallup poll showed that fewer than half of Americans are fully convinced that Barack Obama was actually born in the United States. In a single month, more than 700 YouTube videos were posted on whether or not the long-form birth certificate is a fake -- with the ...


Ignite: Inspiring Courageous Leaders - A Book of Thought-Provoking Wisdom and a Manual for Action
Jo Ann Morris

Integral Coaching LLC, 2013


Examine Your Faith!: Finding Truth in a World of Lies

WestBowPress, 2013

" Well-meaning people want to believe that all roads lead to the same God and heaven. But wanting something to be true is far different from truth lining up with reality. Unless you make an intentional effort to examine what you believe and why you believe it, it’s quite possible you are living your life on the basis of a lie, and don’t know it. • What is truth? • Is it relative or absolute? • Is it personal or ...


The Listener: A Psychoanalyst Examines His Life
Allen Wheelis

W. W. Norton & Company, 1999

As a psychoanalyst, Alan Wheelis has helped many patients understand themselves and cope with the legacies of trauma or obsession that shape the neurotic personality. Here he uses his own life for the same process of discovery. The story begins with his parents' life of poverty in rural Texas. When Wheelis was a small boy, his father contracted tuberculosis. He spent several years dying, exercising a tyrannical control over his family. In one ...


Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?: A Surgeon-Scientist Examines the Evidence

Crossway Books, 2013

How can a respected scientist believe in the resurrection? Can I trust the Bible’s account that Jesus actually rose from the dead? If the resurrection really occurred, of what importance is it to you and me? Our ready embrace of the authority of science has left many doubting that Jesus’s resurrection was a verifiable, historical event. Yet Thomas Miller, an experienced scientist and well-respected surgeon, challenges the notion that ...


The Gift of Fire: With Wit and Daring, the Underground Grammarian Examines Why We Can't Think
Richard Mitchell

Simon & Schuster/A Fireside Book, 1987

I have habitually imagined - guessed'' might be the more honest word - that Reason is high, very high, a lofty and distant realm where matters of the greatest import'' dwell, and where mighty minds move among them. And accordingly, I have supposed Unreason, a complete irrationality, as low as Reason is high, the very pit, the abyss, the frozen floor of hell.


Jesus, M.D.
David Stevens MD, Gregg Lewis

Zondervan, 2001

Jesus--the ultimate doctor. His touch extended grace to the sick and sinful of ancient Palestine and left a miracle in its wake. And his ministry hasn’t ceased. Today, he looks for willing hearts and hands through which he can heal a needy world. Dr. David Stevens knows. His eleven years at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya have shown him more than the drama and sacrifice of missionary medicine. In Jesus, M.D. Dr. Stevens shares the insights he has ...


Doctors Re-examine Circumcision
George C. Denniston, Thomas J. Ritter

Third Millennium Pubns, 2001


Closing the Chart: A Dying Physician Examines Family, Faith, and Medicine
Steven,M.D. Hsi

University of New Mexico Press, 2004

Dr. Steven D. Hsi, a family physician and father of two young sons, was diagnosed in 1995 with a rare coronary disease that caused his death five years later at the age of forty-four. Throughout his ordeals as a patient, including three open-heart surgeries, Dr. Hsi’s outlook on the teaching and practice of medicine changed. In 1997 he began a journal intended for publication after his death. Written with the assistance of newspaper columnist ...


Resilient America, An immigrant examines our nation's adaptive continuity, 2011

All too many Americans ask: is America in decline, can we survive, compete, prosper, remain a democracy? The author, an immigrant, considers whether these sentiments are justified. He compares and contrasts cultures and experiences from his earlier life with those in the U.S. At a time of growing national self-doubt, he finds deep patterns of resilience and vitality in American culture and points out that most complaints don’t stand up to ...


Preventing Boundary Violations in Clinical Practice
Thomas G. Gutheil MD, Archie Brodsky BA

The Guilford Press, 2008

What do you do when you run into a patient in a public place? How do you respond when a patient suddenly hugs you at the end of a session? Do you accept a gift that a patient brings to make up for causing you some inconvenience? Questions like these—which virtually all clinicians face at one time or another—have serious clinical, ethical, and legal implications. This authoritative, practical book uses compelling case vignettes to show how a ...


Henry James (Bloom's Major Short Story Writers)

Chelsea House Publications, 2001

-- User's guide-- Biography of the short story writer-- List of characters in each story-- Detailed thematic analysis of each short story-- Extracts from major critical essays that discuss important aspects of each work-- A complete bibliography of the writer's works-- A list of critical works about the short stories covered in the book-- An index of themes and ideas in the author's work


Steps to Faith: Examine FaithExplore QuestionsEncounter God : Where Inquiring Friends Become Solid Disciples ...
Gary Comer

Resource Publications, 2014

Everyone Has a Unique Pathway to Faith. Take the First Step! Perhaps you are open to the Christian faith, but in no way convinced. You have legitimate questions or lingering doubts. Perhaps you seek a spiritual rooting-that comes from deep beliefs. Perhaps you hope to experience the living God-in a way that's real and sticks. Perhaps you are searching for something compelling-a vision for your life! If you are willing, simply, to take the first ...


A Medical Doctor Examines Life on Three Continents, A Pakistani View
S. Akhtar Ehtisham

Algora Pub, 2008

This sweeping narrative sketches the political and economic realities of the past fifty years while tracing an eventful life from the turmoil following the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan to the present day. Discussing politics, government policies, and popular movements, Dr. Ehtisham shows how nations as well as individual lives are shaped by historical events, economic changes, religious fundamentalism, class systems and racial ...


Precious Blood: The Atoning Work of Christ

Crossway, 2009

In this second volume of essays from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, several noted preachers join editor Richard Phillips in exploring the doctrine of Christ's atonement and its history in Christian thought. At the very heart of Christian faith is the blood of Jesus. His sin-atoning death is the divine work on which the entire structure of salvation rests and the truth on which the Christian doctrine of salvation must be ...


The Genius of Genesis: A Psychoanalyst and Rabbi Examines the First Book of the Bible

iUniverse, Inc., 2003

As the first man and woman leave the Garden I am with them. I feel their longing to return, their guilt and shame, and their fears about the future. I feel their anxiety about their Creator: Is He still with them? Does He still love them? I feel their rising panic as they realize that this no-longer-so-cozy world might make life impossible for them. As Abraham walks silently up the mountain to sacrifice his son I ask the questions he asks. ...


On Trembling Ground
A. P. Newell

BSC Productions, 2012

Modeled after the town of Monroe, NC during the race riots of 1961, the fictional town of Mason is the setting for On Trembling Ground , a novel of equal parts history, tragedy, and romance that follows the McAllister brothers, both seeking redemption in the tragic roles thrust upon them by the local circumstances. Franklin and Harley have not spoken since Franklin stopped writing Harley letters from the front lines of WWII, having ...


Duality Of Genius Basil Markesinis
Sir Basil Markesinis

Sramek Verlag Kg, 2009

Mozart, Goethe, Bernini, Talleyrand, Jaques Louis David, Henry Clay Frick, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Mikhail Psellos here are some of the great achievers that most people have heard of. But few know much about their extraordinary lives; fewer still, realize that alongside their grand public persona there was a darker, less attractive one that is reflected in their work. Why have such factors been ignored or underplayed? Deliberate concealment? ...


Beach Blanket Babylon: A Hats-Off Tribute to San Francisco's Most Extraordinary Musical Revue
Janet Lynn

Chronicle Books, 1997

The question is, what did the Queen think of the hats? The longest-running musical revue in American history, Beach Blanket Babylon has taken audiences around the world, from Buckingham Palace to Las Vegas, and the world has in turn come to Beach Blanket Babylon. Known for outrageous humor, great music, fabulous characterizations of the famous and the infamous (from Snow White to John Travolta), and absolutely the biggest hats ever seen on ...


Socrates Meets Machiavelli: The Father of Philosophy Cross-Examines the Author of the Prince
Peter Kreeft

Ignatius Press, 2003

What if we could overhear a conversation in the afterlife between Socrates and Machiavelli, in which Machiavelli has to submit to an Oxford tutorial style examination of his book conducted by Socrates using his famous method of cross-examination? How might the conversation go?      This imaginative thought-experiment makes for both imaginative drama and a good lesson in logic, in moral and political philosophy, in “how to read a book,” ...



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