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How to Sleep Better: The Exhausted Girls' Guide to a Good Night's Sleep
Christine MacAdams M.Ed.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

This book is for all the exhausted girls (and guys too) who are tired of being tired and looking for help getting a good night's sleep. Whether it’s a sleep problem or a side-effect of your busy schedule, this guide can help you fight to get the right amount. You’ll learn about the health benefits of sleep and the risks associated with not getting enough. You’ll get information about how much sleep you need, and an overview of common sleep ...


Are You Enough?: Encouragement for the Overwhelmed & Exhausted Homeschool Mom
Roxanne Parks

Roxanne Parks, 2013

In this book Roxanne Parks shares her personal homeschooling journey. She shares her trials and triumphs, along with her dreams and disappointments. This book is refreshingly honest and will encourage every mother in her home-school journey.


Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe To Go: Tales To Kindle Gentleness and Compassion For Our ...
Robyn L Posin Ph.D.

Compassionate Ink, 2013

In this collection of emotionally uncensored tales, the author – a licensed psychologist – shares lessons learned from a life dedicated to healing from the ravages of hyper-self-criticism and super-achievement that plague most of us, particularly women. The tales are teaching stories through which the reader vicariously experiences ways to move from self-reproach to self-nurture and self-acceptance. The lessons of radical self-care, ...


Confessions of a Band Geek Mom: One exhausted parent's take on carpools, room mothers, high school band, and ...
Stacy Dymalski

Saffire Press, 2011

Stand-up comic and writer/filmmaker Stacy Dymalski learned about parenting the hard way; she became one. After 36 years of childless living spoiled her into believing happy hour was just a normal part of one's daily commute, she moved to Utah (to ski everyday, of course) and within a year got pregnant. (Isn't that what happens to any woman who moves to Utah?) Before she knew it she had two young sons and suddenly sleep won out over midnight ...


All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy ... Now!
Syd Hoffman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

This book delivers motivation and tools to power up your life. Each energizing idea is easy to follow, inexpensive, and insightful. Open this book to: * Start moving - at first, just 5 minutes a day - and smiling as you feel more alive * Learn secrets for dining out you'll wish you knew years ago * Discover a plan to help you finally get some sleep * Eliminate metal habits making you less focused * Focus on single-tasking even when you ...


The Buckets Exhausted Parents' Guide To Why Your Life is Normal
Greg Cravens

Moonbase Press, 2012

The Buckets is about that sinking feeling we get when we realize we're grown-ups, and someone expects us to act like it. That old saying that 'youth is squandered on the young' is WRONG. The average parent, if he or she were allowed to be a teen again, would squander the snot out of youth, and do it with a zest and zeal that a first-time teenager would find both stunning and excessive. So, here we are, adults, and we might as well get a good ...


Exhausted Rapunzel: Tales of Modern Castle Life
Deirdre Reilly

Opine Publishing, 2004

Award-winning syndicated humor columnist, Deirdre Reilly, shares her irreplaceable style of exaggeration and hyperbole, yet amazingly fosters respect for the roles of parents and kids today. She draws readers into her world.


Eliminating Energy Vampires, Drainers and Negative People: How to Recognize, Protect Yourself Against and Get ...

Luka Maras, 2014

Are some persons in your life draining you to the point of exhaustion? * Do you feel completely drained after speaking with certain people? * Are some people in your life driving you crazy with their 'logic' and rhetoric? * Do you know someone who complains all the time, but never takes any of your advice and just makes you tired? * Do you feel like some persons close to you are exhausting and that something's wrong with how they relate to you, ...


Exhausted: My Battle with Adrenal Fatigue and Candida, 2013

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Discover often misdiagnosed reasons for fatigue and other ailments. After months of medical appointments, I will show you the cause of my undiagnosed symptoms that Medical Doctors completely missed. This information is bound to help you or someone you know. You will also discover things you can do, beginning today, to overcome fatigue and illness and get your health back on track.


George Sanders: An Exhausted Life
Richard Vanderbeets

Madison Books, 1993

An intriguing portrait of a complex personality. —Michael Medved,Sneak Preview


A Healthy Immune System: How to Rebuild Exhausted Adrenals, Eliminate Allergies & Balance Your Hormones
Lela Carney L.

Guinea Pig Pubns, 2001

Burn Out is a common problem. Our busy and stressful lives make re-building the adrenals essential for a Healthy Immune System. In Chinese Medicine Exhausted Adrenals and Immune Deficiency are directly associated with Autoimmune and Cardiovascular Disease, Hormonal Imbalances, Allergies, Environmental Sensitivities, & Fatigue. By rebuilding exhausted adrenals its possible to eliminate allergies and create hormonal balance. Learn how to re-build ...


The Healthy Executive: A practical guide to creating a healthy vibrant workplace through the power of ...

Ireene Siniakis, 2014

The big question is: How healthy is your workplace? In this book I discuss the direct relationship between health and wellbeing, and productivity in the workplace. Not only will this personally benefit you as the Executive, it will also make a significant and fundamental impact on the health and success of your business, its bottom line, ROI (Return on Investment) and profitability. I will show you how a healthier work environment will ...


Exhausted & Drained? It's NOT Just in Your Brain: Identify and Heal from Adrenal Stress and Fatigue to Regain ...
ND PhD Kerry Sauser ARNP

Dog Ear Publishing, 2012

Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, mental fog, low libido, insomnia, weight gain or fibromyalgia? Have you been told your health problems are "all in your head"? If so, you may be suffering from an increasingly prevalent, yet largely undiagnosed health condition called Adrenal Fatigue. Though it is estimated that over 30 million Americans may suffer from this condition, it still goes largely unrecognized by a majority of health care ...


George Sanders: An Exhausted Life
Richard Van Der Beets

Robson Books Ltd, 1991


Growing Weary Doing Good?: Encouragement for Exhausted Women
Karla Worley

New Hope Publishers (AL), 2001

A minister's wife once involved in more church activities than she had time to count, Karla Worley was suddenly hospitalized with a panic attack. In the forced rest that followed, she learned what really matters most.


Wrote the Book, Made the Movie, Raised the Kids, Now the Blog...: 21st Century Musings from an Exhausted ...
Shamim Sarif

Enlightenment Press, 2010

Modern women really can have it all – work, family, friends and fans – but having a sense of humour helps! By popular demand, Shamim Sarif’s collected blogs from 2009 are all here, together with full colour photos and captions." Hilarious and insightful, the blogs follow Shamim’s work as a writer, director, mother and wife – the 21st Century musings of an exhausted Renaissance woman.


America Exhausted: Breakthrough Treatments of Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Edward J., Dr. Conley

Vitality Pr, 1997

Tips of cover corners mildly curled


A People Harassed and Exhausted
Larry Kidder

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

The First Hunterdon Militia Regiment of New Jersey containing the men from today's Trenton, Ewing Township, Hopewell Township, and Lawrence Township was continually called on to defend the state throughout the period 1775-1783. This is their story, told for the first time, describing the mental and physical challenges associated with fighting a war for independence while also trying to survive economically as farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. ...


Excited, exhausted, expecting: the emotional life of mothers
Arlene M. Matthews

Perigee Trade, 1995

In this supportive and prescriptive nine-month chronicle, Matthews, a psychotherapist and mother, uses her own experiences and the personal stories of other expectant mothers to explore the profound changes--physical, emotional, and spiritual--that come with pregnancy.


I'm Exhausted: What to Do When Your're Always Tired
David Powlison

New Growth Press, 2010

As a chronic fatigue sufferer, life as you once enjoyed it has ceased. Fatigue can be brought on by a myriad of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. But, whatever the cause, your entire world is now affected by your diminished physical strength. David Powlison understands how debilitating and demoralizing a constant state of fatigue can be through his own five-year struggle after heart surgery. In CCEFs Im Exhausted: What to Do When You're ...



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