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Exhaust(ed): The 99% true story of a bus trip gone wrong.

Shoshanah Lee Marohn, 2014

“It’s like Jack Kerouac meets a nicer, more whimsical Hunter S. Thompson...” -Chris Wagoner Eighteen-year-old Shoshanah travels across the country by Greyhound bus, with only her Grace Kelly coat and her Elements of Style book to protect her. Original art work adds to this eccentric tale of travel on the cheap in 1993. Both terrifying and hilarious, this ill-conceived road trip is doomed from the start. It's funny because it's 99% ...


The Sleepeasy Solution: The Exhausted Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep from Birth to Age 5
Jennifer Waldburger, Jill Spivack

HCI, 2007

Two experts who are helping Hollywood's A-list babies get their zzz's share the no-fail, family-friendly method that has helped thousands of sleep-deprived moms and dads. Even Hollywood's biggest stars face the same dilemma as other parents do: "How do I get my child to sleep?" As parents in the know are finding, whether they're on the red carpet or the soccer field, the answer is the same: The Sleepeasy Solution. Psychotherapists and sleep ...


I'm Exhausted: What to Do When Your're Always Tired
David Powlison

New Growth Press, 2010

As a chronic fatigue sufferer, life as you once enjoyed it has ceased. Fatigue can be brought on by a myriad of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. But, whatever the cause, your entire world is now affected by your diminished physical strength. David Powlison understands how debilitating and demoralizing a constant state of fatigue can be through his own five-year struggle after heart surgery. In CCEFs Im Exhausted: What to Do When You're ...


Adrenal Fatigue: Win The War Against Fatigue, Body Aches, and Lightheaded Episodes

Fluency Books, 2013

Have you been dealing with fatigue, an aching body, or headaches and light headedness? This guide will show you how to handle adrenal fatigue, and lose all the stress that comes with it. These Strategies Will Help You Eliminate Adrenal Fatigue This guide will help you leave your stress and fatigue behind. If you are tired of always being tired there could be an underlying reason you are not addressing. Adrenal Fatigue impacts a huge ...


Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Science of Raising Children but Were Too Exhausted to Ask
Dalton Conley

Simon & Schuster, 2014

All parenting is about experimenting (whether you know it or not). It begins on the day our kids start to teethe, as we do backflips to distract them from the pain, and continues all the way through their teenage years, when we bribe them with video games to extract a few minutes of math. Now comes a book from a real scientist who has taken that experi­mentation further and deployed every last piece of data on his own kids so that the rest ...


Supercharge Your Mind, Body, and Life: 48 Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels, 2014

Discover How to Maximize Your Personal Energy to Get the Most out of Your Life Do you find yourself regularly tired, exhausted, or unenergetic? Do you feel older than you think you should? Feelings of low energy is one of the most common complaints physicians hear, so you are not alone. We live in a society that cares so much about appearances, but what about how you actually feel? If you have a nice home, a nice car, and you look good, ...


By Tullian Tchividjian - One Way Love: The Power of Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World (9.1.2013)
Tullian Tchividjian

David C. Cook, 2013


Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to the Bible
James Strong

Hendrickson Publishing, 2009

This edition of Strong's "Concordance" to the King James version of the bible has been newly typeset, including Strong's Hebrew/Chaldee and Greek lexicons. Entries in which the word refers to more than one person or place have been subdivided. Also included is a key word comparison chart for six Bible translations. The words of Jesus are shown in red.


One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World
Tullian Tchividjian

David C. Cook, 2013

Real life is long on law and short on grace—the demands never stop, the failures pile up, and fear sets in. Life requires many things from us—a stable marriage, successful children, a certain quality of life. Anyone living inside the guilt, anxiety, and uncertainty of daily life knows that the weight of life is heavy. We are all in need of some relief.   Bestselling author Tullian Tchividjian is convinced our exhausted world needs a ...


Puppy Sleep Training - The Exhausted Puppy Owner's Nighttime Survival Guide, 2013

Is your puppy making nighttime a nightmare? One of the most common problems experienced by new puppy owners is a puppy that just won't sleep at night, yet there are very few resources to teach you how to handle a nocturnal puppy who wants to scream, cry and have potty accidents instead of sleeping. Puppy Sleep Training - The Exhausted Puppy Owner's Nighttime Survival Guide is the only book dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know ...


Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe To Go: Tales To Kindle Gentleness and Compassion For Our ...
Robyn L Posin Ph.D.

Compassionate Ink, 2013

In this collection of emotionally uncensored tales, the author – a licensed psychologist – shares lessons learned from a life dedicated to healing from the ravages of hyper-self-criticism and super-achievement that plague most of us, particularly women. The tales are teaching stories through which the reader vicariously experiences ways to move from self-reproach to self-nurture and self-acceptance. The lessons of radical self-care, ...


How to Deal With Teachers Who Are Angry, Troubled, Exhausted, or Just Plain Confused

Corwin, 2005

Use "Assertive Intervention" techniques to help difficult teachers become positive and energetic professionals! Managing difficult teachers effectively may be a principal’s most pressing challenge. In this research-based text, you will discover approaches that prove how even the most difficult teachers can become successful professionals. This indispensable handbook introduces Assertive Intervention techniques and shows principals how to ...


The Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names
Dr. Stelman Smith

Bridge Logos, 2009

Every name in the bible is included in The Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names. Whether you are looking for a biblical name for your child to be, or doing in-depth Bible research, this book of Bibli


Eliminating Energy Vampires, Drainers and Negative People: How to Recognize, Protect Yourself Against and Get ...

Luka Maras, 2014

Are some persons in your life draining you to the point of exhaustion? * Do you feel completely drained after speaking with certain people? * Are some people in your life driving you crazy with their 'logic' and rhetoric? * Do you know someone who complains all the time, but never takes any of your advice and just makes you tired? * Do you feel like some persons close to you are exhausting and that something's wrong with how they relate to you, ...


A Complete Look at Adrenal Fatigue: Studies on Conditions of Subclinical Hypoadrenia
James M. Lowrance

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

This book is also a section in "The Everything Adrenal Fatigue Book!", and is offered for those interested in the chapters it contains, specifically. This book is a detailed look at Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, diagnosis and treatment by a fellow sufferer, who has experienced this stress-related syndrome. I, the author have also found treatments and lifestyle change methods that have been tremendously effective in relieving my symptoms. In the ...


You Don't Have to Go Home from Work Exhausted!: A Program to Bring Joy, Energy, and Balance to Your Life
Anne McGee-Cooper

Bantam, 1992

Are you tired of being tired? Do you find yourself dragging out of bed each morning and dragging yourself to work? Do you come home at night and collapse in front of the TV? Do you feel as though your job is your life... or your life is a job? Here's your personal power pack! Plug into this action resource and discover how to recharge your batteries at a moment's notice. This practical, one-of-a-kind program is based on fascinating new research ...


Excited, exhausted, expecting: the emotional life of mothers
Arlene M. Matthews

Perigee Trade, 1995

In this supportive and prescriptive nine-month chronicle, Matthews, a psychotherapist and mother, uses her own experiences and the personal stories of other expectant mothers to explore the profound changes--physical, emotional, and spiritual--that come with pregnancy.


Food, Mood & Health Journal:: The Happiness Project: Plan Your Way Back to Health in 120 Days (Mindful Mom ...
Ladbroke Grove Press

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

DID YOU KNOW: THOSE WHO RECORD THEIR PROGRESS CAN LOSE 2x AS MUCH WEIGHT AS THOSE WHO DON'T, RECENT STUDIES SHOW! Our Food, Mood & Health Journal will be your companion for the next 120 days as you recondition your mind, moods, and body to achieve your wellness goals. Be aware of what, why and how you eat. This journal includes the following: *Daily 2 page spreads to record food & water intake, moods, goals, eating style, and exercise. ...


Exhausted: My Battle with Adrenal Fatigue and Candida, 2013

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Discover often misdiagnosed reasons for fatigue and other ailments. After months of medical appointments, I will show you the cause of my undiagnosed symptoms that Medical Doctors completely missed. This information is bound to help you or someone you know. You will also discover things you can do, beginning today, to overcome fatigue and illness and get your health back on track.


Soy mujer, soy invencible y estoy exhausta! (Im a Woman, Im Invincible, and Im Exhausted!) (Spanish Edition)
Gaby Vargas

Punto de Lectura, 2012

Renowned author and image coach focuses on women and the issues that trouble them. Among them: relationships, health, balancing work and home, aging, and many other issues of interest to her readers. In this valuable work, Gaby adds intimate anecdotes to testimonies from other women. Thus, the issues she touches upon are issues shes lived and has, with her unmatched style, transformed into words.



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